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Vancouver Street Food Fest

Street Food Festival

Vancouver Street Food Fest used to be a festival with food trucks and an artisan market in Concord Pacific Place at the edge of False Creek.

In 2018 the events took place on June 3rd and September 16th. To our knowledge the events haven’t happened since, although many food truck festivals still happen in other Vancouver area locations.

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Food Truck Festival

Vancouver Street Food Fest was a one-day event held twice a year and organized by the Fraser Valley Food Truck Festival group which hosted other similar events throughout the Lower Mainland.

The Vancouver events took place at Concord Pacific Place at 88 Pacific Boulevard between BC Place Stadium and the far eastern tip of False Creek.


Vancouver Street Food Fest in 2018

In 2018 Vancouver Street Food Fest took place on Sunday June 3rd and Sunday September 16th. On both days the event ran from noon until around 6 pm.

They were both fair-sized food truck events that attracted around two dozen food vendors, a reasonable number of artisan market participants and several thousand people in years with good weather.

Live entertainment at both events in its last year or two included the Pernell Reichert Band, Pup-Up Entertainment and their “Paw Patrol” with a show for young children, and the Freedom 95 Band.


Street Food Festival at Concord Pacific Place
The Artisan Market at Concord Pacific Place


In addition to food trucks and other types of food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors, at the event there were children’s activities, an artisan market and a live band.

These extra elements were a nice bonus and make the event extra worthwhile to attend (especially if you like food-truck cuisine, live music and things to keep your kids entertained while you eat).


Kids’ Activities

Activities for children at the event included face painting, balloon animals, sand art and other activities. It wasn’t a lot, but still appreciated by young parents and their little ones.


Artisan Market

The artisan market featured a small number of vendors selling local art, crafts and various other handmade items including preserves and sometimes baked goods.


Live Entertainment

Entertainment at Vancouver Street Food Fest in 2017 was with The Pop Junkies. They are a local dance band that plays everything from 1960’s to 1990’s hits, modern rock, country and present-day radio favourites.


Concord Pacific Place with Yaletown in the background
Concord Pacific Place and Vancouver Skyline


Things to do in the Area

Concord Pacific Place itself isn’t anything fancy – it’s basically just a giant asphalt parking lot. What’s nice about the venue though is its proximity to other things.

The Science World SkyTrain Station is just a few blocks away, which is convenient, and there is a fair amount of free parking available on area side streets (if you don’t mind a bit of a walk) and there’s pay parking at Science World.

Vancouver Street Food Fest was a great destination to combine with a visit to other places in the surrounding area. Not many folk went just to the food festival and then left without doing anything else, except maybe some of the food and artisan vendors, the band members and their friends.

Most people combined their trip to Vancouver Street Food Fest with at least one of the following:


Concord Pacific Place
Vancouver Street Food Fest at Concord Pacific Place


Other Information

Fraser Valley Food Truck Festivals was the organization that hosted the Vancouver Street Food Fest. They also ran other food truck events throughout the year including ones in Maple Ridge and Fort Langley, and other places in the late spring and early summer. In 2019 the organization changed its name to the Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festival and it still host events at various locations.

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