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Burnaby’s Eerie Illusions Haunted Village Halloween Attraction

Burnaby Haunted Village

One of the best places for children to dress up in costume and visit at night in October is the Haunted Village at Burnaby Village just before Halloween.

In normal years, the outdoor museum is open just before Halloween. During this time the attraction offers trick-or-treating opportunities, ghostly displays, carousel rides and characters in costumes.

In 2021, the attraction hosted their Eerie Illusions event daily from October 22nd until the 31st. In 2022 the Halloween-themed attraction runs from October 20th until the 30th.


Halloween at Vancouver’s Burnaby Village

In 2019 the Halloween event at Burnaby Village Museum ran from Friday, October 25, until Monday, October 28, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm each night. The event was unable to run in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 the Eerie Illusions Halloween event took place every day from October 22nd until October 31st.

Eerie Illusions returns in 2022 and runs from Thursday, October 20th, until Sunday, October 30th. Daily hours are from 5:30 to 10:30 pm.

Although Halloween is traditionally supposed to be for children, most haunted house venues in the Lower Mainland are scary even for adults, so not always so suitable for young children. Burnaby Village, however, is one of the few really good places where kids can have fun and see haunted Halloween scenes without getting totally freaked out. There is scary stuff, yes, but all within reason.


Halloween Haunted Houses


Haunted Village Location

Located at 6501 Deer Lake Avenue, the Burnaby Village Museum is at the edge of Deer Lake Park, which is a nice place for a walk before dark and pretty with its fall colours this time of year.


Admission at the Haunted Village

Although Burnaby Village is free in the summer and in December for the Christmas season, there is a charge during special occasions, including at its Haunted Village special event.

The cost in 2022 is about $10 for adults, seniors and youth, and $5 for children ages 2-12. Kids under two years old get in for free.

Most years, admission includes live entertainment, trick-or-treating candies for children and free carousel rides for everyone. However, things were different in 2021 because of COVID-19. Trick or treating and carousel rides did not take place. Unfortunately, the carousel rides are unavailable in 2022 as well.

Tickets for 2022 are non-refundable and are available as of September 20th on the Shadbolt Centre website.


Burnaby Village Street Car at Halloween
Halloween monster in the Burnaby Village street car


Haunted Village Activities

During its short Halloween season, Burnaby Village is full of Halloween decorations. Most of the buildings are closed, but inside all the windows are great spooky displays.

There isn’t much gore in the Halloween displays at Burnaby Village – except for maybe the brain desserts and eyeball cupcakes in the bakery window – just mostly scenes with skeletons having tea or knitting with friends, plus the occasional cobwebby gravestone.

In 2021, Burnaby Village’s Eerie Illusions attraction offered a unique Halloween experience with high quality projections, sounds, lighting and even special effects. Eerie Illusions is happening again in 2022 but with new displays and special surprises. Food trucks on-site this year are serving macaroni and cheese, popcorn and more throughout the event.

In years prior to the pandemic, there were a number of trick-or-treating stations around the Haunted Village where children (yes, just the children) presented their stamp cards and collected candies. There were also free rides on the restored 1912 carousel. Hopefully these activities return in 2023.


Ghost Mummy with Umbrella
A Mummy on stilts with an umbrella in the rain


Haunted Village Advice

Below are some more useful pieces of advice and information.

TIP #1: If you have kids, be sure to go on the carousel ride in normal years. It’s not every day that the rides are free and unlimited. Do however expect there to be a lineup.

TIP #2: There are some scary scenes in various display windows, but there isn’t the usual gore you’ll find at most haunted houses elsewhere. If you have particularly timid children it’s not difficult to avoid most of the spookier stuff, so in general it’s a pretty good kid-friendly place to go.

TIP #3: The Halloween event at Burnaby Village is very family-friendly. Expect most of the children there to be somewhere between about age 3 and 11, with 5 to 10 probably being the perfect age for the event.


Burnaby Haunted Village Skeleton
A skeleton display at Burnaby Haunted Village


TIP #4: Parking in the area isn’t great. If the main parking lot is full there is sometimes parking along the road on Sperling Avenue nearby, or just a short walk up the same street in the Deer Lake parking lot. For other suggestions, see Overflow Parking for Burnaby Village just in case.

TIP #5: Don’t forget to wear your costume! Lots of other kids will be dressed up too. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for trick-or-treating on October 31st.

TIP #6: If the forecast is for rain, then don’t forget your raincoats and umbrellas. Although it’s a museum, everything is outdoors (and even more so than in the summer).


Halloween Activities for Kids


More Stuff and Information

For more information on the place at Halloween, see the Burnaby Village Museum website.

To learn more about the museum in general, check out Burnaby Village, or for the museum in December see Heritage Christmas.

For other child-friendly Halloween attractions in Metro Vancouver, check out Vancouver Children’s Halloween Activities.