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Forestridge and Other Coquitlam Halloween Haunted Houses

Forestridge Haunted Yard in Coquitlam

Forestridge Haunted Yard is a free Halloween haunted house in Coquitlam. Next door there is Macs House of Horrors. Both spooky attractions are running in 2023.

Forestridge and Macs are at neighbouring private homes in North Coquitlam. See below for details about both of these Coquitlam-based Halloween attractions.


Coquitlam Haunted Houses at Halloween

Coquitlam is a great place for haunted houses. In fact, two of the attractions are free to enjoy.

Forestridge Haunted Yard has been running for about 40 years including for the past 20 years at the same location. Macs House of Horrors on the other hand is fairly new.

Vancouver Horror Nights, meanwhile, was in Port Coquitlam in the past but moved to Coquitlam Centre in 2022. Sadly, this attraction is no longer running.

Check out the other two attractions this Halloween! You won’t be disappointed (unless you don’t like scary things).


Forestridge and Macs House of Horror
Forestridge and Macs House of Horror


Forestridge Haunted Yard

There are a number of haunted houses in the Lower Mainland that are set up at people’s homes and where admission is by donation. Forestridge is one of them, and it’s a great one. Other really good ones include Belmont Haunted House in North Vancouver and Anmore Manor near Port Moody.

Forestridge Haunted Yard’s address is 2988 Forestridge Place in North Coquitlam. It’s not far from Westwood Plateau Golf Course. It’s also right next door to Macs House of Horror which is also a really good haunted house.

Forestridge is impressive. It’s also much more than just a “haunted yard.” The outside and front yard of the house are where you’ll find lots of skeletons, ghoulish statues and other Halloween displays. There are also small indoor areas to explore. There is a lot to see and it is all very well put together.

If you are in Coquitlam at night in October this year, you should go see Forestridge. 2023 marks the final year of the event, so it’s your last chance! The place is open to the public from October 20th to 31st. It’s best to go when the lights are on, so between 6:00 and 10:00 pm each day. Live actors are on site on October 27th and on Halloween night. Donations are appreciated and help support Variety The Children’s Charity.

To learn more about this attraction see the Forestridge Haunted Yard website or check out the venue’s Facebook page.


Skeleton Display at Forestridge Haunted Yard
Skeleton Display at Forestridge


Halloween Haunted Houses


Macs House of Horrors

Whereas Forestridge has been running for many years, Macs is relatively new. Now grown up, the kid who grew up next to Forestridge decided he wanted to go all out on his home too. That’s why today, at the end of Forestridge Place, there is not one, but two great haunted houses to enjoy and explore. Both places are open in 2023.

Similar to Forestridge, Macs House of Horrors is extensive and really good. It too has lots of Halloween decorations outside as well as a fair bit indoors. At both places, the indoor areas are set up a bit like small mazes. Expect a few rooms and corridors full of scary scenes and displays.


Macs House of Horror in Coquitlam
Macs House of Horror


Halloween in the Lower Mainland


Other Information

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