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Vancouver Horror Nights at Halloween

Vancouver Horror Nights

Vancouver Horror Nights was one of Metro Vancouver’s top Halloween attractions. It was an indoor series of haunted mazes with live actors.



Vancouver Horror Nights took place at Giggle Dam Theatre in 2020 and 2021, and then at Coquitlam Town Centre in 2022. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, the attraction isn’t happening at all in 2023. Vancouver Horror Nights has closed down. Hopefully it returns at some point in the future.

For more information about the closure visit vancouverhorrornights.com. To learn about what the event was like in previous years, continue reading below.


Coquitlam’s Vancouver Horror Nights

Vancouver Horror Nights was a large, haunted attraction that featured maze experiences with different themes in the month of October. The attraction ran on select days between October 13th and November 5th in 2022 in Coquitlam.

In 2021 Vancouver Horror Nights had three different maze themes, as well as a Zombie Café & Bar. In 2022 the event featured eight new experiences, plus escape rooms, a behind-the-scenes tour and an expanded Zombie Bar & Café.

We visited the haunted attraction in the past at its previous location in Port Coquitlam and we visited it again in 2022 at Coquitlam Town Centre. It was impressive! We especially loved the theatrical aspect of the mazes. The sets and make-up of the characters were amazing! The live actors were all really good too.

If you like haunted houses and scary attractions, you would have loved this place!


For the venue’s website visit vancouverhorrornights.com.


Clown at Vancouver Horror Nights


Where is Vancouver Horror Nights

In 2022 Vancouver Horror Nights took place at Coquitlam Centre. The mall’s address is 2929 Barnet Highway in Coquitlam. The attraction was in the old Sears department store location on the eastern side of the mall near the corner of Pinetree Way and Lincoln Avenue.

Vancouver Horror Nights was only accessible from outside the mall. You couldn’t enter from inside the shopping centre. The entrance to the haunted attraction was just around the corner from Scotiabank.


Haunted Attraction Admission

In 2022, general admission varied depending on the haunted experiences you chose to do.

As of mid-October, admission to each of the escape rooms and haunted mazes started at about $25 per person. For folks who wished to skip all lines, VIP tickets cost $100+ more per person.

The behind-the-scenes tour cost about $60 each. Kids’ activities were less expensive as they started at about $15 each in 2022.

Due to COVID-19, all guests were required to book a timeslot, regardless of which haunted experience they wanted to attend. Although you could purchase as many tickets as you wanted, only up to six people were allowed to enter the mazes at the same time.


For the attraction’s official website visit vancouverhorrornights.com.


What to Expect at Vancouver Horror Nights

Vancouver Horror Nights boasted three different maze variations in 2021. Two of them were designed to scare people. The third one was more kid-friendly.

In 2022 Vancouver Horror Nights offered even more experiences. There were two major haunted house variations in addition to four escape rooms. There were also two experiences for kids to enjoy. See below for more details about each activity.


Corpse at Vancouver Horror Nights
House of Fear Scene in 2022


Sacrifice and House of Fear Attractions

In 2022 the two scariest experiences were the House of Fear and Sacrifice Sensory Deprivation Maze.

Both attractions were open during most of October. They ran on October 13th to 16th, 19th to 23rd and 25th to 31st. For those who missed out on the experiences in October, both attractions also happened on November 4th and 5th, 2022.

The House of Fear variation was twice the size of the similar maze from 2021. There were lots of live actors, animatronics and impressive but spooky special effects. It was a great haunted house! The sets were exceptional, the actors were great and the costumes and makeup were all first rate!

2022’s Sacrifice maze was one where you were blindfolded, hooded and chained to the rest of your group. In this variation, live actors had permission to touch guests. There were also things to smell, hear and taste. In addition, there was a scary drop towards the end where you could choose to fall backwards or have your blindfold taken off.

In 2022 another offering was the Behind the Screams Tour. It was a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Vancouver Horror Nights. Folks could explore the costume area and makeup studio backstage. As part of the tour, people also got to watch others get scared from the main control booth.


For the attraction’s official website visit vancouverhorrornights.com.


Scary Actresses at Vancouver Horror Nights
Maze of Fear Characters in 2022


Escape Rooms at Vancouver Horror Nights

New for 2022 were four different escape room experiences. Each had its own exciting theme and challenges.

In order of difficulty from easy to difficult, Wesgrave Asylum Escape Rooms included Dr. Purdy, Orderly O’Donnell and Nurse Moore.

There was also Jigsaw’s Revenge in which your arm was stuck in a guillotine and you had to solve a puzzle with your other arm in order to escape.


Vancouver Horror Nights Escape Rooms


Boogeyman Bash and House of Fear Jr.

Unlike the other maze variations, the Boogeyman Bash was a family-friendly event intended for kids. In 2022 there were several activities to enjoy including games, face painting and an inflatable haunted maze.

The other kid-friendly attraction available in 2022 was the House of Fear Jr. All terrifying parts of the nightly adult version of the maze were removed during the day. There were no live actors or scares which made the experience fun for young children.

Both the Bogeyman Bash and House of Fear Jr. ran on October 13th to 16th, 20th to 23rd and 25th to 31st. The experiences also happened on November 4th and 5th.


For the attraction’s official website visit vancouverhorrornights.com.


Vancouver Horror Nights Activities for Kids


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and extra information that were helpful in years when the Halloween event took place.

TIP #1: It was better to go earlier in the season and near the start of the night. That’s when the crowds were typically smaller. As the evening progressed, the lineup got bigger.

TIP #2: Some of the rooms inside the attraction had flashing lights which might not have been suitable for people with light sensitivities. There was artificial fog in some places as well.

TIP #3: The venue used to sell food and drinks (including alcoholic beverages in blood bags)! The refreshments might have helped calm your nerves!


Halloween Blood Bag Drinks
Blood Bag Drinks


Other Information

For more information about the Halloween attraction, check out the Vancouver Horror Nights website.

Vancouver Horror Nights is put on by the people behind the Giggle Dam Theatre in Port Coquitlam.

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