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Vancouver International Tequila Expo in 2016

Tequila Expo at the Hyatt

The Vancouver International Tequila Expo is an annual event that features Mexican tequila and mezcal samples and food tastings by local restaurants.


NOTE: Unfortunately the Vancouver International Tequila Expo is NOT happening in 2017 and other future dates (to our knowledge).


Tequila Expo at the Hyatt

Taking place each year in the late spring, usually at the Hyatt Regency downtown, the Tequila Expo is a popular event with local tequila enthusiasts.


About the Tequila Expo

The Vancouver International Tequila Expo is the premier event during Vancouver Agave Week, which usually takes place around the last week of May. Agave Week comprises a series of unique Agave product tasting and educational events at bars and restaurants around Vancouver with prices ranging between about $80 and $125.

An event for tequila lovers over the age of 19, the Vancouver International Tequila Expo takes place on the last evening of Agave Week at the Hyatt Regency at 655 Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver. In 2016 the cost was $79, or $69 per person for groups of six or more.

Prawn Appetizers

At the Vancouver Tequila Expo one of the ballrooms at the Hyatt gets packed with people, tequila vendors and stalls with food samples served by Vancouver restaurants. There isn’t any live music, but the atmosphere is fun and lively. In total about 1000 tickets get sold and over two dozen liquor vendors and restaurants participate.

In 2016 drink samples included tastes of Don Julio, El Jimador and Patron, as well as over a dozen other tequilas, mezcals and other Mexican beverages. Participating restaurants included Joe Fortes and La Mezcaleria by La Taqueria, among others.


What is Tequila and Mezcal?

Tequila Expo Sampling GlassTequila and mezcal are popular alcoholic beverages produced and distilled in Mexico. Both are made from the cactus-like agave plant, but mezcal is sometimes bottled with a worm inside and can be made from a variety of different types of agave, although mostly from the Espadin variety. Tequila on the other hand is made only from the Blue agave plant and never has a worm.

TIP #1: Get to the Expo early as some of the most popular tequila vendors sometimes run out of product.

TIP #2: Don’t forget to take public transit or arrange a taxi or designated driver so you can take advantage of all the sampling that’s included with your ticket.

For more information on the annual event celebrating two of Mexico`s favourite beverage exports, see Vancouver International Tequila Expo.