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Abbotsford’s Maan Farms

Maan Farms in Abbotsford

Maan Farms is a farm in Abbotsford with a fruit and vegetable stand, petting zoo, children’s playground, and fall pumpkin patch and corn maze.

To learn about the farm’s fall activities and pumpkin patch, click Fall at the Farm at Maan Farms. For information about its ultra-scary Halloween attraction, see our article about the Maan Farms Haunted Corn Maze. To find out about egg-hunting opportunities, click Maan Farms at Easter or see our article about Bunnies & Booze (the latter of which is an event for adults). To learn about the farm in general, continue reading.

In 2024 there are the child-friendly Baby Animal Easter and Breakfast With The Easter Bunny events on March 29th, 30th and 31st. The Bunnies & Booze event for adults, meanwhile, is on Saturday, March 30th.

For the venue’s official website, visit maanfarms.com.


Easter at Maan Farms


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Bunnies & Booze at Maan Farms


Maan Farms in the Fraser Valley

Located at 790 McKenzie Road, Maan Farms is a family-owned Fraser Valley farm. It’s a great place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and take children for some fun.

The place is usually open from early April until early November each year with produce available for sale starting in late May. Sometimes it’s even open just before Christmas too.

As a play place, Maan Farms is really good. It has a country look and rustic style, typical of a farm. The petting zoo is a fair size and most of the play apparatus is hand-built by the owners. Young children love it! It’s a popular self-contained place that’s ideal for holding birthday parties for kids.

In spring the farm hosts an Easter Event and Mother’s Day activities. From mid-August until mid-September the Abbotsford Sunflower Festival takes place on the property.

Later in the fall there is a Pumpkin Patch and other family-friendly Halloween attractions (plus the very scary Haunted Corn Maze for older folks). The farm also sells fruits, vegetables, wine and homemade food products onsite, and its Barnyard Adventureland play area is also open most of the year.

If you’re in the Abbotsford area and if you have young children and/or want good quality fresh produce, then it’s a great place to visit. It’s a farm with old-fashioned fun activities, plus some little extras (like a cool giant jumping pillow).


For full details about the attraction, see the Maan Farms website.


Maan Farms Playground
Jumping Pillow at Maan Farms


Admission to Maan Farms

Admission prices to Maan Farms vary a bit according to the season and event. The market area though is usually free.

In 2022, Fall at the Farm passes included access to Barnyard Adventureland, the pumpkin patch and the family-friendly corn maze. Prices are listed below. 2024 details are TBC as of late August.

  • General Admission (ages 3+): $16
  • Parent Admission (with a paid child): $14
  • Little Kids (ages 2 and under): free

Prices on weekends are generally about $2 more per ticket. VIP tickets are also available for around $40 each. Admission rates to special events vary.


Activities at Maan Farms

In addition to its country store where you can buy fresh produce and baked goods, Maan Farms offers numerous things to do for young children. Below is a list of the activities you’ll find.

Depending on what you do and how much fun you have, expect to enjoy the attractions for anywhere between 30 minutes and all afternoon.


The Country Market


Maan Farms has a nice little country market where seasonal produce is sold. The farm also sells baked goods, homemade jams and wines.

The place is especially famous for its berries in the summer and pumpkins in the fall. Maan Farms also offers a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables throughout the spring-to-fall seasons.

The majority of produce sold at the Country Market is from Maan Farms and most of the preserves and other prepared goods are made right on-site.

Strawberries are the first crop of the season and available starting in late May, followed by other berries in early summer. Produce like corn and pumpkins are ready by early autumn. You’ll find the fresh produce in the store. Alternatively, in some cases, you can save money, have fun and head out to the fields to pick your own!


Wine Sampling at Maan Farms
Wine Sampling at the Country Market


Maan Farms Wine Tasting


In addition to things like homemade preserves, curries and fudge, Maan Farms also produces its own selection of award-winning grape and berry wines. Tastings are usually available daily from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm.

The wines are exceptional. The blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry dessert wines are all delicious, and the Maan Trois wine won gold at a New York competition in 2016. We’ve also tried both the non-dessert blackberry and blueberry wines and found them excellent.

For other wine-tasting opportunities in the area, see Lower Mainland Wineries.


Maan Farms Wines
Maan Farms grape and berry wines


Barnyard Adventureland Farm Animals & Play Structures


The adventure zone at Maan Farms is lots of fun, both for very little kids and slightly older children. It features a huge bouncy pillow that people can jump on (including most adults), as well as a playground zipline, pedal cart race track and large wooden play fort.

As a play structure, the play fort is a pretty good one, and the pedal bike race track can be fun – not as exciting or fast as a motorized go-kart track, but cheaper, safer and better exercise!

The zipline at Maan Farms is also a great one. It’s not too far off the ground, and it goes for a good long ways. It’s a simple, old-fashioned style, so a perfect fit for the farm! There is a platform you climb up. From there you grab onto the rope, hang on tight and then go zipping down! You then pull the rope back up for the next person.

Near the entrance to Barnyard Adventureland and the farm animals, there is also a play area with a “rustically unique” slide, a sand pit for young folks, and small stationary tractors to play on. It’s all completely enclosed, so a great place for young children. It’s like playing in a giant sandbox!

An especially nice thing about the Barnyard Adventureland is that there are usually no time restrictions or limits on how many times you can do things. On busy days you might have to wait your turn in line, but if you want to go on the zipline or jumping pillow again and again all day, you can! And everything is included – you don’t have to pay extra or use tickets to go on things.


For full details about the attraction, see the Maan Farms website.


Maan Farms Race Course Track
Race Track at Maan Farms


Maan Farms Animals


At Maan Farms there is a hobby farm area with a collection of animals including sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, peacocks and rabbits that children can see, and in some cases both touch and feed. (Note: Actual animals on-site may vary.) The barnyard is part of Barnyard Adventureland mentioned above and is included with the same admission price.

The animal area is a fair size. The farm animals are accustomed to people, and many of them come right up to the fence for you to greet (and accept food that can be purchased in the Country Market). Animals can walk along the ground close to people, but also climb up and along areas further back and even overhead. In some cases, animals like the chickens and rabbits will even roam around freely.

The animal area is a great place for young children and photo opportunities.


Maan Farms Petting Zoo Animals
Farm animals in the petting zoo


Seasonal Attractions at Maan Farms

Maan Farms offers a number of seasonal activities and special events throughout the year including at Easter, late summer and Halloween.


Easter at Maan Farms


Maan Farms’ Easter Event takes place over the Easter Weekend most years. In 2023, the farm hosted three different events for different ages.

The Baby Animal Easter Days event was on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the holiday weekend. Activities at the event included an egg hunt, photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny, a chance to play with baby farm animals, and access to the venue’s regular attractions. In years with good weather, up to 5,000 people typically attend over the course of the long weekend. It’s a popular event!

In 2023 Maan Farms also hosted an adult-only Easter event. Bunnies & Booze took place on Saturday, April 9th. This event started at 5:00 pm and included a tasty dinner served with appetizers and an alcoholic beverage. Guests played games for a while and then headed outside for an egg hunt in the dark. Everyone brought their own flashlights and baskets. There were several prizes up for grabs as well. Tickets were only available online and they cost $79 plus taxes and online fees.

New for 2023, the third event was a Pancake Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. It took place on each of the four mornings of the Easter Long Weekend.

To learn more about the springtime events, click Maan Farms at Easter.


Easter Bunny at Maan Farms


Halloween at Maan Farms


From September until the end of October, Maan Farms has a corn maze which can be fun. From late September until the end of October it also has a Pumpkin Patch where you can pick out your own Halloween pumpkin, and in October in recent years it has had both a Flashlight Corn Maze and Haunted Corn Maze.

The pumpkin patch and regular maze are great for young children. They aren’t scary. The Haunted Corn Maze, however, is for older folks who want to get seriously freaked out! Maan Farms claims to have “the scariest corn maze in Canada,” so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In 2022 there were also three other haunted attractions. The Way Down was where guests wore a hood and entered an underworld-themed area. Homestead was a full contact experience with an AirBnB theme. There was also a Midway with carnival-style entertainment.

The family-friendly corn maze and Pumpkin Patch ran from September 17th until the end of October in 2022. The Haunted Corn Maze and other scary Halloween attractions ran from September 24th until October 31st in 2022. 2023 details are TBC as of late August.


Homestead Video

The video below shows what the Homestead haunted house at Maan Farms looked like from the outside in 2022. On the inside, it was amazing (but we weren’t allowed to do any filming indoors).



Tips & Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your visit to Maan Farms.

TIP #1: The best times to visit Maan Farms are on sunny days between June and October when there is fresh produce for sale, the place is at its most beautiful, and the outdoor play structures are all (usually) nice and dry. Other best times include when there are special events (like at Easter, Halloween and other special occasions).

TIP #2: Unless it’s just the Country Market and its produce that you’re going for, go on a dry day if you can. If it’s raining the ground can get muddy in parts and the jumping pillow in the Barnyard Adventureland can’t be used if it’s wet, which can be disappointing. If going in the corn maze or pumpkin patch if it has rained in the previous number of days, be sure to wear your boots.

TIP #3: The wines in the Country Market are really good, as are the jams, pies and other homemade food items.

TIP #4: Look out for Maan Farms at Lower Mainland Farmers Markets on weekends. The farm participates at several of them. We’ve seen Maan Farms with its berries at the markets in Fort Langley and Trout Lake, among others places.


Maan Farms at Fort Langley Farmers Market
Maan Farms at Fort Langley Market


Other Information

For more information about the Abbotsford farm, see the Maan Farms website.

To learn more about the area, see our articles about Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley.

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