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Maan Farms Sunflower Festival

Sunflowers at Maan Farms

Maan Farms has a produce store, kids’ play areas, animals, and fields of fruits and vegetables. It also used to be home to the Abbotsford Sunflower Festival.

The agricultural attraction hosts a pumpkin patch in the fall, as well as other seasonal events throughout the year (including activities at Easter and on Mother’s Day). Maan Farms is also home to the “scariest corn maze in Canada!”

There wasn’t a sunflower festival at Maan Farms in 2023. There was still a field of beautiful sunflowers. It just wasn’t a “festival.” It was simply a bonus on top of all the other fun things to see and do at the farm in late summer and early fall.

The farm also has its usual Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Mazes attractions in the fall.

This article describes what the Abbotsford Sunflower Festival used to look like at Maan Farms when it took place a few years ago. To learn about the farm in general, and the attraction’s events in the fall, see our articles about Maan Farms, Farm Fall Activities and Maan Farms’ Haunted Corn Mazes.


The Abbotsford Sunflower Festival

When it used to take place, the Sunflower Festival at Maan Farms featured a field full of beautiful sunflowers. There is more to the family-friendly event than just flowers though. Included with the price of admission is access to the venue’s corn maze and Barnyard Adventureland (which features farm animals and a wide range of kids’ play structures).

The Sunflower Festival at Maan Farms was a top attraction for folks who like flowers and have young children. Though the festival isn’t running at the moment, you can still visit Maan Farms and pick up some of its fresh produce (and maybe some of its homemade preserves and berry wine too)!


Sunflowers at Maan Farms
Maan Farms Sunflowers in 2023


Where is Maan Farms and the Sunflower Festival?

Maan Farms is located at 790 McKenzie Road in Abbotsford. It’s about a 10-minute drive south of the Seven Oaks Shopping Centre, and 10 minutes west of Abbotsford International Airport. It’s also not far from Costco and the Trans-Canada Highway at Sumas Way.

The Sunflower Festival took place right at the farm. The actual field of sunflowers is a bit of a walk away. On the other side of the road from the produce store and kids’ play areas is the corn maze, which is a good size. On the far side of the corn maze is the entrance to the field of sunflowers. From the ticket counter to the field of sunflowers is less than a 10-minute walk.


When is the Sunflower Festival?

The Abbotsford Sunflower Festival ran from August 19th until September 13th in 2020. It was open daily between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm during this time. In 2021 the event ran from July 30th to August 28th. It was open daily from 9:00 am until around 7:00 pm.


Maan Farms Sunflower Festival
Abbotsford Sunflower Festival


How Much does the Festival Cost?

Admission to the Sunflower Festival cost between $17.50 and $26 for adults in 2021, depending on how you purchased your ticket and the day you went. For children the price was $15.

Below were the admission rates for 2021. As mentioned above, prices included access to the sunflower field, corn maze and animal farm.

On Weekdays

  • Adults (ages 13 and older): $17.50 online and $21 at the gate
  • Children (ages 3 to 12): $15

On Tuesday there was usually the Twelve Dollar Tuesdays promotion where tickets were, as stated, $12.

On Weekends

  • Adults (ages 13 and older): $22.50 online and $26 at the gate
  • Children (ages 3 to 12): $15


For tickets and other details see the Maan Farms website.


What to Expect at the Festival

When running, there were three main elements to the festival, plus the produce store. First, there are the sunflowers to admire and take photos of. Second, there is the corn maze to explore. Third, there is the Barnyard Adventureland to have fun at. In 2021, there was also the addition of the Secret Sunflower Picnic, which cost extra. See below for details about each.


Rainbow in Maan Farms Sunflower Field


The Field of Sunflowers

The sunflowers are in a field at the far side of the corn maze. It’s about a five- to 10-minute walk from the main building and play areas at Maan Farms. There are signs along the route to get there.

From the ticket counter you cross the street, walk along the dirt road past the corn maze, and then around to the far side of the field of corn. There you’ll find the entrance to a pathway through the corn stalks to a yellow door (yes, it’s in amongst the corn). On the other side of the door is a field, maybe two acres or so in size, full of sunflowers.

The sunflowers are all about three feet tall, plus or minus. So they aren’t as tall as at some places. They are beautiful, though, and a perfect height for young children. The flowers are also spaced out a bit, so you can walk around some of them. At the far end of the field is a giant multi-coloured rainbow structure which makes for wonderful photos.

There isn’t a set path to walk around in the field of sunflowers. You can just wander around as you please. Expect to stay there for between about 10 and 20 minutes depending on how long you want to admire the flowers and how many photos you want to take.

Unlike some of the Lower Mainland’s other sunflower festivals, the event in Abbotsford wasn’t just about the flowers. And there wasn’t live entertainment either. It was a very child-friendly event, with a focus on kids, and that was where some of the festival’s other elements came in and made it so much fun!


The Corn Maze

Maan Farms has a corn maze each year in the late summer and early fall. The farm has a kid-friendly themed one, plus scarier versions for older youth towards Halloween.

The corn maze is very child-friendly. In fact, the 2020 theme was Disney’s Frozen. As folks explored the maze and made their way around the labyrinth of turns and corridors, they found clues in different places. It’s a lot of fun for young families.


Maan Farms Corn Maze
Corn Maze at Maan Farms


Maan Farms Barnyard Adventureland

In Barnyard Adventureland you’ll find the farm animals and children’s play structures. It’s open throughout most of the year, pretty much whenever the produce store is open.

Admission to just this area is usually around $10 per person, and access is included with admission to the Sunflower Festival, when it runs again. This means that if you buy your tickets online, the field of sunflowers and corn maze cost just $8 or so extra for adults on weekdays, and around $5 for children.

We think Barnyard Adventureland is a great place! It’s fairly simple and rustic, but so much fun for young children!

Near the entrance there is a giant sandbox area with a playground slide and other structures. Right beside that is the hobby farm where you can see goats, sheep, chickens and sometimes even a couple of peacocks. You can buy food to feed some of the animals too. Also, when we last went, we saw bunnies hopping around freely nearby on the grass.

Further along, past the farm animals and behind the produce store, there is a large open field. There you’ll find a race track for children to ride peddle cars and tricycles around, a couple of fun play structures, and a zipline that goes from one end of the field to the other. Also in Barnyard Adventureland there is a massive jumping pillow (which kids will absolutely adore)!

If you have young children, Maan Farm’s Barnyard Adventureland is highly recommended! Kids can spend hours playing there if you let them!


Maan Farms Play Area
Giant Sandbox in Barnyard Adventureland


Secret Sunflower Picnic

For those who wanted to spend some more time at the festival, there was the option to be taken to an out of the way picnic area where you could enjoy some fine foods curated by Maan Farms. This VIP Secret Picnic Pass cost around $50 to $60 dollars (bought instead of the regular pass and not on top of it).

Along with all the features of the regular pass, the picnic pass included your choice of a charcuterie board or a tandoori chicken box, the choice of sangria made on the premises or a wine slushie, animal feed to give to the animals on the farm and a pass to come back to the farm for free on any future weekday.


Tips & Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your visit to Maan Farms and the Abbotsford Sunflower Festival when it runs again.

TIP #1: While at the farm be sure to check out the fresh produce for sale. The farm’s homemade jams and pies are good too, as is its butter chicken and other food items.

TIP #2: Barnyard Adventureland is a great place for children in the spring, summer and fall. It’s just extra special when there are events going on at the same time, like the Sunflower Festival with its flowers and the corn maze. The place is an outdoor venue, though, so it’s best to visit on days when it’s not raining. Also, when it’s wet, the giant jumping pillow is usually closed.

TIP #3: Maan Farms is a farm and it sells its own produce. Early fall is a good time to go, especially if you like corn, and, later in the season, if you’re looking for a pumpkin. The best time for produce, though, when there is the best selection, is in late spring and early summer. So be sure to drop by the place then too!

TIP #4: In October, Maan Farms has a pumpkin patch and Halloween activities. That’s an especially good time to visit too! See our article about the Maan Farms Pumpkin Patch for details.

TIP #5: Don’t forget that gas is usually cheaper in Abbotsford than places within Metro Vancouver. Be sure to fill up while in the area!

TIP #6: The Fraser Valley is well-known for its wineries and wines, including its berry wines. Maan Farms makes its own wines which you can sample in the store. They are delicious, and some have even won awards. If you like wine, especially berry wines, you should check them out!


Other Information

To learn more about the farm and its various things to see, do and buy, see the official Maan Farms website. More information can also be found in our own article about Maan Farms.

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