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Chilliwack Flight Fest Airshow

Chilliwack Flight Fest

Chilliwack Flight Fest is an airshow featuring planes, music and stunt flying at the Chilliwack Airport which is less than two hours from downtown Vancouver.

In 2023 Chilliwack Flight Fest took place in Chilliwack on August 19th and 20th. The event included a Hangar Dance on the Saturday and a full airshow on the Sunday. The airshow is a great event, and admission is free! Dates for the show in 2024 are to be confirmed.


For full details about this event, see the Chilliwack Flight Fest website.




Chilliwack Hangar Dance and Airshow

Chilliwack Flight Fest is an annual affair that has been running for over 25 years. The event usually features live music, aircraft on static display and stunt planes in the air.

The Hangar Dance on the Saturday evening costs $25 at the door or a little less if you buy online. There is no cost for admission to the airshow on the Sunday.


Where and When

In 2023 Chilliwack Flight Fest was on the weekend of August 19th and 20th at the Chilliwack Airport. The venue’s address is 46244 Airport Road in Chilliwack.

On the Saturday, the Hangar Dance and Evening Show happened at 46206 Airport Road. The gates opened at 6:00 pm, bar service began at 7:00 pm and the flying show started at 7:30 pm. The main airshow on the Sunday ran from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.



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What to Expect

At the Hangar Dance and Evening Show on the Saturday evening there is usually a band, dancing, planes to admire and flying to see. The live music in 2023 was The Vacationers. At 7:30 pm there was a short performance in the air to give attendees a preview of what was to come the following day. After that there was lots of merriment and dancing.

On the Sunday in 2023 the airshow ran from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm although the actual aerial displays didn’t start until 1:00 pm. In past years a small number of aircraft are generally on display with maybe half a dozen or fewer pilots. It’s not the biggest airshow, but it’s still impressive, especially given the fact that admission is free.


Sea King Helicopter at Chilliwack Flight Fest
A static display at Chilliwack Flight Fest


Past Airshow Performers

Performers in 2023 included John and Richard Mrazek, Mike Tryggvason, Ross Granley and Roy Hafeli. Also at the event were displays by the Canadian Museum of Flight. Below are a few details about the 2022 pilots.


John & Richard Mrazek

John and Richard Mrazek are father-son aerobatic pilots. The dad is an airshow performer, evaluator, instructor and an experienced flyer with many tricks up his sleeve. John performed at the Chilliwack Flight Fest Airshow in 2019.

Based in Delta, John Mrazek flies “Pussycat II” which is a Harvard Mark IV. This type of plane was built between 1938 and 1954 and used for training by American, British and Canadian Air Forces.

Click John Mrazek to learn more.

Richard Mrazek is known for wowing the crowd as he performs in his Russian aerobatics plane, Yakovlev 18T.


Ross Granley 

Based in Washington State, Ross performs in a Yakovlev Yak 18T, a 1960s era Soviet Union plane. Once a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, Ross is also one of the most respected pilots in the airshow business.


Mike Tryggvason 

A Toronto-based pilot, Mike Tryggvason is a competition aerobatic and airshow pilot who has logged more than 5,000 hours of total flying time. Besides his love for aerobatics, Mike is also a pilot and instructor for a major airline.


Nanchang CJ-6A with Geoff Latter Airshows
Geoff Latter with “Nancy” the Nanchang (in 2019)


Roy Hafeli 

Roy Hafeli is a household name in airshow biz. If you’ve been to airshows in Abbotsford, the Reno Air Races and Madras, Oregon, you’ll have heard Roy’s voice as an airshow narrator.


The Canadian Museum of Flight

The Canadian Museum of Flight isn’t a performer at the airshow, but it’s a participant with displays at the event. Based out of Langley, BC, it’s a volunteer-run facility dedicated to preserving aircraft and showcasing Canada’s aviation history.

Click Canadian Museum of Flight for more details.




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