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Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Cultus Lake Adventure Park is an outdoor amusement park with mini golf, a roller coaster and a variety of other rides in the resort town of Cultus Lake.


Amusement Park at Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake is a village with a surprisingly large, modern and reasonably-priced amusement park. Cultus Lake Adventure Park is a small amusement park, but well-designed, compact and quite frankly huge for a tiny place like Cultus Lake.

In total the attraction has eighteen rides suitable for a wide range of ages. It’s great for both families and groups of young friends. It’s like a miniature Disneyland, but without Cinderella’s castle or Mickey and the other characters.


Cultus Lake Adventure Park Rides
Cloud Buster, Windmill Drop & Wagon Wheel Rides


Amusement Park Location & Times

Cultus Lake Adventure Park’s address is 3993 Sunnyside Boulevard. It’s in the heart of Cultus Lake across the street from the Cultus Lake Waterpark (which is also a first-rate place to visit).

The amusement park is a seasonal attraction and only open from around the third week of June until the Labour Day Weekend at the beginning of September, plus one or two extra weekends on either side.

The hours for the 2021 season are listed below. 2022 details should be comparable but are TBC as of February, 2022.

  • June 24 to July 16 – 11:30 am until 6:30 pm
  • July 17 to September 6 – 11:30 am until 9:30 pm


Playland in 2021


Playland is the Lower Mainland’s largest amusement park and it opens for the season on June 18th in 2022. See the PNE/Playland website for tickets and full details!


The PNE Fair in 2022


Park Prices & Admission

Admission to Cultus Lake Adventure Park is very reasonable. One thing that’s especially nice about the place is the fact that there is usually no admission fee to enter the facility. That’s right, in years before the pandemic, people were able to come in, look around, and stay the entire day without paying a cent (although just loitering is not permitted).

The no gate admission fee is an especially nice feature for parents who just want to sit around while their kids go crazy on the rides, and for people just wanting to take part in a couple of things. Hopefully this will be the case again in future years.


Kids in Cultus Lake Air Balloon
Photo opportunities at Cultus Lake


Ride Costs

In years without pandemics, you usually just pay for the things you want to do. You can pay for rides individually, at between around $3.00 and $6.00 or so per ride (which is comparable to most similar places). Tokens cost $3.00 and rides generally take just one or two tokens each. 2022 prices are TBC as of February.


All-Day Unlimited Rides Wristbands

Day passes are also usually available and are of very good value. A wristband provides unlimited access to all the rides and cost about $28 on weekdays and $33 on weekends in 2021.


Night Rider Unlimited Rides Wristbands

Night Rider Wristbands allow visitors unlimited rides during the last 3 hours of the day for just $18 on weekdays and $23 on weekends this year. Night Rider passes are $10 cheaper than day passes and can still make for lots of fun, especially give that capacities were limited in 2021.


Mini Golf

Cultus Lake Adventure Park has a great mini golf course. It usually costs about $12 per person, but was free for people with unlimited ride wristbands in 2021.


Cultus Lake Buckin Bronco Attraction
Having fun on the Buckin Bronco ride


Adventure Park Rides

Cultus Lake Adventure Park might be small but it offers an impressive selection of rides. When we first went with a group of people aged 12 to 50 we predicted we’d be there for only a couple of hours but ended up staying for most of the day! Those rides are fun!

Below is a list of some of the main attractions that are suitable for younger children as well as a list of rides that older kids, youth and adults will love too.


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Little Kid Rides

The following rides are especially good for younger children (but older folk will enjoy them too):

  • Balloon Adventure – a good ride for little people. It goes around at a comfortable pace and you control how fast it spins. The ride costs 1 token per person, so around $3.00 each time.
  • Buckin Bronco – this one sounds like a little kid ride, and you do sit on horses like you might find on a merry-go-round ride, but don’t let that fool you. This attraction swings back and forth at high speed and spins around at the same time. Our reviewers gave it two thumbs up and went on it numerous times! The cost is 2 tokens.
  • Bucky’s Bumper Boats – this is another tame ride, but also fun and especially popular on hot days. The cost is 2 tokens. On the ride you get to peddle around in the pond, bump into people and spray your friends with water (and get sprayed back).
  • Wilderness Trail – this is the attraction for kids that love tree forts, climbing bars and caves to explore. It’s also popular with people who like to move themselves as opposed to sitting in something that does the moving! It costs just 1 token.


Thrilling, But Not Too Extreme

The following rides are good for people of most ages and nervous dispositions. Some are still appropriate for younger children (and they’ll love them as much as anyone, or maybe even more). Other rides though are more for slightly older and larger folk, and people wanting more of a thrill.

  • Runaway Mine Train – this 1000-foot-long wild train trip is one of the park’s most popular rides. It’s a small roller coaster, but a good one. Riders get unlimited access to it with an all-day wristband (as they do with the other rides), or pay 2 tokens per time. Passengers must be at least 3 feet in height, and children less than 42 inches tall need to ride with an adult.
  • Windmill Drop – a 60-foot high windmill tower that takes you up in the air and then drops you down (and then up and down a bit more). It’s a lot of fun for people who love vertical drops! The cost is 2 tokens for riders that are at least 42 inches tall.


Cultus Lake Cloud Buster Ride
Getting ready for the Cloud Buster ride


Most Serious Rides

The following rides are quite extreme. If you love getting freaked out and seeing your friends scream, these are the rides for you!

  • Cloud Buster – a ride that goes up, up and further up before falling back down again at lightning speed. It feels like you’re really falling and for about a full half second you think you’re going to die (or at least we did). It was so much fun, and the views from the top are breathtaking. The cost is 2 tokens and it’s highly recommended (although not for the faint of heart or people who don’t like heights). This is one serious ride!
  • Round-up 360 – this is arguably the park’s most extreme ride and suitable for people who like a thrill (and spinning upside down). It’s a fully inverted extreme swing ride that goes up and over, 360 degrees, while spinning around. Grandparents and children will likely want to stick to things like the Ferris wheel and carousel while the teenagers hang out here. The cost is 2 tokens, or $6 per ride, which is actually less than it was last year! Riders for this attraction need to be at least 4 feet tall.


Things to Know

Below are some rules and policies that are typically implemented and good to know in advance.

  • For safety reasons, infants who can’t walk on their own and support themselves in a sitting position are not permitted on the rides.
  • Items you cannot bring into the park include outside food and beverages, pets, roller blades, skateboards and audible personal music.
  • The facility is non-smoking so if you want a puff you’ll have to leave the premises and then come back.
  • Children under the age of 8 must be supervised.
  • Tickets and tokens are non-refundable (so don’t buy more than you think you can use up by the end of the day, and don’t forget to factor in your time in the lineups).
  • Not all rides are always open every day, and some start up and close down earlier than others.
  • The park shuts down fairly promptly at the end of the day so expect the ride lineups to get closed off prior to closing time. The longer the lineup, the earlier the last person can join the line.
  • On the last couple of weekends of the summer the adventure park sometimes features a musician playing live music. It’s not a “concert”, but it’s a nice addition.
  • If you plan to visit the amusement park one day and the water slides across the street on another, visit the Cultus Lake Waterpark first as their admission tickets often come with a discount coupon for the Adventure Park. If you visit the two attractions in the opposite order you’ll end up paying full price for both.


Windmill Drop Ride at Cultus Lake
Pretending to be scared but having a blast!


Other Information

For an illustrated map of the attraction click Adventure Park Map.

For more information about the attraction in general, see the Cultus Lake Adventure Park website.

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