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Cultus Lake Waterpark Water Slides

Cultus Lake WaterPark

The Cultus Lake Waterpark is arguably the best water slide park in BC and a top attraction at the summer resort town of Cultus Lake in the Fraser Valley.

Located less than two hours from downtown Vancouver, the attraction features amazing water slides and tons of family-friendly fun.

Cultus Lake Waterpark

Cultus Lake Waterpark is the largest waterpark in British Columbia and, in our opinion, definitely the best. It’s a massive facility and has over a dozen water slides, various splash areas, picnic tables and a large grassy area surrounded by forest.

The waterpark is perfect for the whole family. There are kiddy slides for little folk, slides with inflatables the whole family can fit in, and wickedly steep and fast rides for people looking for a thrill.

The selection and variety of slides is impressive, the facility is well maintained and the venue is beautiful.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend a hot sunny summer day, we can’t recommend it enough! Seriously!

Waterpark Location

Cultus Lake Waterpark is located right in the village of Cultus Lake at 4150 Columbia Valley Highway which is about a 15-minute drive from the Trans-Canada Highway. If driving east from Vancouver, the turn off is Exit #104.

The Cultus Lake Waterpark is across the street from the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, which is another great attraction. The venue is also not far from the lake and a couple of stores and restaurants.

The centre of town and the waterpark are also just a short drive away from Cultus Lake Provincial Park which features four different campgrounds, a number of nice sandy beaches and miles and miles of hiking trails.

With all the region has to offer, it’s no wonder that Cultus Lake is one of the Lower Mainland’s top summer holiday destinations!

Main Beach Docks at Cultus Lake
Cultus Lake (Main Beach)

Waterpark Hours and Dates

Cultus Lake Waterpark is open rain or shine from early June until the Labour Day Monday at the beginning of September.

June Until Late July

The water slides are usually open from the first weekend in June until around the third week of July from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm.

Late July Until 3rd Week of August

From about the third or fourth weekend in July until around the third weekend in August Cultus Lake Waterpark has extended hours, with operations running daily from around 10:00 am until 7:30 pm.

2018 Opening Hours Schedule

The hours of operation for the waterpark in 2018 were the following:

  • June 2 to July 20, 2018 –10:00 am to 6:30 pm
  • July 21 to Aug 26, 2018 – 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
  • August 27 to September 3 – 10:00 am to 6:30 pm
Cultus Lake Waterpark at Night
Cultus Lake Waterpark at Night

Night Water Slides

On two Fridays each summer the water slides are open for special night time events. In 2018 Night Slides took place on July 20th and August 17th from 8:00 pm until midnight.

During Night Sides events the place is packed with youth and young adults enjoying evening concerts and having a blast while sliding in the dark.

TIP: Don’t forget to bring something warm to wear in case you get cold. Cultus Lake is usually a pretty warm place in the summer, but it can get cool in the evenings, especially in August.

Night Time at Cultus Lake Waterpark
Night Slides at Cultus Lake

Waterpark Admission

General Admission

In 2018 regular admission to Cultus Lake Waterpark including GST cost the following:

  • 48 inches and above: $32
  • Under 48 inches tall: $22
  • Seniors (age 60+): $22

Twilight Passes

Twilight Passes are also available during the last four hours on weekends in June and daily in July, August and the first weekend in September.

Prices for Twilight Passes in 2018 are listed below and, depending on the day, admission at the reduced rate started at either 2:30 or 3:30 pm.

  • 48 inches and above: $22
  • Under 48 inches tall: $16.25
  • Seniors (age 60+): $16.25

Night Sliding

Cultus Lake Waterpark was open from 8:00 pm until midnight on July 20 and August 17 in 2018. Admission on those days was $22 per person including taxes.

Included with the Night Sliding cost of admission is access to the free concerts. Scheduled to perform on July 20, 2018, were Swamp Honey, Pleasant Trees and Ezra Kwizera. Bands on August 17th, meanwhile, were North Country Gentlemen and Terrance Richmond (from the Love Quest Crew).

Ezra Kwizera in Concert
Ezra Kwizera

Water Slides at Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake Waterpark has a fantastic variety of slides. There are small ones, long ones, fast ones, crazy fast ones, straight ones, and ones that wind all over the place. There are also water slides that loop around, ones that drop straight down, ones that include segments in the dark and slides that go round and round until you drop!

With some slides you go down on your butt and with others you ride an inflatable tube or other contraption. Some slides are for single riders and others are for up to five people at the same time. In short, there’s something for everyone!

Colossal Canyon Water Slide
Rafting down the Colossal Canyon

Types of Waterslides

There are so many different kinds of slides at Cultus Lake Waterpark. Some of our favourites include the following:

  • Colossal Canyon a wonderful ride in a giant round raft that fits up to five people including four adults. Tons of fun!
  • Radical Rapids a white water-rafting-style ride with inner tubes for both single and double riders.
  • Tubular Terror a trio of slides including a black one that’s all in the dark, a blue one that’s half in the dark, and another blue one that’s all open. All three are a blast and use inflatables designed for one or two people.
  • Valley of Fear this one involves sitting in a tube, dropping straight down, going way up on the other side, and then sliding back and forth, up and down, until you finally stop at the bottom. The slide is for both singles and doubles and you’ll want to keep your bum off the ground and tuck your chin to your neck. It’s scary, but so much fun!
Valley of Fear
The Valley of Fear
  • Free Fall this slide is like the Valley of Fear except that (1) there’s no tube to sit on, (2) you just go down, down, down and (3) it’s even more insanely fast and scary (all of which really means it’s actually quite different from the Valley of Fear, except for the vertical drop and scare-factor). If you like free-falling and going at a hundred miles an hour, you’ll love the Free Fall!
  • Speedslide this is another fabulous and super-fast ride. It’s located right beside the Free Fall, is slightly less scary and makes for a good way to work up to braving the Free Fall.
  • Boomerang this is a great slide to do with friends and family. Up to four people get to sit on a raft and shoot down the slide. What’s especially nice about this ride too, similar to the Colossal Canyon, is the fact that you don’t have to carry your raft/tube up the stairs with you.
  • Zero-60 Raceway this is a fun slide where you get to lie on a mat and race your friends to the bottom.
  • Bazooka Bowls ever seen one of those contraptions where you put a coin in a slot and then watch the coin roll around and around until it finally drops in a hole at the bottom. Bazooka Bowls is like that except that instead of a coin going down the shoot and then spinning around and around until dropping, it’s you! The fall at the bottom looks awkward, but the pool you drop into is nice and deep!
  • Pirates Cove this is a fabulous play area with a couple of smaller slides for little people, a fort-like structure to climb around, a mini pirate ship to sit in and a giant water bucket that dumps its contents every thirty seconds or so. Lots of fun for young families.

These are just a few of the water slides and attractions at Cultus Lake Waterpark. Others include the Adventure River, Blaster & Twisters, the Rattler, Turtle Pool and Kiddie Castle, all of which are also tons of fun.

Water Park at Cultus Lake
View from the top of the Boomerang slide

Waterpark Facility

The Cultus Lake Waterpark venue is exceptional. There are slides all over the place, a huge grassy lawn in the middle and a forest at the edges. There are also several small hot tubs to warm up in, and the water on the slides and in the pools is usually (and surprisingly) not too cold.

At the water park there are picnic tables and shaded areas, pools to splash around in, BBQs to rent and places to buy ice cream and other snacks. Lawn chairs and umbrellas are also available for rent, as are towels and other miscellaneous items.

Other Information

Below are some tips and advice, park rules and other additional information.

Tips & Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your experience at the attraction.

  • If you’re in the area for a couple of days and you also plan to visit the Cultus Lake Adventure Park across the street, which we recommend you do, do the water slides first. There’s a good chance (but not guaranteed) that your water slide admission ticket will give you a discount for the Adventure Park rides (but not usually the other way around).
  • Arrive early if you can, especially on hot sunny weekends, as it’ll increase your chances of finding convenient parking, a picnic table and/or a place in the shade.
  • You’ll save between $6 and over $10 or so with a Twilight Pass which is good for the last four hours of each weekend day in June and then daily for the rest of the summer. Four hours is enough time for some people, although not for everyone.
  • The park can get busy on sunny afternoons, especially between around 2:40 and 5:00 pm when all the Twilight Pass visitors arrive and before the full-day people head home for dinner. If staying for the day, but planning to take a break, that’s a good time to do it.
  • The best place to park is in the Cultus Lake Waterpark parking lot. It’s the most convenient place, obviously, but also the cheapest. The cost is just $5 when you pay for admission, but $10 for the day elsewhere (or at least that’s what it was last year).
  • You’re allowed to bring outside food and drink into the park, which is wonderful! It can’t be outside restaurant food, however, and beverages must be sealed in their original containers. If a drink is open, you’ll need to dump out the contents before entering. Why? Because they understandably don’t want people spiking their drinks with adult beverage contents!
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, (empty) water bottle and sun hat. It can get hot!
  • Listen to and read the instructions before each new ride. Sometimes it’s important that you cross your feet and/or arms (e.g., the Freefall). With other slides you’ll want to keep your bum up off the ground and your chin tucked in (e.g., the Valley of Fear).
  • The park shuts down fairly promptly at closing time. You don’t have to rush out, but if you want to shower and change before the washrooms close plan to pack up a few minutes early.
  • The park has a no refund policy. If it looks like a thunder, wind or rain storm is on its way and there’s a chance of the park closing early, don’t expect to get your money back.
  • Go on a hot sunny day!

Cultus Lake Waterpark Grounds

Park Rules & Regulations

As do all attractions, the Cultus Lake Waterpark has a number of rules. The following are some that are especially important to note:

  • Outside food and drinks are permitted, but no alcohol or outside restaurant food. Also, all beverages must be commercially labelled and sealed.
  • BBQs can be rented on site, but outside cooking devices are not permitted.
  • The waterpark is a no-smoking environment. If you want to smoke, you’ll have to leave the premises to do so.
  • Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Further Details

For more information about the attraction, check out the Cultus Lake Waterpark website.

For a list of other water park facilities in other places click Lower Mainland Water Slides.

To learn more about the area, click Cultus Lake or the Fraser Valley.