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Glow Maple Ridge Christmas Lights

Glow Maple Ridge

Glow Maple Ridge is a series of Christmas light displays in downtown Maple Ridge in late November, the month of December and beginning of January.



As per government orders, British Columbians are being advised not to travel during the 2020/21 Christmas season and to stay close to home. As a result, if you live or work in the Maple Ridge area, be sure to check out the festive illuminations at Memorial Peace Park this year. If you live in a different part of the Lower Mainland though, check out the holiday light displays close to your neighbourhood.

Whatever you do this holiday season, wear a mask, stay physically distanced, keep close to home, be responsible and hang out with people from within your household or other “permissible bubble.”

To learn more about events and attractions that are currently operating, see our article about Open Attractions in COVID-19 Vancouver. For a list of places to see holiday lights elsewhere in the Lower Mainland, click Vancouver Christmas Activities.


Christmas Light Displays in Maple Ridge in 2020

Running from November 27th until January 8th this year, Glow Maple Ridge is how the community of Maple Ridge decorates its downtown core for the holiday season. The seasonal light displays celebrate their second year in 2020.

In past years Maple Ridge has celebrated the holiday season with its annual Christmas Festival and Santa Claus Parade. That’s a one day event where there’s a community festival in the park and a parade in the streets. The festival and parade kick off the Christmas season. Glow Maple Ridge is then the continuation of the lights and illuminations throughout the rest of the holiday season.

The Christmas Festival and Santa Claus Parade have been happening for a number of years. Glow Maple Ridge, on the other hand, began just last year.

In 2020 the annual Christmas Festival was scheduled to take place on December 5th. It got cancelled, however, at least in its live format, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Glow Maple Ridge element of the city’s Christmas celebrations, however, is still happening.


Maple Ridge Christmas Festival
Maple Ridge Christmas Festival


What to Expect at Glow Maple Ridge

Lots of communities and shopping streets get decorated with holiday lights and illuminations across Canada during the Christmas season. Maple Ridge is no exception.

If you drive down 224th Street between the Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road, you’ll find the four or so blocks of the street lined with telephone poles adorned with candy cane-style decorations and Christmas lights. Some of the local businesses decorate their store windows, and there are beautiful illuminations in the nearby park.

In the Memorial Peace Park, between 224th Street and the ACT Arts Centre, you’ll find a sparkling artificial Christmas tree, a globe-like structure you can go inside, and a light tunnel you can walk through. There is also a large real tree that lights up extra when you sing underneath it or make a noise. The city’s landmark band shelter is also lit up. It’s all very pretty!

The displays at Glow Maple Ridge are beautiful, perfect for selfie photo opportunities and easy to enjoy while physically distancing from other people. We went on a Friday evening in early December, soon after it got dark, and found only one or two other people in the vicinity of each display. It was quiet, which made it especially nice (and great for a year like 2020).

Glow Maple Ridge isn’t an attraction you’d travel across the Lower Mainland to see and then turn around and go home, like you might with an event like Glow Christmas (which in 2020 happens in Langley). Rather, it’s something that everyone in Maple Ridge should go to and admire over the holiday season. It’s also recommended for people passing through Maple Ridge after dark and wanting a quick look and a stretch, or to check out after getting a bite to eat in one of the area restaurants.

If coming from Vancouver, we recommend visiting Glow Maple Ridge after visiting one of the various beautiful parks in and around Maple Ridge. These include places like Kanata Creek and Golden Ears Provincial Park. Explore one of the parks during the afternoon, being sure to leave before dusk, and then drop by downtown Maple Ridge for dinner and a look around.


Glow Maple Ridge Video

To get an idea of what the Christmas illuminations and light displays look like, check out the following video.



Other Christmas Lights to Check Out

Downtown Maple Ridge looks beautiful and festive during the winter holiday season. Other Lower Mainland places that look especially pretty at Christmas include neighbourhoods like Robson Street and Gastown in Vancouver.

Similar to Maple Ridge, Vancouver’s West End, at the corner of Denman and Davie Street, by English Bay, has a small number of light sculptures on display in December (left over from the Lumiere Festival in November). The Lower Lonsdale and Shipyards District in North Vancouver also has beautiful lights and decorations.

Two of our absolute favourite places for holiday lights in the Lower Mainland are Granville Island and Harrison Hot Springs. The same as Maple Ridge, both of these neighbourhoods and their decorations are free to explore and admire.

Vancouver’s Granville Island looks especially magical around Christmas time. It’s also a world-class place to do holiday shopping. Harrison Hot Springs, meanwhile, has an impressive selection of light displays along the waterfront each year, running from late November until around mid-January (although to be confirmed for 2020).


Stay Safe and Be Responsible


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