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Richmond’s Lavenderland Flower Farm and Attraction

Richmond Lavenderland

Starting in the summer of 2021, Lavenderland is a new Metro Vancouver flower festival. It features acres of purple flowers at a farm in Richmond.


Lavenderland in Richmond

One of the Lower Mainland’s newest tourist attractions, Lavenderland takes place at Metro Vancouver’s very first lavender farm in the summer. The farm is a family-run enterprise that uses an eco-friendly approach in growing its lavender.

Visitors to Lavenderland can explore 7 or so acres of purple flowers over the course of the festival. The farm features four different kinds of the flower including Super Blue, Melissa, Grosso and French varieties.


Stay Safe and Be Responsible

As of early 2021, the Government of British Columbia advises against non-essential travel. When you do venture out, stay close to home, wear a mask and keep 6 feet away from other people.


Admission to the Lavender Fields

The cost for the festival in 2021 is $15 for everyone over the age of 4. Children ages 3 and under are free. Parking is also free, although parking lot capacity at the venue itself is limited to just 15 vehicles. There is, however, additional street parking in the area.

Tickets must be purchased in advance at least 2 hours prior to arrival. Tickets are available starting on March 1st.

Because of COVID-19, a maximum of 50 people are permitted on site at any given time. Pets are not allowed.

The grand opening for the festival takes place on June 19th in 2021.

(Note: Because of COVID-19, the above details are subject to change.)


Where and When

Lavenderland is at a farm in Richmond at 8460 Steveston Highway (which is about 3 km from the turnoff from Highway 99). It is a 5-minute drive from the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Historic Site and the rest of picturesque Steveston Village.

Since lavender usually blooms in the summertime, Lavenderland is only open during the warmer months. 2021 dates are from June 19th until September 7th (although these are subject to change based on weather and growing conditions). During those dates Lavenderland is open daily from 8 am until 6 pm.

Not all the flowers will be in bloom at the same time. Exact blooming details vary according to the weather, season and growing location.

The Super Blue Lavender is usually in season between April and June. It also comes back again apparently in August. Melissa Lavender is typically at its best in both July and September. The Grosso variety is in bloom from July until September. French Lavender, meanwhile, is usually in season from June until October. Again, exact conditions vary. The above details, however, give you a rough idea of what to expect and when.


Other Information

For more information visit the official Lavenderland website.

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Note: Photo credit for the photo of the lavender flowers on the white background in this article is iStock.com/scisettialfio.