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River Rock Casino

River Rock Casino

The River Rock Casino is one of Metro Vancouver’s main casinos (with the others being the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, and the Edgewater Casino by False Creek in Vancouver).

River Rock Casino in Richmond

The River Rock is also the Lower Mainland’s largest casino, with over 1,100 slot machines, “the most Baccarat tables in North America”, plus regular games of chance like Poker, Roulette and Blackjack.

The River Rock Casino is right outside the Bridgeport SkyTrain Station at 8811 River Road not far from Vancouver International Airport and Richmond’s two night markets, (which are open from May until September or October).  The facilities offer table games, slots and evening shows and concerts, plus its four-star hotel.

TIP: Play for fun, but not to make money!  As the BC Lottery Corporation says, “Know your limit. Play within it!

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River Rock Casino Interior