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Downtown Vancouver Hotels Credit Card Bonus Promotions

Vancouver Hotels Credit Card Bonus Promotion

StayVancouverHotels.com sometimes offers what we believe is the best deal for hotels in downtown Vancouver. Prices can be less than $100 for some places!

At different times of the year, and just for a limited time, StayVancouverHotels.com offers a special promotion where guests get up to $125 in credit card gift cards for their reservation and initial stay, plus a $50 bonus gift card per additional night at participating hotels. That’s a phenomenal deal!

In the past the program has involved Visa, Mastecard and AMEX cards at different times and with different campaigns.

Unbelievable Gift Card Bonus Offers for Downtown Vancouver Hotels!

Whether you are visiting from out of town or you’re a local wanting a staycation, October of 2019 was the most recent best time to book a hotel in downtown Vancouver through StayVancouverHotels.com. Why? Because they were offering Visa gift cards worth between $50 and $125 when you made a reservation. You could earn that much on your first night’s stay and $50 for every additional night. With some hotels charging less than $125 prior to rebates, that was a crazy good deal!

Below we’ll explain in detail how the credit card gift card promotion works. First though we’ll give you some examples of what you can expect to pay for some 3, 4 and 4.5-star hotels.

Some hotels in Vancouver are expensive, but some are surprisingly cheap, especially in the slower seasons. After getting your bonus credit gift card though (which you can use to pay for your stay), the savings are especially impressive!

Note: StayVancouverHotels.com offers great deals on downtown hotels throughout the year. Usually you get a $25 gift card for something like Starbucks coffee per reservation, or sometimes discounted tickets for things like Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia (in the fall of 2019) or the Vancouver International Wine Festival (in the spring). When they offer the credit card bonuses though, that can be the best time to make a reservation!


Visit the StayVancouverHotels.com website for more details, current prices and to book your stay.

Vancouver Hotel Deals We Found

On October 19, 2019, we checked hotel prices for participating downtown Vancouver hotels for the weekend of October 25th & 26th and October 31st (so for a Friday, Saturday and Thursday, which meant both Halloween Weekend and then Halloween night a few days later). We looked for hotel rooms for two adults. Below are some of the deals we found.

  • (2.5-Star) Days Inn – $152 minus a $75 Visa gift card (so $77 total)
  • (3-Star) Residence Inn by Marriott – $161 minus a $100 Visa gift card
  • (4-Star) Executive Hotel Le Soleil – $188 minus a $100 Visa gift card
  • (4.5-Star) Sutton Place – $169 minus a $100 Visa gift card (so $69 total)
  • (4.5-Star) Fairmont Vancouver Hotel – $229 minus a $125 Visa gift card
  • (4.5-Star) Fairmont Waterfront Hotel – $229 minus a $125 Visa gift card

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A Closer Look at the Prices

Yes, fees and taxes for the above hotels were extra, but the final prices were still fabulous deals. Take the 4-Star Executive Hotel Le Soleil on the night of Friday, October 25th, as an example. Taxes and fees for that hotel were an extra $39.87, which brought the final price up to $227.72. If you used your $100 Visa gift card to help pay for your stay though and it would have cost you just $127.72 for the night – on a Friday night at a 4-star hotel with a king-sized bed in downtown Vancouver! That’s a fabulous price!

How about the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel? It’s arguably Vancouver’s most iconic hotel, and it’s 4.5 stars and the room came with a king-sized bed. After taxes, fees and the Visa gift card rebate, for the night of October 25th, a stay cost just $144.07 (or $104 before the taxes and fees). And that was for two adults at the Fairmont Vancouver! And at such a great price!

How about the final net price for the Residence Inn by Marriott (which although just 3 stars, is, in our opinion, a really nice place and under rated)? After taxes, fees and the Visa gift card rebate, a night in a suite there (in a studio with a queen-sized bed, sofa couch and kitchenette) cost just $89.57! So less than $100, and it’s a suite in downtown Vancouver!

When we checked, prices were about the same whether we looked to book for the weekend (on Friday, October 25th) or a weekday (on Wednesday, October 31st). We also looked ahead, at hotel prices on November 19th, and found that the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was still just $104 then too (i.e., $229 – $125 in Visa gift cards before taxes and fees). Other hotels were also comparable.

How about hotel rates on a statutory holiday? How about for Sunday, November 10th (so checking out on Remembrance Day)? Here again we found a room at the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel for just $104 after the Visa gift card (but before taxes and fees). You could also get a room for a family of four (with two double beds) at the 4-Star Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre for $77.67 (including taxes, fees and the Visa gift card rebate). That’s less than a $100 for a family of four, and on the Remembrance Day Weekend!

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Visit the StayVancouverHotels.com website for more details, current prices and to book your stay.

Vancouver Christmas Hotel Deals

How about in December, in the heart of the busy (and expensive) Christmas season? What were downtown hotel prices through StayVancouverHotels.com like then? Again on October 19th, 2019, we checked out rates. This time we looked for hotel rooms for a family of four (with 2 adults and 2 kids) and the date we chose was Saturday, December 21st (so the first weekend of school winter holidays). Below are some of the fabulous deals we found:

  • (2.5-Star) Ramada Vancouver Downtown – $139 minus a $75 Visa gift card
  • (3-Star) Residence Inn by Marriott – $179 minus a $100 Visa gift card
  • (3-Star) Holiday Inn & Suites – $186 minus a $100 Visa gift card
  • (4-Star) Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre – $151 minus a $100 Visa gift card
  • (4.5-Star) Fairmont Vancouver Hotel – $229 minus a $125 Visa gift card
  • (4.5-Star) Fairmont Waterfront Hotel – $229 minus a $125 Visa gift card

These were amazing deals for downtown hotels on a weekend at the peak of the Christmas season! After factoring in all taxes, fees and the Visa gift card rebate, the Ramada Vancouver Downtown cost only $91.33 for two double beds for a family of four. If you paid just $18 more you got a suite that slept five!

Also when we checked, you could stay at the Holiday Inn & Suites in a room with two double beds for a night and spend just $119.71, or pay $19 extra and get two queen beds. And that was after taxes! And just four days before Christmas Day!

But how do these prices compare with rates on other travel websites like Expedia and Travelocity? We did a search on Trivago for a family of four staying in downtown Vancouver on the night of Saturday, December 21st. The best rate we could find for the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel was on hotels.com for $309.25 (including taxes), which was actually pretty good given the time of year. The same deal through StayVancouverHotels.com though, after all taxes, fees and Visa card rebates, came out at $144.07!

(Note: Not all hotel prices through StayVancouverHotels.com will blow the competition out of the water. Especially with the current Visa gift card promotion, however, a surprising number will! The deals are considerable!)

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Important Notes about StayVancouverHotels.com and the 2019 Visa Gift Card Promotion

There are a number of important things to know and consider about the credit gift card promotions when they happen through StayVancouverHotels.com. Below is additional information and some useful tips.

About the Bonus Gifts, Availability and Rates

  • Throughout the year StayVancouverHotels.com offers bonus gifts to people when they make reservations via its website. Usually the gifts are worth about $25 (like a $25 Starbucks gift card). Sometimes they are more valuable though (like during one of their credit card bonus campaigns). Occasionally the incentives at other times are also more valuable than $25, like when the website offers free or discounted tickets to special events (like to Cirque du Soleil shows or the Vancouver International Wine Festival).
  • With the most recent Visa gift card promotional campaign, stays at participating hotels between October 15th and the end of February (2020) qualified for the $50 to $125 Visa gift card bonuses. That period of time included the Remembrance Day Long Weekend, the Christmas holidays, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and the Family Day Long Weekend!
  • Hotel rooms qualifying for the gift card promotion are limited and the best deals, especially for peak-demand dates, get scooped up quick. If you want the best rates and selection of accommodation types, especially around stat holidays, book as early as you can!
  • The current most recent Visa bonus offer was a limited-time promotion. It started on October 15th, 2019, and ended just over two weeks later. That meant that although stays as far in the future as February 2020 qualified for the $50 to $125 gift card rebates, you needed to book your stay while the offer was still valid (so before November 1st, 2019).
  • You can find really good rates on the StayVancouverHotels.com website at most times of the year, but especially when they offer their $50 to $125 credit card bonuses. You have to look carefully through the list of hotel offerings though to find the very best deals. That’s because some places, on a given date, are priced more competitively than others. Occasionally, in some cases, a 4 or 4.5-star luxury resort can actually cost less than a 3-star hotel! That’s what you want to look out for!
  • Prices aren’t ridiculously low for all hotels on the StayVancouverHotels.com website (although a good number are). Rates for some hotels are good, some are okay and a small number are occasionally even a bit expensive. It all depends on the hotel and its room availability. On average though the prices you’ll find are very competitive. And if you look through the full list of hotels, you’ll see some places offering amazing deals you likely won’t find anywhere else!

When Making Your Reservation and Payment

  • When you book through StayVancouverHotels.com they take your credit card details, but they don’t charge your card right away. You actually pay at the hotel when you check in. Reservations are non-cancellable though, so if you don’t show up you’ll still have to pay
  • For qualifying stays during their credit card campaigns you receive your gift cards at the time of check in at your hotel. That means, in most cases, you can use the gift cards to actually pay for your stay. You don’t have to wait weeks for the rebate to arrive in the mail, which is awesome. You get it right away, and you can spend it anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards (including at your hotel).
  • When making your reservation online, double check the details carefully. Are you selecting the correct dates, type of room and number of occupants? And does the confirmation page show the correct bonus offer (given that credit gift card bonuses aren’t the only option). Make sure everything is correct before clicking “confirm.”
  • Also before selecting a place to stay and then clicking “confirm,” double check the final price. Depending on the hotel and basic room rate, taxes and fees can cost between about $25 and $40 or more extra. A small number of the hotels though charge a lot more in extra fees, like occasionally as much as over $100 including taxes. The final price might still be a good deal, overall, but not as good as it might initially appear or as great as some of the other hotels.

More 2019 Credit Card Bonus Campaign Details

  • Different hotels offer different credit card gift card dollar amounts when the campaigns are in effect. A couple might offer $50 for the first night. Others $75, some $100 and the rest $125. Generally the more expensive the hotel, the higher the value of the bonus gift. All hotels though offer just $50 per additional night’s stay.
  • With the Visa promotion you can claim the reward for up to three separate reservations and pay for your stay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Also, there is no limit on the number of extra $50 gift cards you can get for each additional night’s stay made with your original online reservation.
  • If you make three separate bookings for the same hotel for three nights in a row, and that hotel offers a $125 Visa gift card for the first night, you won’t receive $125 for each of your nights. Nice try though! Whether you book all three nights separately or through three separate reservations, the hotel will give you $125 for one night and $50 for each of the following nights.
  • Terms and conditions related to the credit card promotional campaign are subject to change at any time. See the official website for the most up-to-date details.

Hotel Deals Through Travel Websites

  • How can they offer such good deals!? StayVancouverHotels.com works directly with an association of downtown Vancouver hotels. It promotes just them, and the website doesn’t charge the hotels as much in commission as big multinational travel websites do. And when the program partners with a credit card company (like Visa) and provides extra big bonuses, the credit card company helps subsidize the promotion.
  • If you do a search for downtown Vancouver hotel rooms using travel websites like Trivago, they won’t show you the rates available on StayVancouverHotels.com (not even in the many cases when they are clearly the best). To find deals like the current $50 to $125 Visa gift card rebate offer, you need to go directly to the StayVancouverHotels.com website.


Other Information

To make a reservation, or for more details about the current promotional offers at downtown Vancouver hotels, see the StayVancouverHotels.com website.

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