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Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko at Gary Point

The Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival is a Japanese-themed community event at Gary Point Park near Steveston Village in Richmond.


Due to the coronavirus, the Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival has been cancelled.

For more information on the cancellation click Cherry Blossom Festival Cancellation.

To see more events that have been cancelled click Vancouver COVID-19 Cancellations.

Cherry Blossom Festival at Gary Point Park

The fourth annual Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival was supposed to take place on Sunday, April 5th, 2020, from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. It’s a free event that celebrates the arrival of spring and the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing (or “hanami”).

At the event there is usually live music as well as dancing and drumming performances. Other things to see and do most years include koinobori kite flying, kimono-wearing demonstrations and displays of Japanese flower arrangements and bonsai plants. There are also food trucks on site.

Koinobori Carp Streamers at Richmond Blossom Festival
A Japanese Koinobori Kite Streamer

Gary Point Park

The festival takes place at Gary Point Park which is located at 12011 Seventh Avenue (so just a 10-minute walk west of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston Village).

Gary Point Park is situated at the mouth of the Fraser River. At the park there are a couple of hundred Akebono cherry trees, which makes it the perfect place for a cherry blossom festival.

Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your visit to Gary Point Park and the Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival.

TIP #1: While in the area, explore Steveston Village. It’s a beautiful spot to walk around. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is especially interesting and admission is free for children ages 17 and under.

TIP #2: Take your bikes if you like cycling. The area is pretty flat and there are miles of paved cycling trails. Parking on the day of the festival can also be a challenge as there’s no on-site parking, so taking your bicycles might save you from a long walk. There is also a free “wheel watch” where someone will always be watching to make sure your bike is secure and safe.

TIP #3: If you like this sort of event then also check out the following:

TIP #4: A big part of Japanese-style events like this is the festival food. It’s delicious! There isn’t a huge selection at this particular event most years, but there is some, and what’s there is usually pretty tasty! Try some!

Japadog Food Truck Stand
A Japanese Festival Food Truck

Other Information

For more details about the spring event at Gary Point Park see the City of Richmond’s website by clicking Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival.

For more information about the area click Steveston Village or Richmond.

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