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Stargazer Sensea Immersive Space Exhibition at Tsawwassen Mills Mall

Stargazer at Sensea Immersive

Sensea Immersive is a Vancouver attraction at Tsawwassen Mills Mall. In 2022 it hosted a space-themed exhibition called Stargazer – An Immersive Universe.

Last year and up until mid-March of 2022, the venue hosted the Da Vinci Experience which featured the art and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. The attraction’s next theme was all about asteroids, planets, stars, space travel and outer space.

The aim of the new Stargazer exhibit was to provide an educational and engrossing experience. It succeeded in both of these objectives. We visited the attraction and thoroughly enjoyed it. The attraction ran from April to July in 2022.


This article contains the following information about the Stargazer exhibit:

Where is the Attraction? | How Much Does Stargazer Cost? | When is it Open? | What to Expect | About Sensea Canada | Stargazer Video | Other Information


Stargazer Immersive Space Exhibition


For full details about the attraction visit the official Stargazer – An Immersive Universe website.


Stargazer – An Immersive Universe Space Attraction in 2022

Located at Tsawwassen Mills Mall in South Delta (not far from the BC Ferries’ Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal), Sensea Immersive is a fairly new attraction in Metro Vancouver. Established in 2020, it’s like a museum that hosts “edutainment” exhibits.

The second and latest exhibition taking place at the Sensea Immersive venue was Stargazer – An Immersive Universe. It opened in April of 2022 and ran until the end of July.

While the venue’s previous Da Vinci Experience exhibition focused on the works of one of the world’s most-famous artists, Stargazer provided the chance to experience outer space in an interactive way.

Presented in partnership with the HR MacMillan Space Centre, the exhibition used virtual reality and giant projections to create a unique and engaging atmosphere. There was a 270-degree Immersive Room where there were giant images to see in almost every direction.

Along with the projections, there was a large room with informational displays. Guests learned all kinds of space-related things, saw an astronaut suit and took a photo of themselves in a Stargazer picture frame.


Stargazer Immersive Display


Where is the Attraction?

Stargazer – An Immersive Universe took place at the Sensea Immersive venue at Tsawwassen Mills Mall in South Delta. The mall’s address is 5000 Canoe Pass Way. It’s about a 5-minute drive from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

Inside the mall, the Sensea Immersive attraction is located between the Marshalls and Winners stores around the southwest side of the mall (which is the end closest to the ferries). The nearest mall entrances to the attraction are #3 and #4.


How Much Does Stargazer Cost?

Admission rates ranged between around $24 and $32 depending on the day and your age. Seniors got discounted admission. There was also a family rate. Children ages 2 and under entered for free. Annual passes were not available (or at least not when we last checked).

As of late April, 2022, ticket prices were the following on weekdays when purchased both online and in-person on the day:

  • Adults (ages 16+) – $32.00
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $28.00
  • Children and Youth (ages 3 to 16) – $28.00
  • Families (of 2 adults & 2 or more children) – $24.00 per person

Ticket prices were the following on Saturdays and Sundays:

  • Adults (ages 16+) – $34.50
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $29.90
  • Children and Youth (ages 3 to 16) – $29.90
  • Families (of 2 adults & 2 or more children) – $27.00 per person

Note: To purchase tickets online you had to register with Fever.com via Facebook, your Google account or your e-mail.


For full details about the attraction click Stargazer – An Immersive Universe.


When is Stargazer Open?

The attraction opened on April 13th and it ran until July 31st.

Stargazer was open between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm most days. On Sundays and holidays, however, the place wasn’t open until 11:00 am. The experience itself took about an hour or slightly less to complete.


Inside the Stargazer Picture


What to Expect

The layout of the Stargazer exhibition was similar to that of the Da Vinci Experience. If you saw the show about Leonardo last year, you likely recognized the rooms and style of the newer exhibition. Apart from the entrance area, there were four main rooms at the attraction.


The Main Gallery and Second Room

After checking in and having the option of getting your photo taken, you entered a large gallery that had informational displays all around the walls. There were also a few exhibit displays in the centre of the room. You saw a tiny model of a space station, a life-sized astronaut’s suit and lots of information to read. There was lots to learn about space in this room!

The next room was where you would have seen a reproduction of Leonardo’s Last Supper at the art-themed exhibition last year. During Stargazer it was where you could watch a short film about space.


Immersive Experience Theatre


The Sensea Theatre

The third main room at Stargazer was the theatre. It was a large room with 270 degrees of screens all around. They called this the “Immersive Experience.” The film ran for about 20 minutes. It was best if you timed your visit with the start of the show, but you could have entered at any time if you wanted. The film was very good and full of all kinds of interesting facts and scenes.


Stargazer’s Virtual Reality Experience

The final room at Stargazer – An Immersive Universe featured virtual reality stations. Guests put on a pair of 3D goggles and saw what astronauts see outside the International Space Station in 360 degrees. You could have looked up, down and all around. It was a really cool experience!

At the end of your self-guided tour through Stargazer you had an option to purchase a picture of yourself in a space-themed scene. (The photo was the one a staff person would have taken at the start of your visit in front of a large green screen.)

On average, it took about an hour to go through Stargazer from start to finish. Depending on your interest in space, it might have taken a bit more or slightly less.


Virtual Reality at Sensea Immersive
Virtual Reality Station


About Sensea Canada

Sensea Canada is a Lower Mainland-based experiential company. It’s the organization behind the Sensea Immersive attraction at Tsawwassen Mills Outlet Mall in South Delta.

The company launched its first exhibition, the Da Vinci Experience, at Tsawwassen Mills in 2021. Materials for that first production were provided by a European company which presents its show around the world.

The original plan for Sensea Canada was to continue bringing exhibitions from abroad to the Lower Mainland. Starting in 2022, however, the company now plans to produce its own exhibitions and to lease them out to venues in other cities and countries. What you’ll see in the future at Sensea Immersive in Tsawwassen Mills will likely be world premieres, as was the case with Stargazer: An Immersive Universe!

Future exhibitions at Sensea Immersive are to be determined. That being said, they will likely all be educational, entertaining and family-friendly.


For full details about the space-themed exhibition visit the official Stargazer – An Immersive Universe website.


Stargazer Video

To get a really good idea of what Stargazer – An Immersive Universe was like, check out the following video. The video begins in the main gallery room where there was a large display with information about space travel since the 1960s.

In the same large first room there were a number of exhibits including one of an astronaut’s suit. There was also a Stargazer picture frame in which you could take photos of yourself.

In a second room there was a short film to watch, and in yet another large room you could have watched an amazing 20-minute film on 270-degrees of screens that go all around the room. Not shown in this video were the virtual reality stations where you could see astronauts and the International Space Station from the outside in 360 degrees.



Other Information

To learn more about the venue and the company behind the exhibit, see the Sensea Canada Facebook page. To learn more about the Stargazer exhibit, click Stargazer 2022.

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