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North Vancouver’s Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm is an educational attraction in North Vancouver with pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, horses, cows and a whole lot more. Little kids love it!


Maplewood Hobby Farm

Years ago Maplewood Farm was a real dairy on the North Shore, but now it is an educational centre and petting zoo that features dozens of animals and birds including pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, a miniature donkey, chickens, ducks, geese, horses and cows.

Maplewood Farm is an exceptional place for kids, plus their parents, grandparents and friends. It’s always fun seeing how children interact with animals.


Farm Location

Maplewood Farm is located at 405 Seymour River Place in North Vancouver not far from the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge.

Click Getting to Maplewood Farm for directions on how to get there.


Maplewood Farm with Donkey


Farm Hours & Admission

Maplewood Farm is typically open from 10 am until 4 pm from Tuesday to Sunday for most of the year, and 7 days a week from April to October.

Admission fee for adults (ages 17 – 54) is $9.45. Children between 19 months and 16 years is $5.55, which is the same for seniors (ages 55+). Children 18 months and under have free admission. Special event days usually cost a couple of dollars more.

Parking at the farm is free. If the parking lot gets full, there is also street parking in the area.


When to Visit Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm is best visited when it isn’t raining.

The best times to visit Maplewood Farm are early spring when there are baby animals; late spring to early fall when the trees are in their full bloom; and just after lunch time any day for the milking demonstrations which usually take place daily at around 1:15 pm.


Maplewood Farm Goat


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions on how to make the most out of your visit to Maplewood Farms.

TIP #1: Families can bring picnic baskets, and there is even a large picnic shelter that people can use, which is great on rainy days.

TIP #2: Bring your own fresh veggies to feed the bunnies. Bird seed is available for about $3 a bag for the ducks and chickens. Most other animals, however, are not to be fed.

TIP #3: Don’t forget to wash your hands after touching the animals. There are hand-cleaning stations at various locations.

TIP #4: There isn’t a lot of parking at Maplewood Farm. It’s not a small parking lot, but it can still fill up on weekends or during school holidays. Across the street there is extra parking on weekends, evenings and in the summer at Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School. At other times, if the main parking lot is full you’ll just have to find a spot somewhere down the road.


Other Information

Visit the Maplewood Farm website for more information.

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