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Entertainment Coupon Book Rainy Day Activities in Metro Vancouver

Entertainment Coupon Book Rainy Day Activities

The Entertainment Coupon Book offers discounts to hundreds of Metro Vancouver venues including some of the region’s best places to be on a rainy day.

It rains a lot in Vancouver, and the city is expensive, so Entertainment Coupon Books are great things to have! They allow you to enjoy life, shelter indoors and save money!


2021 Entertainment Coupon Book


The book costs $50 (US) if you buy it online when it comes out in the late summer and early fall, but you can buy it from local charities and non-profit organizations for about $50 (CAD). The book goes on sale later in the year though. To commemorate February 14th in 2021, for example, the book is on sale for an especially sweet price!

As of early February and for a limited time, you can buy your Valentine a book for just just $14 (USD)! That’s an awesome deal! And it includes access to the app and shipping is free! See shop.entertainment.com to buy your book.


Rainy Day Venues in the Entertainment Book

The Entertainment Book offers 2-for-1 coupons and other discounts to Lower Mainland restaurants and indoor places of interest including museums, recreational facilities and tourist attractions.

Entertainment Book coupons are flexible and wonderful ways to save money while enjoying one’s community. They are also especially valuable at participating indoor venues on rainy days!

For a list of 2021 coupons for great rainy day activities in the Lower Mainland, see below. Other related articles you might also be interested in, however, include the following:

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Vancouver Planetarium and Entertainment Book
HR MacMillan Space Centre


Entertainment Coupon Museums

Museums are great places to visit on rainy days, and the 2021 Entertainment Books have coupons for a number of great ones including the following:

  • BC Sports Hall of Fame – a sports museum at BC Place Stadium.
  • Gulf of Georgia Cannery – a National Historic Site at 12138 Fourth Avenue in Steveston Village that showcases the history of the region’s salmon fishing and canning industries.
  • H.R. MacMillan Space Centre – a planetarium and space museum at Vancouver’s Vanier Park.
  • UBC Museum of Anthropology – an anthropological museum at UBC with totem poles, artifacts and information about civilizations from British Columbia and around the world.
  • Vancouver Maritime Museum – a museum about the Pacific Northwest and Arctic’s maritime history at Vanier Park.
  • Vancouver Police Museum – a museum with crime, morgue and policing exhibits. (Note: the coupon at this venue is good for 20% off, so not the usual 2-for-1 offer).


2021 Entertainment Coupon Book


For a list of other museums with coupons, including museums that are outdoors, click Entertainment Book Coupons in General. And for a list of similar places, including ones that don’t participate in the coupon book, click Vancouver’s best places for History & Culture.


Entertainment Book and Vancouver Maritime Museum
Vancouver Maritime Museum


Entertainment Coupon Indoor Entertainment Venues

The Entertainment Book includes discounts at some of Metro Vancouver’s best indoor entertainment venues, including top rainy day places for both kids and adults. Below are just a few examples.


Indoor Entertainment Venues for Kids

Here are some of the Lower Mainland’s best places for kids on rainy days that have coupons in the 2021 Entertainment Books:

  • The Adventure Zone – an indoor play centre for young children on the second floor of Granville Islands Kids Market.
  • Castle Fun Park – an activity centre in Abbotsford that has indoor mini-golf courses and an arcade, as well as other fun activities both inside and outdoors.
  • Chuck E. Cheese – a popular pizza restaurant in Langley that’s also a large, affordably-priced and little-kid-focused arcade.
  • Hollywood 3 Cinemas – coupons include 2-for-1 movies in both Surrey and Pitt Meadows. (Note: These venues are also great for adults.)


For a list of other top places for kids (both indoors and outdoors and both with and without discount offers), click Entertainment Book Coupons for Kids or Vancouver’s Best Places for Children.


Rainy Day Entertainment Activities for Kids


Entertainment Coupon Sports & Recreational Venues

In addition to discounts for museums and entertainment venues, the Entertainment Book also features coupons for sporting events and recreational facilities. Here are more examples of great rainy day places to visit:

  • Cheam Leisure Centre – an aquatic centre with a wave pool, lazy river, water slide and other facilities at 45501 Market Way in Chilliwack.
  • Coastal Climbing Centre – an indoor rock climbing facility at 7728 128th Street in Surrey.
  • Dell Lanes – five-pin bowling alleys at 10576 King George Highway in Surrey.
  • Extreme Air Park – an indoor trampoline attraction with locations in Langley, Richmond and New Westminster. Note: Coupon offers at these venues include an extra hour of jumping as well as 20% off a day pass.
  • Grandview Lanes – a bowling centre in Vancouver at 2195 Commercial Drive.
  • Planet Lazer – indoor laser tag facilities with locations in Langley, New Westminster and Richmond.
  • Sandcastle Lanes – a bowling facility at 1938-152nd Street in White Rock.
  • Scottsdale Lanes – five-pin bowling alleys at 12033-84th Avenue in Surrey.
  • Watermania – a large aquatic centre at 14300 Entertainment Boulevard in Richmond.


Watermania on a Rainy Day


Entertainment Coupon Restaurants

In addition to museums, entertainment venues, sporting activities and recreational facilities, restaurants are also great places to spend time when it’s raining. And guess what? The Entertainment Book is packed full of 2-for-1 restaurant coupons!

The Entertainment Book contains hundreds of restaurant coupons that, if you used them all, would save you thousands of dollars!

There are coupons for national brands like Dairy Queen and Marble Slab Creamery for days when it’s raining and you need a treat to cheer yourself up!

There are also coupons for some of the Lower Mainland’s most popular restaurants where you can enjoy fabulous dinners and hide from the rain for hours!


Click Vancouver Entertainment Coupon Book Restaurants for a list of some of the region’s best places to eat, escape from the rain and save money all at the same time!


About the Vancouver Entertainment Book

Entertainment Coupon Books are sold as a fundraising activity in the fall each year by charities, schools and various non-profit organizations, which is awesome! They can also be purchased directly from the American parent company online.

The Vancouver & Vancouver Island edition of the Entertainment Book retails for about $50 and includes coupons for places ranging from Chilliwack to White Rock to North Vancouver and Whistler. The coupons are good from around August or September of one year until December 30th of the following year. As of 2019, the book now also includes participating venues on Vancouver Island.

Coupons in the membership program come in the hard-copy of the Vancouver & Vancouver Island edition of the Entertainment Book, as well as in digital format for mobile phones.

For more information about the coupon book in general, click Entertainment Book Article.


Rainy Day Entertainment Coupon Book Activities


Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Entertainment Coupon Book.

TIP #1: Buy your Entertainment Book from your favourite charity early in the season to get the most use out of your coupons. New editions of the book come out in late August and early September, so just in time for Vancouver’s fall rainy season!

TIP #2: Entertainment Coupon Books go on sale at a discount when purchased directly from the company around half-way or so through the season (e.g., in the winter and spring).

TIP #3: Buy a book in the early fall from a local school or non-profit organization in time for the October-to-December rainy season. Then buy a second book at a discount online in the New Year in time for the January-to-April rainy season!

TIP #4: If you buy a discounted book, consider donating the money you save to your favourite charity (in which case you’ll probably get a tax receipt).

TIP #5: If you have two cars, keep a copy of the Entertainment Coupon Book in each vehicle so you always have one handy (because in Vancouver you never know when it’s next going to rain!).

TIP #6: Download a copy of the mobile app so you’re never without your coupons. Note though that discounts in the app are not identical to those in hard copy. Over half of the coupons found in the book are also in the digital format, and vice versa, so the two sources are similar, but not identical.

TIP #7: The mobile app includes coupons in hundreds of North American cities (so you get extra ones for the Lower Mainland, plus thousands of others to use when traveling out of town).


2021 Entertainment Coupon Book


Other Information

To purchase a coupon book online, or for more information, check out the Entertainment Book website.

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