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TEDxStanleyPark Bonus Gift Offer

TEDxStanleyPark Early Bird Gifts

TEDxStanleyPark is one of Vancouver’s premier events and in 2018 it’s offering bonus gifts worth over $300 for folk attending its amazing March 3rd event!


Below is information about the TEDx Bonus Offer in 2018. For details about the 2018 event itself, click TEDxStanleyPark 2018. To buy tickets, click TEDxStanleyPark Tickets.


2018 TEDx Bonus Offer

TEDxStanleyPark and its Bonus Gift Offer is a fantastic deal and one of the best gifts you could buy yourself and your friends! It is also an amazing event you’ll be glad you attended!


TEDxStanleyPark 2018

TEDxStanleyPark is an impressive one-day event featuring over a dozen dynamic and influential speakers. The TEDx event takes place on Saturday, March 3, 2018, not at Stanley Park but at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Tickets for TEDxStanleyPark 2018 started at just $77 and bonus gifts include five free and one 2-for-1 valuable treats that together are worth over $300.

Click TEDxStanleyPark for information on the event.


TEDxStanleyPark 2018 Bonus Gifts Sponsors


2018 TEDx Bonus Gifts

To incentivize people to purchase their tickets TEDxStanleyPark is offering bonus gifts worth approximately $325.

Tickets for TEDxStanleyPark 2018 ranged from $77 to $127 plus GST, but they include the following six fabulous bonuses:

  • A free Car Share Membership plus 45 Driving Minutes with the Evo Car Share (approximate retail value $50).
  • A free 30-minute Relaxation Body Massage at Spa Haven (approximate retail value $38).
  • A free 90-minute float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank provided by Float House (approximate retail value $75).
  • Four free tickets to a Stand-up Comedy Show at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club (approximate retail value $40).
  • 2 free beginner Ballroom Dance Group Lessons at JC Dance Company (approximate retail value $42).
  • A 2-for-1 3-hour Brewery Tour with beer samples and transportation with Vancouver Brewery Tours (approximate retail value $80).

Note #1: Some restrictions apply. For example, for the beer tour you need to be 19+ years of age. Also, all gifts are valid for specific dates and the EVO Car Share membership is for new members only.

Note #2: All registered attendees of TEDxStanleyPark in 2018 qualify for the bonus offers. To receive the gifts, however, tickets must be registered with the name and e-mail address of the attendee by February 28, 2018. In the week beginning March 5, 2018, registered attendees will receive an e-mail advising them how to claim their gifts.

Note #3: The bonus gifts are for ticket holders to use themselves, not to give away – so it’s the ticket holders who get to be spoiled!


TEDxStanleyPark Stage


Ticket Purchasing Instructions

For more information and to purchase your tickets click TEDxStanleyPark website.

For more information on the event see our article about TEDxStanleyPark.