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Vancouver’s Stanley Park Teahouse Restaurant at Third Beach

Teahouse Restaurant

Overlooking Third Beach and the waters of English Bay in Vancouver’s world-famous Stanley Park, the Teahouse is a popular fine dining restaurant.


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The Teahouse in Stanley Park

The Teahouse is a fancy place in a beautiful forested area near downtown Vancouver. It’s near the waterfront on the western edge of Stanley Park. The views from the lawns in front of the restaurant are some of Vancouver’s finest. You can see ships in English Bay and, on clear days, Vancouver Island far off in the distance.

The restaurant offers a romantic atmosphere and fine dining menu items. It also has an outdoor patio in warmer months and is a great place to watch sunsets from.


About the Teahouse

The restaurant’s unique name comes from when it opened over 80 years ago as a tea house. Although no longer a tea house today, the name has stuck around.

Built in the late 1930s, the building was an officer’s mess during World War II. After the war it became the Ferguson Point Tea Room. Years later, after being closed for a while, it reopened as the Teahouse Restaurant in the 1970s.

Today the Teahouse is owned by the Vancouver-based Sequoia Company of Restaurants which also operates Cardero’s in Coal Harbour, Seasons in the Park at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, and The Sandbar on Granville Island.

The Teahouse is known for its seafood and Canadian-inspired dishes. Menu items feature local West Coast ingredients as well as Ocean Wise Seafood. The restaurant also offers vegetarian, gluten-free and organic options.


Vancouver's Stanley Park Teahouse


Dining Hours

When the restaurant isn’t closed due to global pandemics, it’s open for brunch and dinner. Brunch usually runs from 11:00 am until 2:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Dinner hours are usually from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm on Thursdays to Sundays. The Teahouse is closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Where is the Teahouse?

Located at 7501 Stanley Park Drive, the restaurant is close to downtown Vancouver, but accessed in a roundabout way.

Stanley Park Drive is a one-way road that goes around the park in a counter-clockwise direction. From downtown Vancouver (which is south of the park) you have to drive past Prospect Point (in the north-central part of the park) before driving south along Stanley Park Drive to get to the restaurant.

Because of the one-way direction of Stanley Park Drive, from the restaurant to the edge of Vancouver’s downtown core (at the corner of Denman Street and West Georgia) is about 2.7 kilometres or a five-minute drive. Going the other way though, from Denman Street to the restaurant, is closer to five kilometres and a 10-minute drive.

The restaurant is just above Third Beach which is one of Vancouver’s most popular and beautiful beaches. There is a large open grassy area in front of the restaurant. If you walk down the stairs from there you’ll come to the beach and the Stanley Park Seawall.

There is pay parking in front of the restaurant as well as just a short distance away by the Third Beach concession stand.


The Teahouse at Third Beach
The Teahouse, lawn and parking area


Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most of your experience at the restaurant.

TIP #1: When parking, if you don’t find a spot in the smaller parking lot in front of the restaurant, be sure to back out towards the way you came. Near the entrance to the first parking lot, to the north, is a lane that leads to the main parking lot for Third Beach. If you don’t retrace your steps, but instead exit the first parking lot at the opposite end from where you entered, you’ll find yourself heading in the wrong direction on Stanley Park Drive (which as previously mentioned is a one-way road). You’ll then have to drive halfway around the park, for about 20 minutes, to get back to the Third Beach parking lots!

TIP #2: Go for a walk either before or after your meal. The surrounding area is stunningly beautiful. If you head north along the seawall you’ll come to Siwash Rock. If you head south you’ll come to Second Beach.

TIP #3: Don’t forget to pay for parking. You have to pay everywhere in Stanley Park. If you pay in one part of the park though your ticket is valid anywhere within the park.

TIP #4: Third Beach faces west. Sunsets from there are pretty all year long, but especially so in the fall and spring.


Third Beach Sunset
Sunset from near the Teahouse at Third Beach


Other Information

For more details about the restaurant, visit the Teahouse Vancouver website.

To learn more about the area, see our articles about Third Beach, Stanley Park and the City of Vancouver.

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