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Vancouver’s Locarno Beach

Locarno Beach

Just past Jericho Beach in Kitsilano, as you’re heading west towards Point Grey and UBC, you come to Vancouver’s beautiful sandy Locarno Beach.

This is yet another of a string of stunning sandy beaches lining the coast from Kitsilano to Spanish Banks and beyond.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and measures to contain it, the City of Vancouver closed parking lots at various popular parks and beaches to help limit the number of people visiting the places. This included Locarno Beach and was in addition to government orders for people to stay at home as much as possible and for various non-essential businesses to close temporarily. Parking lots in the area reopened though in May.

Since the start of the pandemic Locarno Beach itself has remained open. People who visit the beach, however, need to keep their distance from other individuals at the beach and not congregate in groups.

As of mid-July, 2020, the concession stand has now reopened. Lifeguards are also once again on duty at the beach.

To learn more about the impact on municipal facilities and city-run parks, and the local government’s initiatives to combat the spread of the virus, visit the City of Vancouver‘s website.

To learn more about how the pandemic is affecting other local places of interest, check out COVID-19, Vancouver, Closures & Cancellations. For a list of venues that can presently be visited, see our article about Vancouver, COVID-19 and Open Places.

Beautiful Locarno Beach

What’s special about Locarno Beach? Well, it’s beautiful and sandy, plus it’s on one of Metro Vancouver’s best bicycle and walking path – one that connects Locarno (in the middle) with both Spanish Banks and Jericho beaches.

As with its neighbouring beaches, there are amazing views of English Bay (the body of water, not the beach), the North Shore Mountains and Vancouver in the distance from Locarno Beach.

If you like beautiful sandy beaches, you’ll love Locarno (especially in the summer).

Beach Volleyball at Spanish Banks
Spanish Banks near Locarno Beach

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