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Lower Mainland Thursday Farmers Markets

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New Westminster has a farmers market on Thursdays. There also used to be a Downtown Vancouver Farmers Market and one on Granville Island too.

The Vancouver’s Downtown Farmers Market is looking for a new venue, so will hopefully be back in operation by 2021. Because of COVID-19, there were also no weekly farmers market on Granville Island last year either.


Vancouver Farmers Markets on Thursdays

Looking for a great way to buy fresh produce and support local farmers? Then take your shopping bags and check out the following markets.


New West Farmers Market

The New West Farmers Market is a fair-sized market, with up to 50 vendors on a busy day. In the summer it can be found at Tipperary Park at the corner of Royal Avenue and Fourth Street (or 315 Queens Avenue) in New Westminster between 3 and 7 pm. It usually runs from late May until early October. In 2020, however, it started a month early.

In 2019 the market ran from May 23rd until October 3rd. In 2020 it went from April 2nd until early October.

In addition to the summer farmers market, there is also a smaller winter market which takes place on the first and third Saturdays during the colder months from 11 am to 3 pm in the 600 block of Belmont Street.

The winter version of the market usually runs from the beginning of November until the middle of April. Last day of the New Westminster Farmers Market in the spring of 2020 was going to be April 18th. Due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus, however, the winter market ended early (around the third week of March) and the summer market started early (on April 2nd).

Why did the coronavirus make the 2019/2020 winter market end early and the 2020 summer market start early? The winter market features more artisans and it takes place in the heart of the city (on Belmont Street) which is a more congested space.

Because of the need for physical distancing, and the fact that fruit and vegetable sales were deemed an essential service, but artisan product sales were not, it made more sense for the market to continue, but in the much larger and more spread out Tipperary Park venue, and with just “farmers market” vendors.


Granville Island Farmers Market

The Granville Island Farmers Market has operated from 11 am to 4 pm from early June until late September on Granville Island in recent years. It’s a tiny market that usually features live music. For various reasons, but primarily COVID-19, it is not happening in 2020.

The market used to happen just outside the Granville Island Public Market in Triangle Square at 1680 Johnston Street. It had a new location as of 2019, however. Starting last year it took place in the Chain & Forge which is located at 1404 Anderson Street under the Granville Street Bridge.

In 2019 the weekly Granville Island Farmers Market ran from June 6th until September 26th. 2021 dates and details are to be confirmed.


Granville Island Farmers Market
Granville Island Farmers Market


Downtown Farmers Market

Formerly called the Yaletown Farmers Market as it was previously located in Yaletown, Vancouver’s Downtown Farmers Market used to take place in the plaza outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 649 Cambie Street by the corner of Hamilton and Georgia.

The Downtown Farmers Market used to run from 3 until 7 pm on Thursdays from early June until the beginning of October.

In 2019 the Downtown Farmers Market ran from June 6th until October 3rd. As of 2020 the market was looking for a new venue. Until it does, which likely won’t be until 2021, it will not be operating.

At its previous location, up until 2016, the Yaletown Farmers Market typically had over 30 vendors each week and attracted more than 4000 visitors on its busiest days. Since the move to its Queen Elizabeth Plaza venue the market had slightly fewer vendors and smaller shopping crowds, although it was still a good market.


Farmers Market at Queen Elizabeth Plaza
Downtown Farmers Market


Note: Market details are subject to change. To avoid disappointment, check each market’s website for exact times, dates and locations.


Other Markets on Different Days

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