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H2 Kitchen + Bar Restaurant at the Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Dining on the H2 Restaurant Patio

Located at The Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, the H2 Kitchen + Bar is a casual yet upscale restaurant serving comfort food and drinks.

The place is famous for its rotisserie chicken and smokehouse-style meats. It also has an exceptional outdoor patio.

The Westin Bayshore has two main restaurants. The H2 Kitchen + Bar and the Hasting Lounge. Both are exceptional and offer a wide variety of menu items. The H2 Kitchen focuses more on meats, however, and the H Tasting Lounge focuses more on cocktails, fish and seafood.

To learn about the H2 Kitchen + Bar, and our experience there, continue reading. For the restaurant’s official website visit h2restaurant.com.


H2 Kitchen & Bar

Westin Bayshore Hotel Vancouver



The H2 Kitchen + Bar offers an Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet in 2024. The first seating is at 11:30 am and the last seating is at 2:00 pm. The menu includes breakfast staples, plus hot and cold mains, desserts and lots more. The buffet costs $84 for adults and $40 for kids ages 6 to 12. For more details, visit the official Easter Brunch Buffet page.

H Tasting Lounge hosts a Secret Garden domed dining experience on its outdoor patio from March 8th to May 11th. For between $150 and $500, you and a group of friends can enjoy the unique and exclusive dining experience. For more information, click The Secret Garden. The same restaurant also offers a Winnie the Pooh Afternoon Tea on weekends this spring.


Sunday Brunch at H2 Kitchen
Sunday Brunch at H2 Kitchen


The H2 Kitchen + Bar Restaurant

The H2 Kitchen + Bar is a popular restaurant that specializes in Southern-inspired dishes made with farm-to-table ingredients.

The dining establishment is located within the beautiful 4-star Westin Bayshore, Vancouver. The hotel is luxurious, nicely renovated and has stunning waterfront views. The restaurant is a casual and lively eatery with tasty comfort food, great cocktails and local beers on tap.

Formerly known as the H2 Rotisserie, as of the summer of 2022, the restaurant is now known as H2 Kitchen + Bar. The name change came with an awesome revised selection of food. While the popular rotisserie chicken options are still available, there is now an expanded selection of other slow-smoked Southern-style barbecued dishes too.


H2 Kitchen Restaurant


Hours & Westin Bayshore Location

The H2 Kitchen + Bar is open everyday. As of June of 2023, the restaurant is open for breakfast Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 am until 10:00 am and from 7:00 am to 10:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Dinner is between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm from Wednesdays to Sundays (so not on Mondays and Tuesdays). Happy Hour runs from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (and it includes $4 beers the last time we checked).

The restaurant is located at The Westin Bayshore Hotel which is one of Vancouver’s nicest and most prominent hotels. Located at 1601 Bayshore Drive, the hotel is situated along the Coal Harbour waterfront. It’s just steps away from the Seawall which is an excellent path for walking and cycling. H2 Kitchen + Bar is also only about a 10-minute walk away from Stanley Park (which is one of Vancouver’s best and most famous attractions).

Live music takes place at the restaurant between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


For the restaurant’s official website visit h2restaurant.com.


Westin Bayshore and Coal Harbour Marina
The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver


Restaurant Menus

There are multiple menus at the H2 Kitchen + Bar, although most are only available at certain times.

The restaurant offers an extensive breakfast buffet with pastries, pancakes, eggs, meats and other favourites. There are also menu options that are separate from the buffet including French toast, smoothies and omelettes.

The main dinner menu features classic comfort food. Waffle fries, poutine and nachos are available on large plates to share. There are fresh salads, burgers and pastas as well. H2 Kitchen + Bar also offers an impressive selection of smoked meats such as pulled pork, beef brisket, salmon and rotisserie chicken. If you are a carnivore you’ll love this place!

The bar area of the restaurant features local beers and wines. There are interesting cocktails and spirit-free combinations to enjoy. Beers on tap are mainly from local breweries including ones located in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Port Moody. There is a nice selection of white, rosé and red wine options, plus whiskey, rum, vodka and other beverages too.

Sometimes there are special menus available on select Sundays. In 2022, for example, the Sunday Supper Series offered porchetta and beef wellington carveries served with multiple side dishes. The restaurant has a great menu for meat-lovers, big families and groups of friends.


For the restaurant’s official website visit h2restaurant.com.


Fruit, Smoothie and Pastry Station at H2 Kitchen
Fruit, Smoothies and Pastries at H2 Breakfast Buffet


Our Experience at the Restaurant

We’ve eaten at the H2 Kitchen + Bar a couple of times since its renovations in 2022 and each time our experience has been exceptional.

We’ve enjoyed cocktails and dinner on the restaurant’s outdoor patio in the summer. What a great venue that is! Playing guitar on the evening we went was Nikita Afonso. The music, dinner and ambience of the venue were all wonderful! We had the Cajun prawns and chorizo skewers for appetizers. Both were delicious.

For our main course we shared a meat platter for two. It was a real treat and big enough that we had leftovers to enjoy the next day. The platter included barbecued ribs, pulled pork and brisket, plus fries and grilled vegetables. It was so good!

We’ve also had the breakfast buffet at the H2 Kitchen + Bar. One of us had the continental buffet and the other had the full buffet which included pancakes, eggs Benedict and other hot cooked items. The buffets also included tea, coffee, juice and fruit smoothies. Both buffet options were excellent!


Nikita Afonso at H2 Kitchen & Bar
Nikita Afonso on the H2 Kitchen Patio


Winterlust Domed Dining in Winter

In addition to its regular exceptional restaurant offerings, in colder months, The Westin Bayshore Hotel offers Winterlust where you and up to five of your friends can enjoy dinner outdoors in a private glass dome on the patio.

The domes are made of glass paneling within a wooden frame. They are classy and come with heaters and their own sound systems. Each dome comfortably seats up to six guests. They are great for all kinds of weather and offer a unique, personalized and intimate setting for a group’s dining experience.

Winterlust domes can be reserved for dining every day for set periods between 11:30 am and midnight beginning in late autumn and mid-March. On weekdays in early 2023, minimum spending amounts were $150 for lunch and $300 for dinner per group (excluding tips and taxes). On weekends the minimum spend for lunch was $300 and on Fridays and Saturdays it was $500 for dinner.

In 2023 the last day of the season for Winterlust was March 12th. After that, the restaurant continued to offer its domed dining experience for a while, but with a different, non-winter theme.

(Note: It’s easy to reach the above minimum amounts for groups of six, five or even four guests. If you are a party of just one or two, however, you’ll either need to have a huge appetite, very expensive tastes or be willing to pay extra for your wonderfully exclusive experience.)

To learn more about the domed dining experience or to make a reservation, see the H Tasting Lounge website.


WinterLust Domed Dining at Westin Bayshore
Winterlust Dining Domes


Other Information

For more information about the restaurant visit the H2 Kitchen + Bar website.

To learn more about the hotel in general, see our article about The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver.

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