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Vancouver Rainy Day Activities Video

Rainy Day Activities

Vancouver rainy day activities include visits to malls and museums, dinners at restaurants and shows at theatres. Check out our video of rainy day places.

This article includes our video about Vancouver’s best rainy day places as well as a script we could have used in the video (but didn’t) which includes the names of many of the places showcased and links to further information. It also features an explanation about what we included and why.


Vancouver’s Rainy Day Video

The following video showcases many of Metro Vancouver‘s best places to escape from the rain. It doesn’t include every best rainy day venue, but it does feature many of them. Check it out and see how many you recognize.


Vancouver’s Best Rainy Day Places

Below is the video about the Vancouver’s best rainy day places.



Rainy Day Video Script

The above Vancouver’s Best Rainy Day Places video contains no audio descriptions, nor location titles. If it had a script, below is probably what it could be. As you’ll see, venues included in the video have links below with more information, so if you weren’t sure what a place was, you’ll find out here.


The Video Script

Yes, admittedly, it rains a lot in Vancouver. That’s why it’s good to know there are so many great places to explore when the weather is wet.


Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Trampoline Park in Metro Vancouver


Starting in Burnaby and then Surrey

In the Lower Mainland there are, of course, shopping centres like Metropolis in Metrotown with its hundreds of stores. There are numerous other malls too, including Surrey’s Central City and Guildford Town Centre. [Click Vancouver’s Best Places for Shopping for even more locations.]

In places like Surrey there are also museums, the main public library and art galleries. [Featured in the video are Surrey’s City Central Library, the Surrey Art Gallery and the Surrey Museum, all of which, if you live in Surrey, are nice places to be when it’s raining.]


Langley Scenes

Lower Mainland movie theatres are also popular places to escape from the rain, as are the Canadian Museum of Flight (which is both indoors and outdoors) and sporting facilities like the Langley Events Centre. One of our favourite things to do is visit the local Extreme Air Park which is a blast for all ages. [The Cineplex movie theatre featured in the video is Colossus Langley Cinemas.]


Delta and then Richmond

Outlet malls like Tsawwassen Mills are also fabulous places to stay dry at, as are indoor go-karting centres like those in Richmond. There are historic sites to explore, and indoor seasonal markets, as well as rec centres and water parks. [Featured in the video are TBC Indoor Kart Racing and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. The recreation centre and pool facility is Richmond’s Watermania.]


Rainy Day Activities


Vancouver Rainy Day Places

In Vancouver itself, at UBC there’s the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Museum of Anthropology, and at Queen Elizabeth Park there’s the Bloedel Conservatory. Vancouver also has excellent rec centres (like Hillcrest Centre) with swimming pools and ice rinks, and museums like the Vancouver Maritime Museum, Museum of Vancouver and H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

Indoor markets are wonderful places to get away from the rain, including at Granville Island where there are restaurants and theatres too. [Places featured in this section of the video include the Granville Island Public Market, the Arts Club‘s Granville Island Stage Theatre and Keg Restaurant.]


Rainy Day Science World Lineup
Science World on a Rainy Day


Vancouver has great bars and restaurants everywhere including along False Creek’s shores. [Restaurants featured in the video in the False Creek area include Mahony & Sons at Stamps Landing and the Tap & Barrel at Olympic Village.]

At the eastern tip of False Creek there is Science World, and, in the downtown core, facilities like Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium, both home to sporting and other major events. The BC Sports Hall of Fame is also located at BC Place.

Speaking of sports, horse races are another fun rainy day activity, at least for spectators under shelter. [Featured in the video is Hastings Racecourse at the PNE.]

The Vancouver Police Museum is indoors and interesting, as are the city’s numerous theatre venues including major ones like the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Orpheum.

Robson Square has its popular outdoor under-shelter ice rink and summer events facility, and across the street is the Vancouver Art Gallery with its ever-changing exhibits. Also not far away is the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art.

The Vancouver Public Library is another fabulous place to spend rainy days, as is Canada Place when it’s hosting special events. At Canada Place there is FlyOver Canada with its multidimensional theatre, and close by more restaurants, and trade shows and major events at the Vancouver Convention Centre. [The restaurant featured here is the Cactus Club Cafe at Jack Poole Plaza.]


Vancouver Aquarium on a Rainy Day
The Vancouver Aquarium


The Vancouver Aquarium is another top rainy weather attraction, with both indoor and outdoor things to see. On the other side of the Lions Gate Bridge there is the Park Royal Shopping Centre, and the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

North Vancouver’s new Delbrook Rec Centre is also a fun place to swim, and the Lonsdale Quay Public Market is a best place for rainy day shopping.

[The last couple of venues featured in the video are the indoor patio at the Pier 7 Restaurant at Shipbuilders’ Square, and then Shipbuilders’ Pier at North Vancouver’s waterfront with the Vancouver skyline in the distance.]



Metro Vancouver is famous for its precipitation, that’s true, but if you have an umbrella and a list of top indoor venues, the city is still one of the world’s best places to be!


What’s Included in the Video

There is a lot that we included in the Vancouver’s Best Rainy Day Places video, but also much that we didn’t. How did we choose what to include? Well, a number of things. …

First, a goal was to keep the video under 2 minutes in length. As a result, not every best rainy day place could be included. In many cases, and for certain categories of venue, we had to choose just a few examples.

Second, we wanted to include best rainy day activities from a number of Metro Vancouver municipalities. We couldn’t include every one of the region’s more than 20 municipalities, however, so we focused on just a few Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Burnaby and Delta were also included, although only briefly. Out of Metro Vancouver’s total population of some 2.46 million, the cities we included account for over 2 million people, so the vast majority.

Third, we needed to include photos of places on dark or rainy days, at least when the scene was somewhere outside. All the photos included in the video are ones that we have taken ourselves. We usually try to take photos on sunny days, so our choice was a bit limited. Over the years we’ve collected a significant collection of Vancouver photos, but we don’t have great rainy day shots of every single rainy day place. We’re working on it though!

Because of the above limitations, not every best rainy day place was included in our video. We feature lots of top places, though, and hope to include even more one day in future videos!


Other Information

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