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Apex Adventure Plex Trampoline Park

Apex Adventure Plex

Apex Adventure Plex is a large trampoline park in Richmond offering numerous activities including bubble soccer, parkour trampolining and other fun stuff.



To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 Apex Adventure Plex suspended operations on December 1st, 2020. When we drove by the location in December of 2021, the venue looked permanently closed. Hopefully it can reopen, but we’re guessing it won’t.

For the most up-to-date information see the Apex Adventure Plex website.

To see more attractions that are now open click Impact of COVID-19 on Vancouver.


Richmond’s Apex Adventure Plex

Apex Adventure Plex is located in Richmond at 3810 Jacombs Road just a couple of blocks south of IKEA.

The facility opened in December of 2016 and is owned by a couple of young trampoline-company entrepreneurs from Saskatchewan.


Information you’ll find below includes the following:

Admission Prices | Trampoline Activities | Trampoline Zones | Slam Ball | Bubble Soccer | Parkour Zone | Parachute Jump | Ninja Course | Tips & Advice | Other Information


Apex Admission Prices

Including taxes, as of 2020, general admission at Apex Adventure Plex is about $15 for 30 minutes, $20 for an hour, $25 for 90 minutes, $30 for 2 hours and $35 for unlimited time.

Participants also need to purchase and wear special Apex trampolining socks which cost an additional $3 but can be used again on future visits.


Apex Adventure Plex


Apex Trampoline Activities

Apex Adventure Plex features a number of activity zones. They include a Slam Ball zone (which is like a basketball court full of mini trampolines), a Bubble Soccer field, a Parkour trampoline area and a parachute jump.

The above is in addition to the facility’s typical trampoline park networks of bouncy floor space to jump on. There’s also the recent addition of the Ninja Course which opened at the start of 2018.

Below is a description of some of the different zones and activities at Richmond’s Apex Adventure Plex.


Trampoline Zones

Like all modern trampoline parks, Apex has a couple of large open areas full of individual trampoline mats to bounce on. One area features a number of purple and black trampolines of different sizes that people can jump up and down on, do flips on, and even jump off and on from ledges on the side.

Another large area at Apex features black and red-coloured trampolines that participants can jump up and down on and from one to another.

A nice feature of Apex Adventure Plex is that some of its trampoline styles are unique. This is due to the fact that the facility is owned by a Canadian trampoline-manufacturing company that designs its own products.

Some of the trampolines at Apex are especially bouncy, some are curved instead of flat, and some are designed for people to jump on and off from hard surfaces.

The variety of trampoline activities at Apex is exceptional, the facility is well laid out, and you’ll find styles of trampolines there that you won’t find at most other trampoline parks (which makes it a nice complement to other places).


Rainy Day Activities


Slam Ball

The Slam Ball court at Apex is a basketball court-sized area full of square-shaped trampolines with a basketball hoop at each end.

Participants can practice leaping up off the trampolines and doing slam dunks solo, or if enough people are around they can play full games of slam dunk basketball. You can also play dodgeball while jumping from one trampoline square to another.

TIP: This is a great activity for people of all ages. Tall players, however, need to be careful when jumping up to do slam dunks as the hoops aren’t overly high. The relatively low height of the basketball hoops makes the game fun even for fairly little folk, but adults and taller youth need to be careful not to hit themselves on the backboard on the way up.


Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer involves climbing into a giant clear plastic ball, running around and kicking a ball. Naturally, there’s also plenty of bumping into people, falling down, rolling all over the place and hysterical laughter. It’s a ton of fun, especially when played against friends and family members.


Bubble Soccer at Apex Trampolines
Bubble Soccer


Parkour Zone

The Parkour Zone at Apex is an exceptional and unique activity area at the facility. Trampolines are arranged around a series of block-like structures of varying heights from which participants can jump on and off from. It’s a blast, challenging and makes for a fabulous workout.

Traditional parkour is a fitness and training discipline where participants get from one point to another in almost ninja-like fashion. In the non-trampoline real world, parkour athletes climb up walls, jump down onto railings and swing themselves up onto unbelievable but still everyday structures.

At the Apex participants can jump and maneuver like real parkour pros, but in a safe environment without the risk of falling onto anything overly concrete.

TIP: Don’t get discouraged when you see kids half your size jump higher and more nimbly than you can. It takes practice!


Parachute Jump

A fairly unique yet simple activity at Apex is the Parachute Jump. Here you can jump off a structure by the Parkour Zone, bounce along a rectangular trampoline for a bit, and then go flying through the air onto a giant inflated parachute pit.

The activity is a lot like foam pits at other trampoline parks. However, as Apex proudly points out, the padded parachute is cleaner to land on and easier to get off and out of than many other similar attractions.


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

The new zone just recently completed is the Ninja Course. It’s like a giant obstacle course with things to climb on, hang from and jump over. Watch the TV show American Ninja Warrior sometime and you’ll be able to picture what it’ll be like. Thankfully this isn’t quite as extreme as that though.

The Ninja Course has 3 lanes of varying degrees of challenge, from relatively easy to nearly impossible. Lane 1 is suitable for most people and recommended for folk ages 6 and older. Lane 2 is for extreme athletes – they say it has a success rate of about one in a thousand! And Lane 3 is somewhere in the middle and recommended for ninjas ages 14 and older.


Doing the Splits at Apex Adventure Plex


Trampolining Tips and Advice

Below is a list of tips and general information to help you make the most out of your experience at Apex Adventure Plex.

TIP #1: If you’re in the Richmond area, want a fun time and are looking to get some hard-core exercise, then definitely check out Apex Adventure Plex. It’s a great facility and you’ll have a blast!

TIP #2: If you’re fairly new to trampoline parks or you’re “not as young as you used to be,” take things easy and slowly build up to the more challenging stuff. In other words, don’t try flips or the high parkour jumps until you’re absolutely ready.

It can take time to build up your jumping and sense of balance skills, not to mention your endurance. Even if you can’t do everything at the start, you’ll still have a fabulous time with whatever amount you can initially manage.

TIP #3: There’s a good viewing area at the facility that’s free. It has Wi-Fi and is perfect for non-trampolining folk to watch from. From there photo-taking and videography are also permitted.

TIP #4: For safety reasons, only one person can jump on a trampoline at a time. Also, when coming back down after a jump, it’s important to land on both feet at the same time. And finally, if you’re pregnant, suffer from dizzy spells or have back or other injuries, you should probably skip the trampolining and just stick to the viewing area.


Technical Know-how and Other Ideas

TIP #5: Before jumping for the first time, all participants (or their parents or legal guardians for folk under age 18) must sign a waiver. If you plan to take children that you can’t sign for, get their parents to sign the waiver online in advance.

TIP #6: Apex has a great system for tracking how long participants jump for. Depending on when you start, and how long you jump for, you get a different coloured wristband. After every 15 minutes there’s an announcement and digital sign notifying everyone about whose time is up.

Especially if only planning to jump for a short period, go to the washroom before you pay and get your wristband! This will maximize your jumping time.

Also, the schedule goes in increments of 15 minutes on the hour and every quarter hour thereafter. If you arrive just after a 15-minute cut off period instead of just before, you might be lucky and get a few bonus minutes of jumping time.

TIP #7: Unless you already live in Richmond or somewhere nearby, combine your trip to Apex Adventure Park with a visit to other places of interest in the area. For ideas, click City of Richmond.

TIP #8: Go with a group of friends. The more the merrier!


Other Information

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