Sweet Thea Bakery

Sweet Thea is a bakery on Main Street in Vancouver. It also has locations in Langley and Tsawwassen. They serve wonderful breads, cakes and other baked goods.

The bakery is especially famous for its Christmas treats like Stollen, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and other traditional holiday items. We hear that they also have a special 8-inch Black Forest cake made with Okanagan cherries soaked in brandy on offer as of the last week before Christmas 2021!



Christmas items are available as of the first week of November at the bakery’s retail locations in Langley and Vancouver as well as by mail order. Travelers from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island can also purchase some items at the Sweet Thea Coffee and Bakery at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

For full details about the bakery or to order products online visit the official Sweet Thea Bakery website.


Sweet Thea Bakery


Sweet Thea Bakery in Vancouver and Langley

There are lots of independently-owned and operated bakeries in the Lower Mainland. One of the best, however, is Sweet Thea. It’s a popular place with very loyal customers!

When we visited the bakery in December we were amazed at the number of customers coming and going. The store on Main Street isn’t large, and with COVID they have a maximum of seven customers in the shop at a time. During the 20 minutes that we were there, the place was at capacity only very briefly. There was, however, always someone new coming in.

What struck us at the bakery on Main Street were both its selection of baked goods and the fact that the shelves weren’t overloaded with products. There was a wide range of types of bread, for example, but only one or two loaves of each type. It was the same with the cakes. They looked amazing, and there were a number of them, but each one was different.

Shopping at a place like Sweet Thea is very different from buying baked goods in the bakery department at grocery stores! As the signage in their stores point out, they use real butter and only high-quality ingredients. We’re told they even grind their own almond flour!


For the bakery’s official website visit sweetthea.com.


Sweet Thea Bakery at Christmas
Christmas Shopping at Sweet Thea on Main Street


Where is Sweet Thea Bakery?

The bakery has three retail locations. They are in Vancouver, Langley and Tsawwassen.

The main bakery and original location is at #203-20540 Duncan Way in Langley. It’s near downtown Langley just a short drive from Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Cascades Casino and Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Langley campus. As of the last time we checked, this location is open between 8 am and 4 pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays. It’s closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Sweet Thea’s second location is close to Queen Elizabeth Park in the City of Vancouver at 4305 Main Street. As of mid-December, 2021, both the Langley and Vancouver bakeries operate five days a week. The Vancouver bakery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Hours are from 10 am to 5 pm Wednesday to Sunday.

The bakery also has a small retail outlet at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in the Tsawwassen Quay Market. Sweet Thea Coffee and Bakery at the ferry terminal is open seven days a week.

(Note: Days and hours of operation for each location are subject to change. For the most up-to-date hours check the Sweet Thea Calendar.)


Sweet Thea Bakery
Sweet Thea at the Tsawwassen Quay Market


About Sweet Thea Bakery

The wife and husband team of Thea and Laurie Mercer own the bakery. Thea is a very accomplished baker. How do we know (other than by sampling some of her creations)?

Thea was the pastry chef at both the Sooke Harbor House on Vancouver Island and Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver. The first of these two places was named one of the world’s top five bed & breakfast establishments in a year when Thea worked there. The Vancouver Club is also a very fancy place!

In past years Sweet Thea has participated in a number of Christmas artisan markets including the Circle Craft Market at the Vancouver Convention Centre and West Coast Christmas Show in Abbotsford. They also used to frequent farmers markets in the summer including Vancouver’s Kitsilano, Riley Park and Trout Lake markets.

In 2021 Sweet Thea didn’t attend any Christmas markets. As a result, the only way to get their products has been by visiting one of their shops or ordering online.


For the bakery’s official website click Sweet Thea.


Sweet Thea Christmas Stollen
Sweet Thea Bakery’s Christmas Stollen


Sweet Thea Bakery at Christmas

Some of the treats you’ll find at Sweet Thea’s between early November and the end of December include Stollen, plum pudding, lebkuchen, kipferls vanilla and honey hearts.

Their Premium Christmas Cake is made in limited quantities with high-quality sour cherries from the Okanagan. The cherries have been soaked in brandy for three full months! The bakery says they have the “most delicious Christmas cakes you will ever have” and, based on our taste tests, we think it’s true! They are indeed delicious!

Sweet Thea Bakery also has other Christmas cake on sale, without the brandy-soaked cherries, and both with and without marzipan.

Other scrumptious things you’ll find at the bakery include raspberry jammers, shortbreads, ginger crinkles and other baked delicacies. For the winter holiday season, they also sell products like maple syrup, nuts and other items that make great Christmas gifts.

Christmas goodies can be bought at Sweet Thea’s retail locations or online. With online purchases, items can be picked up in-store or delivered via Canada Post. (TIP: Order by December 15th to be sure to get your packages by mail in time for Christmas.)


Christmas Treats from Sweet Thea Bakery
A Box of Holiday Goodies from Sweet Thea


Sweet Thea Video

We visited the Main Street location one week before Christmas in 2021. As you can see in the following video, the bakery isn’t huge. There is, however, a good variety of delicious treats for sale.

In the video you’ll see what the store on Main Street looks like from both the outside and inside. It looks like a fairly typical bakery. The baked goods on the inside, however, are anything but ordinary (especially when you taste them)! There are breads, pastries and cakes, plus gift boxes full of Stollen, cookies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and pudding and other fine baked goods.

Also in the video you’ll see shelves with jams, maple syrup, nuts and other items. These are just in the store during the Christmas season, not year-round.

Sweet Thea might look like just any other bakery from the street. The baked goods inside, however, are the creations of a highly-acclaimed pastry chef!



Other Information

To learn more about the bakery, or to place an order, visit the Sweet Thea website.

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