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Vancouver’s False Creek

Yaletown View from Seawall

False Creek is the beautiful body of water with a seawall for walking and cycling from English Bay to Science World to Granville Island and beyond.


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The False Creek Region

False Creek is one of Vancouver’s most popular urban areas to explore. Whether on foot, by bike or via a mini ferry boat, there is a lot to do and see in the area. There are parks, tourist attractions, pubs, coffee shops and restaurants at various points along the False Creek Seawall. There are also stunning views of the City of Vancouver in all directions.


Granville Island in False Creek
Granville Island and Burrard Street Bridge


Where is False Creek?

False Creek is located along the southern edge of downtown Vancouver. It borders the West End and Yaletown to the north and the city’s Downtown Eastside to the east. Its eastern end is also close to both BC Place Stadium and Chinatown. To the south, the water borders the edge of Kitsilano, Granville Island and Vancouver’s Olympic Village.

Lengthways, False Creek runs from the entrance to English Bay between Vanier Park and Sunset Beach in the west to Science World in the east. It’s a fair-sized body of water connected to a considerable portion of downtown Vancouver and many of its most popular and famous sights.

The distance from Vanier Park to Sunset Beach along the seawall is about 8 kilometres. Walking at a leisurely pace it can take up to a couple of hours to do the entire route, or slightly less than an hour to walk halfway, either to or from Science World. To cycle along the seawall from Vanier Park to Sunset Beach takes about half an hour.


Fishermen's Wharf Pier in False Creek
Spot Prawn Festival at Fishermen’s Wharf


Places of Interest Around False Creek

Sites of interest located along False Creek include Granville Island, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, the Museum of Vancouver and Vanier Park (which is home to the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in the summer). Near Granville Island there is also Fishermen’s Wharf.

False Creek is also where you’ll find Yaletown (with all its restaurants), the Olympic Athletes Village and the False Creek Seawall (that you can walk, jog and cycle along from one end of the waterfront to the other).

Both the north and south sides of False Creek are amazing places to stroll along. Conveniently (and lots of fun), little mini Harbour Ferries go up and down the waterway, dropping passengers off at most of the tourist sites. The two companies are False Creek Ferries and the Aquabus.


Aquabus Ferry Boats in False Creek
Aquabus Ferries in False Creek


False Creek Seawall

Both sides of False Creek are connected by the area’s Seawall. It’s a fantastic place to go for a stroll or a bike ride and enjoy the views of the water and city.

The north side of the False Creek seawall runs all the way from Science World up until English Bay. Secluded from the noise of traffic, the north side is a peaceful place for a walk or a bike ride.

One of the best parts of the south False Creek seawall is its views of downtown Vancouver which can get truly spectacular especially close to sunset.


False Creek Near Science World


False Creek Bridges

Three bridges cross the False Creek waterfront – the Cambie Street Bridge, Burrard Street Bridge and Granville Street Bridge. If you get the chance, go for a stroll over any one of them. On a clear day the scenery is spectacular.

Just west of the Burrard Street Bridge, on the south side of the water, is Vanier Park. That’s where you’ll find the Vancouver Maritime Museum,  H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and Museum of Vancouver.


Vancouver Maritime Museum


Festivals in False Creek

A number of festivals take place in the False Creek area each year including the following:

  • Bard on the Beach – located at Vanier Park near the entrance to False Creek, Vancouver’s Shakespearean theatre festival runs from June until September.
  • Canada Day – July 1st events happen all over the Lower Mainland including at Granville Island. At Granville Island there is live music and sometimes even a parade on Canada Day and the Canada Day weekend.
  • Holiday Lights at Granville Island – Granville Island gets decorated with Christmas lights and illuminations from late November until early January.
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations – fireworks and concerts used to happen near Canada Place on December 31st each year. Beginning in 2024, the new venue for the celebrations is in False Creek around Science World and the Cambie Street Bridge area).
  • Paws for a Cause – a fundraising event for the BCSPCA usually happens at David Lam Park in September. Hundreds of people and their dogs turn out for the event.
  • Spot Prawn Festival – fishermen sell their catch at Fishermen’s Wharf in May. There is usually music and fresh cooked prawns to eat too.
  • Vancouver Children’s Festival – a series of events and activities for kids at Granville Island from late May until early June.
  • Dragon Boat Festival – dragon boat races happen at the eastern end of False Creek in June.
  • Vancouver International Improv Festival – a comedy theatre festival at Granville Island theatres in September and/or October.
  • Vancouver Jazz Festival – a music festival that takes place all over Vancouver including at Granville Island.


Vancouver Spot Prawn Festival
Spot Prawn Festival


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