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Discover the Dinosaurs Show 2015

Discover the Dinosaurs

Young boys and other dinosaur fans will love the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibits in November at Tradex in Abbotsford and the PNE in Vancouver.

To learn about other Lower Mainland dinosaur-related events, including ones in 2022, see our article about Vancouver Dinosaur Exhibitions. To learn about the event in Abbotsford in 2015, continue reading.


Life-Size Moving Dinosaurs in Vancouver

For just one weekend at each venue there will be life-size animatronic dinosaurs of all kinds to look at, touch and even ride!

At Discover the Dinosaurs there will be T Rexes, triceratops long-decked dinosaurs of various kinds and lots of excited kids with their parents. And it’s all indoors, so a perfect family activity for Vancouver weather in November!


Discover the Dinosaurs Sign


What is Discover the Dinosaurs?

Discover the Dinosaurs is an American-based dinosaur exhibit touring company that travels all around North America. Included in its exhibits are a selection of amazing life-like dinosaurs on display, a theatre with movies about dinosaurs, robotic dinosaurs that children can actually sit on and ride, mini-golf and dinosaur-themed bouncy castles. There are no set performances – people simply get to walk through the exhibits at their own pace.

Got any dinosaur fans in your family? If you do, Discover the Dinosaurs will be a dream come true for them (or at least pretty close)!


Discover the Dinosaurs Triceratops Ride
Children can ride moving yet stationary dinosaurs


When and Where will The Dinosaurs be?

Discover the Dinosaurs is in Abbotsford at the Tradex Centre at 1190 Cornell Street (not far from the Abbotsford Airport) on October 31 and November 1, which is Halloween Weekend.

The Discover the Dinosaurs show will also be at the PNE in Vancouver on the weekend of November 14-15. On both weekends, the event runs from 10 am until 7 pm.


Admission at Discover the Dinosaurs

Admission to Discover the Dinosaurs in both Abbotsford and Vancouver is as follows:

  • Adults : $20.00 (ages 13+)
  • Children: $17.00 (ages 2-12) for Regular Admission
  • Children: $25.00 (ages 2-12) for Regular Admission plus rides
  • Seniors: $17.00 (65+)
  • Children 2 and under free

Dinosaur rides, mini golf and inflatable bouncy castle tickets cost $5 or $6, but are included in the higher $25 admission charge for children. Gem & Fossil mining and face painting are extra.


Discover the Dinosaurs T Rex


TIP #1: Spend the extra $8 so your kids can have the unlimited dinosaurs rides, mini golf and inflatable bouncy castle jumping time. If they do at least two of these activities you’ll have paid for it (and you know they’ll want to go way more than twice).

TIP #2: Expect fairly large crowds. This will be a popular place to go, especially for families with young dinosaur enthusiasts and if it’s a rainy day.

For more information, check out the Discover the Dinosaurs website.


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