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Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street

Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom

The Commodore Ballroom is a night club, live music, concert and all-round entertainment venue located at 868 Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.

Built in 1929, the Art Deco-style building still remains one of the city’s most popular places for concerts, dancing and night life.


The Commodore Ballroom Night Club

Vancouver has several great bars and venues that feature live music. The iconic Commodore Ballroom is one of the most popular venues in the City of Vancouver, hosting over 150 events and entertaining over 100,000 folks each year (at least in non-pandemic years). The place is also unique because of its long history in the city as well as the diverse range of acts that it hosts.

The Commodore Ballroom has been a fixture in the Vancouver entertainment scene since the late 1920s. Originally called the Commodore Cabaret, the place has gone through several periods of change. Since its opening the Commodore has closed twice, in 1930 and from 1996 to 1999, but has always bounced back better than before.

Most recently, in 2011, the Commodore Ballroom was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Clubs in North America as well as the Top Club in Canada by Billboard Magazine.


If you like live music, another great place to check out is Guilt & Company which is located at the corner of Water Street, Carrall Street and Powell Street in the heart of Gastown. It’s a smaller and more intimate venue that features live music pretty much every night of the year.



Location and Hours

The Commodore Ballroom can be found at 868 Granville Street, which is just above and next door to the Commodore Lanes bowling alley venue. The place is also located about a block from the Orpheum Theatre which is another popular live music venue.

Hours of operation for the Commodore Ballroom depend on what is showing on each particular night. In general, doors usually open around an hour before shows actually start.


The Commodore Ballroom
Dance Floor at the Commodore


Live Entertainment

The Commodore Ballroom is known for showcasing an eclectic range of artists. The venue hosts everyone from local acts to global artists and all kinds of music from Country to Rap and EDM (electronic dance music).

Notable names that have played at the Commodore Ballroom in the past include Duke Ellington, Sammy Davis Junior, The Police, Sting, David Bowie, U2, The Clash, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and many others.


Other Information

For more details about this venue see the Commodore Ballroom website.

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