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North Vancouver’s Deep Cove Daze

Deep Cove Daze

Deep Cove Daze is a free festival in August that features live music, market vendors, food trucks, community stalls and bouncy castles in North Vancouver.


Deep Cove Daze

Deep Cove Daze is a one-day event that takes place at Panorama Park in Deep Cove which is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the Lower Mainland.

Deep Cove Daze is a fairly small and simple community festival. It’s at a stunning location though with a small beach, hiking trails close by, a rental place for kayaks and paddle boards, and a marina.

The festival is a fairly quiet and low-key event, especially at the beginning. It’s good for young families though with the beach close by and the bouncy castles (and beer garden).


Free Events and Activities in August


Event Admission

In years when it does take place, Deep Cove Daze is a free event, but with admission by donation. Donations aren’t strictly enforced, although generosity is greatly appreciated.

Suggested donations range from $5 to $20 with proceeds going to offset the cost of the festival and supporting local artists and musicians.


When and Where

In years that the event happens, Deep Cove Daze takes place on the last Sunday in August from noon until 7 pm. That means that Sunday, August 25th, was supposed to have been the date for 2019 (until the event got cancelled). The event didn’t happen in 2020 either, and it is unlikely to return in 2021.

The venue is at the eastern tip of the District of North Vancouver in Deep Cove at Panorama Park which is located at 2200 Panorama Drive.

Deep Cove is a small village on a stunning bay at the entrance to Indian Arm which is a body of water just off Burrard Inlet.


Kids' Play Area at Deep Cove Daze
Kids’ Play Area at Deep Cove Daze


Deep Cove Daze Activities

Deep Cove Daze features a beer garden for adults, a kids’ zone for children, and an artisan market and live music all day for everyone.


Children’s Activities

The kids’ area has a small stage with family-friendly entertainment which often includes a magician. The zone also usually has about four or so bouncy castles, a balloon artist and various fun things for children to see and do.

The bouncy castles and similar contraptions typically cost between 2 and 4 tickets and tickets cost about $1 each or 25 for $20.


Live Entertainment

Live music takes place on the Main Stage in the afternoon.

Bands at Deep Cove Daze tend to be newer local groups, but generally quite good. This makes sense because the mission of the event’s organizer, the Musart Cultural Society, is to promote local artists and musical talent.


Performance Schedule

Below is the performance schedule from Deep Cove Daze in 2018. As the 2019 and 2020 events did not happen, this is the best comparison we can provide for future years.

On the Main Stage

On the Children’s Stage


Deep Cove Daze Band
Live music with the DCM band Power Outage


Deep Cove Daze Market

At Deep Cove Daze there’s an artisan market with about two dozen or more vendor and community information stalls. In the market you’ll find clothing and art for sale, a booth or two representing area politicians, and various interesting things to look at, buy and/or learn about.

In addition to the Artisan Market, at Deep Cove Daze there are also half a dozen or so food trucks. They are usually located near the kids’ play zone, so conveniently close to both the bouncy castles and the beer garden.


Deep Cove Daze Market
Artisan Market at Deep Cove Daze


Advice and Suggestions

Below are some tips and things to know to help you make the most out of your visit to Deep Cove Daze.

TIP #1: Parking is a challenge, especially if the weather is good. Plan to walk a fair ways from your car. Deep Cove is a bit out of the way, but public transit is also a good option.

TIP #2: Go early in the morning, well before noon, if you hope to find convenient parking. In the morning, when it’s cool, is also the best time for hikes on hot summer days!

TIP #3: Deep Cove Daze isn’t a huge event, but it’s a nice addition to a place that’s already a natural attraction. Don’t go just for the festival – go for the hiking, swimming and kayaking, and then enjoy the live entertainment, market, bouncy castles and other activities as a bonus.

TIP #4: Especially if it’s hot out, you have young children or you plan to go on a hike, pack your swimsuit! The beach is tiny, but nice.

TIP #5: If you like hiking, arrive early and go for a 45-minute trek along the Baden Powell Trail up to Quarry Rock which overlooks Deep Cove. The hike is through the forest and the view at the end is amazing.

TIP #6: Instead of going for a hike before or during the festival, consider renting a paddle board or kayak and heading out on the water for a bit. Deep Cove is a phenomenal place for a paddle. Just be sure to reserve your boat in advance – click Deep Cove Kayak for details.

TIP #7: If it’s a sunny day and you like live music and beautiful places then it’s definitely worth the trek out to Deep Cove for the event. If you’ve never been, go! It’s a nice little community festival and the venue is stunningly beautiful any time of the year.


Deep Cove Daze in North Vancouver
Deep Cove in North Vancouver


Other Information

For more information on the event see the Musart website and for more details on the neighbourhood click Deep Cove.

For information about other events in the Lower Mainland see Vancouver’s August Calendar or Festivals & Events Calendar.

To learn more about the region, click North Vancouver or the North Shore.