Canada Day in North Vancouver

On July 1st each year there are Canada Day festivities throughout the Lower Mainland including at Waterfront Park near Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

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Canada Day at Waterfront Park

Canada Day festivities at North Vancouver‘s Waterfront Park include bouncy castles and activities for children, as well as food and entertainment for everyone.

See below for details on the Canada Day celebrations at Waterfront Park, and far below for details about other Canada Day activities elsewhere on the North Shore.

Canada Day in North Vancouver

North Vancouver’s July 1st celebrations take place at Waterfront Park from noon until 4:00 pm each year.

Waterfront Park is a nice grassy park just a five-minute walk to the west of the SeaBus terminal exit at Lonsdale Quay. It’s right on the water with magnificent views of the Vancouver skyline.

North Vancouver Canada Day Video

For an idea of what to expect at the Canada Day celebrations at Waterfront Park, check out the following video of scenes of the event from a couple of years ago. In the video, bands featured include 5 on a String, Mazacote and The Day Trippers who have all performed at the celebrations in recent years.

In the video you’ll see a large artisan market along the waterfront, which no longer happens. You’ll also see scenes of the fireworks which take place several hours after the official Canada Day festivities at Waterfront Park end. Most of the other scenes though are pretty much the same as what you’ll see in 2019. It’s a great event!

North Van Canada Day Activities

At the Waterfront Park celebrations there is a wide range of live entertainment including street performers, a bagpipe marching band, dancers and various local bands. It is a great family-friendly North Shore community event.

On Canada Day there are also food vendors selling things like fish & chips, cold drinks and hot dogs. Different community organizations have informational booths set up and there is face painting and all kinds of fun, kid-friendly games and activities.

2019 Entertainment Lineup

Below is the official schedule of performances for 2019.

(Note: Details are subject to change.)

  • 12:05 pmMarcus Mosely Chorale: a choral group singing Gospel style music.
  • 12:55 pmJ.P. Fell Pipe Band: a pipe band made up of volunteer pipe music enthusiasts.
  • 1:20 pmPro Arté: a dance group with amazing technique and choreography.
  • 1:30 pm – Singing of O Canada and Blessing by Squamish Nation.
  • 2:00 pmShowStoppers: a well-known Vancouver Glee group.
  • 2:35 pmLos Tambores: a World music percussion band.
  • 3:00 pmThe Day Trippers: a Vancouver-based Beatles tribute band.
Day Trippers Beatles Band at Waterfront Park
The Day Trippers in North Vancouver on Canada Day

Food at the Festivities 

Below are the various food vendors scheduled to be at North Vancouver’s 2019 Canada Day festivities at Waterfront Park.

  • ​Mama’s Fish & Chips – a food truck offering fresh and classic fish and chips.
  • Chickpea – a vendor specializing in plant-based Mediterranean food.
  • Mr. Bannock – a food truck offering Indigenous cuisine.
  • Rico ‘n Lalo – a vendor offering traditional Mexican frozen treats.
  • Rotary Club Hot Dogs – volunteers serving hot dogs and sausages.
  • Cupcakes –  Canada Day cupcakes offered by local community leaders.
Waterfront Park on July 1
Waterfront Park near the Main Stage on Canada Day

Waterfront Park Canada Day Map

Below is an illustrated map of Waterfront Park on Canada Day from last year.

As you can see, food vendors at the event are located at the north end of the park near the Spirit Trail (which is a great cycling path).

North Vancouver Canada Day MapGames and activities are primarily along the west side of the park. Things you’ll find in this area include a bouncy castle, climbing wall and other free family-friendly things to do.

The Main Stage is located at the south end of the park. It’s in a pretty spot not far from the waterfront with views of the Vancouver skyline in the distance. The Main Stage is where the Marcus Mosely Chorale starts the afternoon and The Day Trippers finish the day.

In the map you’ll also see that there is a craft station in the southeast corner of the park, conveniently close to the playground. There are also public washrooms with flush toilets and a first aid station.

New for 2019, there is a bicycle valet service where you park your bike and they’ll look after it for you.

About the North Vancouver Canada Day Celebrations

The festivities at Waterfront Park are put on by the Rotary Club of Lions Gate. The event is free, but funds raised through the sale of hot dogs and vendor fees go towards charitable projects on the North Shore. Buy lots of hot dogs at the Rotary booth and feel good about supporting the community!

The North Vancouver Canada Day celebrations not only try to be an environmentally GREEN event, but a NEGATIVE-WASTE one!

Styrofoam is banned at the event, there are recycling and composting stations everywhere and people are encouraged to ride their bikes or take public transit.

Attendees at the event are also asked to bring their own reusable water bottles, and folks are even welcome to bring their old batteries and light bulbs to be recycled (which helps keep the event’s impact limited or even negative).

Way to go Rotary Club of Lions Gate and all your event sponsors and volunteers!

Click North Vancouver Canada Day Celebrations for more details about the event.

Lions Gate Rotary

Other North Shore July 1st Events

In addition to the afternoon celebrations at Waterfront Park, other Canada Day activities also take place on the North Shore at various times and places. There is the parade in the morning, the Red & White Picnic in West Vancouver, other activities around Lower Lonsdale and evening fireworks in Burrard Inlet.

North Shore Canada Day Parade

Prior to the celebrations at Waterfront Park, North Vancouver also has a parade which takes place from 10:00 am until noon.

The parade goes along 13th Street from Grand Boulevard before heading down 17th Street via Lonsdale Avenue to Mahon Park. It’s a small community-style parade, but lots of fun, especially for young children.

By the time the parade finishes it’s time to head to Waterfront Park for all the afternoon celebrations, as mentioned above.

For more information about the parade, see the North Shore Canada Day Parade website.

J.P. Fell Pipe Band in Canada Day Parade

Where to Watch the Fireworks


Did you know that you can see the Canada Place fireworks from North Vancouver? Good places to see them are from Waterfront Park, Lonsdale Quay and Shipbuilders’ Square. The fireworks blast off from a barge that’s quite a ways into Burrard Inlet from Canada Place, so the view is pretty good from the North Shore.

Fireworks also take place in West Vancouver at the Red & White Picnic as well as in over half a dozen other communities around the Lower Mainland. For information about other fireworks venues, click Metro Vancouver Fireworks or check out the Red & White Picnic.

Canada Day Red & White Picnic in West Vancouver

Just half an hour after the end of the Waterfront Park festivities in North Vancouver, West Vancouver begins its Canada Day celebrations at John Lawson Park with its Red and White Picnic which goes from about 4:30 pm and finishes around 10:30 pm.

Participants at the West Vancouver event are invited to bring their lawn chairs and picnics and enjoy an evening of live entertainment. The festivities at John Lawson Park finish with a fabulous display of fireworks at 10:30 just off the shore.

Click Red & White Picnic for more information about the Canada Day celebrations in West Vancouver.

Canada Day Audience
Canada Day at John Lawson Park in West Vancouver

Other Lower Lonsdale Activities

North Vancouver’s main Canada Day celebrations take place at Waterfront Park which is just a 5-minute walk west of the SeaBus at Lonsdale Quay. A few activities also happen at the Quay itself.

Again, the main (and most family-friendly) Canada Day activities take place at Waterfront Park, so be sure to check them out! Perhaps wander over to Lonsdale Quay after the Waterfront Park event wraps up, like at around 4 pm, for a bit of additional fun. There might also be something going on around the Shipyards too.

Burrard Inlet Fireworks

At the same time as fireworks take off from a barge in the waters of West Vancouver, a second barge blasts them out in Burrard Inlet’s Coal Harbour, directly across the water from North Vancouver’s Waterfront Park and the Lower Lonsdale waterfront.

Great places to view the pyrotechnics from North Vancouver include Waterfront Park, Lonsdale Quay and the pier by Shipbuilders’ Square (which is just a 5-10 minute walk from the SeaBus terminal in the opposite direction from Waterfront Park).

Waterfront Park on Fireworks Night
Fireworks in the distance from Waterfront Park at night

Other Information

Check out the official North Vancouver Canada Day website for more details on the event at Waterfront Park.

Click Canada Day in the Lower Mainland for other July 1st events in other parts of Metro Vancouver.




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