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2023 Vancouver Canada Day Boat Parties

Canada Day Boat Parties

There are plenty of ways you can celebrate Canada Day and one of them is having fun on a boat party cruise hosted by one of several companies in Vancouver.

In 2023 Vancouver Boat Parties has three cruise options on July 1st. Unfortunately, there aren’t any fireworks in Burrard Inlet near Canada Place this year (and, sadly, there might never be July 1st fireworks there ever again). There are, however, boat parties which are still lots of fun!

Boat parties happening in 2023 include the Canada Day & Latinx Brazilian Boat Party, Canada Day Yacht Party and Canada Day Dinner Cruise & Bollywood X Punjabi Boat Party.

Another company offering a Canada Day event out on the water in 2023 is Vancouver Cruises. Their Canada Day Yacht Party happens on July 1st on the Abitibi and it departs from False Creek at 9:00 pm.


Vancouver Cruises Canada Day Yacht Party

Canada Day Latin Boat Cruise

Canada Day Bollywood Dinner Cruise


Boat Parties in Vancouver on Canada Day

Canada Day Weekend is a time of celebration across Canada. There are a large number of events on land in the Lower Mainland, but also some on the water as well. There are different companies in Vancouver that offer party boat cruises at various times of the year, including on July 1st and the rest of the July long weekend.

Beginning in either False Creek or Burrard Inlet in Coal Harbour, these cruises usually (but not always) take place in the evening and last for a few hours. They are held on large party boats and include plenty of music, drinks and dancing.


Vancouver Boat Parties


Vancouver Boat Parties

One of the foremost party boat companies in the city is Vancouver Boat Parties. They offer special cruises on various dates throughout the year and Canada Day is no exception. In fact, in 2023 they offer three different boat parties to choose from. One is in the afternoon with a Latin theme, another is a dinner cruise with a Bollywood theme, and the third is a nightclub-style event.


July 1st Canada Day Cruises with Vancouver Boat Parties

In 2023 the first cruise with Vancouver Boat Parties is in the afternoon on July 1st and it’s the Canada Day & Latinx Brazilian Boat Party. While it’s on Canada Day, this cruise has a South and Central American theme. The cruise departs at around 3:30 pm from 760 Pacific Boulevard on the Burrard Queen.

Very soon after that cruise returns to dock, the Burrard Queen is loaded up once again for the Canada Day Dinner Cruise & Bollywood X Punjabi Boat Party. This time the vessel departs at 8:30 pm. There is a dress code of white and red, that, while not enforced, is strongly recommended. The same as with the earlier Latinx Boat Party, this cruise sails from False Creek into English Bay and around to the Inner Harbour.

Finally, also in the evening, there is the Canada Day Yacht Party that departs from outside the Westin Bayshore Hotel at 9:00 pm. This event happens on the M.V Magic Spirit and the dress code is “all white.”


Canada Day Yacht Party


About the July 1st Boat Parties

All of the Vancouver Boat Parties events are for guests ages 19+. Tickets start at between $50 and $70 depending on the trip, but can get much more expensive as they start to sell out. The Burrard Queen has two levels with a dance floor on each. The M.V Magic Spirit is larger and has three levels. All three cruises feature DJ music and last for around three hours (plus or minus). There are bars on board as well as some snacks for purchase.

For more details about the above cruises, visit the Vancouver Boat Parties website.


Canada Day Events


Lions Gate and Boat Party Cruise


Vancouver Cruises Canada Day Yacht Party

Vancouver Cruises is another Vancouver-based boat company. Their Canada Day Yacht Party on July 1st happens on the Abitibi which is a 400-person vessel based in False Creek near the Plaza of Nations not far from BC Place Stadium.

Boarding for this boat party event in 2023 starts at 8:00 pm. The vessel then departs at around 9:00 pm and returns by midnight.

This party starts and finishes at the docks at 750 Pacific Boulevard. The event includes DJ music, dancing, a premium bar and lots of fun.


Vancouver Cruises Canada Day Yacht Party

Carnaval del Sol


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