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Squamish Arts Festival (Formerly the Squamish Wind Festival)

Squamish Wind Festival

The Squamish Wind Festival is a community event in the summer. It features concerts, art displays, the performing arts, an outdoor movie and other activities.

The Squamish Wind Festival is now called the Squamish Arts Festival. It runs from August 7th to 19th in 2023.


Arts Festival in Squamish

The Squamish Arts Festival (formerly known as the Squamish Wind Festival for the Arts) is an annual event with a focus on both visual and performing arts. In years prior to COVID-19, the festival used to take place in July. In 2020 the event was postponed until August 7th to 21st, and since then it’s continued to be in August.

The festival is back in 2023 and runs from August 7th to 19th.


Cleveland Avenue in Downtown Squamish


Where and When

The festival takes place in the summer in the town of Squamish which is located 45 minutes from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway.

In 2020 the festival ran from early to end of August after it was postponed due to COVID-19. The 2021 event was much shorter, but it was in-person events rather than online. In 2021, the festival ran for just seven days (August 9th to 15th). The 2022 edition was longer once again and ran from Monday, August 8th to Saturday, August 20th.

The festival venues in 2022 included Junction Park, Squamish Oceanfront and the Brackendale Art Gallery. In 2023 the venues are again Junction Park and Squamish Oceanfront.

Known as the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of the World,” Squamish is home to some of the region’s premier outdoor recreation venues, including Stawamus Chief Mountain (for hiking), the Sea to Sky Gondola, and Squamish Spit (for kite boarding).

For more information on the area, click Squamish or the Sea to Sky region.


Squamish Wind Festival at Junction Park
Festival activities at Junction Park


Wind Festival All-Day Events

At the festival there is usually live music, a beer garden and a food truck hub at various times throughout the weekend. In 2022, there were art workshops between August 8th and 18th. A special show took place at the Brackendale Art Gallery on August 12th, followed by the usual Squamish Arts Festival on August 13th at Junction Park. Lastly, the Oceanfront Squamish Arts Festival ran on August 20th.

There were a large number of events that took place over the course of the 2022 festival. Below are details on two of the biggest ones which were both free to attend!


Saturday, August 13th, 2022

From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm there was a big free event at Junction Park. There was also an afterparty at Crash Hotel from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am which cost a little over $22 to attend. Below is a list of the free events that happened.

The following activities all started at 10:00 am:

  • Anna Lynch Live Painting demonstration
  • Emily Buck Pop-up Poetry
  • Jess Soparlo Live Painting
  • Yin Xzi Pop-up Poetry
  • Squamish Circus Collective

Events and activities that happened at other times of the day included the following:

  • 10:15 am – Kid Fit with Ira
  • 11:10 am – Foxy Moron Boogie Down
  • 12:20 pm – Sea to Sky Dance Collective
  • 2:10 pm – Garret T. Willie
  • 4:15 pm – Marble Canyon
  • 5:25 pm – Surf Hat
  • 6:35 pm – Alex Wells + Drummer
  • 8:50 pm – Boogey the Beat


Saturday, August 20th, 2022

The final day of the festival took place at Squamish Oceanfront from noon until 7:00 pm. There were a series of live musical acts that took to the stage over the course of the event.

  • 12:15 pm – Will Ross
  • 2:25 pm – DJ Woodhead
  • 3:10 pm – DJ SLB
  • 3:55 pm – DJ OShow
  • 4:40 pm – Bitterly Divine
  • 5:55 pm – Said The Whale


Mr. Bannock Food Truck
Mr. Bannock



Some of the vendors and food trucks that attended the festival a few years ago likely attended the Squamish Arts Festival in 2022. They were the following:



  • Charcoal & Grain – selling handmade gifts made from reclaimed wood.
  • Dogwood Letterpress – specializing in handmade vintage stationary.
  • Fox Fibers – featuring hand-crafted woven plant and wall hangers.
  • Geojab Bowls – West Coast Indigenous-designed bowls made from reclaimed wood.
  • Hollow Tree – hand-crafted candles.
  • Sons of Vancouver Distillery – a Vancouver-based small batch distillery.


Food Trucks

  • Alice & Brohm Real Fruit Ice Cream – a New Zealand treat made with real fruit!
  • Carte Diem – Seize the Souvlaki – a food truck serving traditional Greek cuisine.
  • Chickpea – a food truck specializing in plant-based food.
  • Luz Tacos – fun and delicious tacos served out of a converted airstream trailer.
  • Mr. Bannock – a food truck serving traditional Indigenous foods.


Free Events in July


Other Information

See the Squamish Arts Festival website for more details about this fun cultural event in Squamish.

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