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Vancouver International Boat Show

Top of a Boat Show Yacht

The Vancouver International Boat Show takes place in February at BC Place and at the marina at Granville Island. Hundreds of boats are for sale.

In 2023, the show runs from February 1st to 5th. It’s a one-stop place for pretty much everything you could possibly want for your current or future boat! The event is full of vessels to admire, equipment to check out and information about boating and marine equipment.

For tickets and the event’s official website visit vancouverboatshow.ca.


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Vancouver International Boat Show


The Vancouver Boat Show

An annual event for 60 years, the Vancouver International Boat Show is the premier boating event in Western Canada. It’s also the largest showcasing of the recreational boating industry in British Columbia. If you’re a boat fanatic, you’ll want to be there!

At the event there are fishing boats, pleasure yachts, jet skis, kayaks and other sorts of vessels on display. There are also all kinds of motors and marine equipment.

Much of the event is indoors at BC Place Stadium at 777 Pacific Boulevard, which is great if it’s a typical rainy February day. It also takes place outdoors by the Granville Island Maritime Market and Marina at 1676 Duranleau Street. Free shuttle buses and water ferries run continuously between the two venues.


Boat Show Hours and Admission

In 2023 the Vancouver International Boat Show runs from Wednesday, February 1st, until Sunday, February 5th. Hours of operation are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Wednesday to Saturday, and from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the Sunday.

Note: The Granville Island Floating Show is only open until 5:30 pm from Wednesday to Saturday and until 5:00 pm on the Sunday.

Admission to the event includes all show activities including educational seminars and live entertainment. Admission also includes both the outdoor floating show at the marina at Granville Island and the indoor show at BC Place Stadium.


For tickets and the event’s official website visit vancouverboatshow.ca.


Checking out the Boat Show Boats
The Granville Island Marina


Regular Admission Prices

Tickets are available online in 2023. There are different types of passes to choose from, each of which are valid for between 1, 2 or all 5 days.

Online ticket prices as of early January 2023 are as follows:

  • Adults (ages 17 to 64): $18 for one day ticket and $25 for two days.
  • Seniors (ages 65+): $15 for one day ticket and $20 for two days.
  • Children (ages 16 and under): free
  • 5-Day Pass (ages 17+): $30


Discounted Ticket Offers

If you sign up for the Skippers’ Club and then buy your Boat Show tickets online in advance you’ll save a few dollars.

Another way to save is to attend the Vancouver International Boat Show after 5 pm. If you only go in the evening you pay just $5. During these evening specials, children ages 16 and under still get in free.


For tickets and the event’s official website visit vancouverboatshow.ca.


Metal Boat Show Boats
Boats at BC Place Stadium


Boat Show Activities

There is a lot more to do at the Boat Show other than just look at boats, motors and marine equipment.

At the Vancouver International Boat Show there are seminar speakers including do-it-yourself workshops, boating seminars and even cooking demonstrations some years. Don’t only look at the boats – get your money’s worth and attend the learning events too!

In past years over 125 presentations have been scheduled including ones by boating experts, world explorers, environmentalists and even underwater treasure hunters.

In addition to all the seminars, over 200 exhibitors typically participate, as do close to 30,000 attendees in busy years.

One of the big attractions at the event in 2023 is the Princess X80 ‘Superfly’ which is an 80-foot yacht. It’s actually just one of only three of its kind in the world! The vessel makes its Canadian debut at Granville Island during this year’s Boat Show.

Also at the event in 2023 is Inna Nagaytseva who is a renowned Ukrainian artist. She is at the Vancouver International Boat Show this year along with some of her art. Inna’s watercolour paintings are for sale with funds raised benefiting the Ukrainian resistance and her family back in Ukraine. Inna’s paintings are known for their unique nautical imagery and feature oceans, boats and seascapes. If you provide her with a photo of your vessel, she can also do a personalized project for you by commission.


For tickets and the event’s official website visit vancouverboatshow.ca.


Ukrainian Artist in Residence
Ukrainian Artist Inna Nagaytseva at the Boat Show


Ferry and Bus Shuttle Service

Admission to the Vancouver International Boat Show includes access to complimentary bus and ferry shuttle services.

Free shuttle bus service is offered every day throughout the event between the Floating Show at the Granville Island Maritime Market and Marina and the main entrance at BC Place Stadium.

Complimentary Mini Ferry Service also runs continuously most years between the Granville Island venue and the Plaza of Nation’s dock near BC Place Stadium.


Boat Show Video

Check out the video below to get an idea of what to expect at the Vancouver International Boat Show.

As you’ll see, the event takes place both outdoors at Granville Island and indoors at BC Place Stadium. There are boats of all kinds on display and mini ferry boats that take passengers back and forth between the two venues.

This video shows scenes of the event from 2020, which was the last time the event happened prior to 2023.


Tips and Advice

Below is a list of suggestions and other information to help you make the most out of your visit to the Vancouver International Boat Show.

TIP #1: Both venues will likely be quietest on weekdays during the day and first thing in the mornings on the weekend. The BC Place venue will also be busiest on rainy days while the Granville Island venue is less busy when it’s wet out.

TIP #2: Be sure to take in some of the educational seminars. They are interesting and you can learn a lot.

TIP #3: In addition to all the boats and marine equipment on display on the ground floor in the field area at BC Place, the stadium’s entire upper concourse area is full of information booths and vendor stalls. Whatever you do, don’t miss that area!

TIP #4: Especially if at the Boat Show when it’s not crazy busy, chat with the exhibitors. Ask questions, learn something new and have fun with the experts.

TIP #5: If you’re coming from out of town, check out the hotel discounts available to you on the Vancouver Boat Show’s website. Some of them have early cut-off dates but others are available until they are full.

TIP #6: If you like boats and marine history, be sure to visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Outside the museum, at the waterfront, you’ll find a beautiful collection of vintage boats in the Heritage Harbour.


For tickets and the event’s official website visit vancouverboatshow.ca.


Parking and Transit Tips

TIP #7: Take public transit if you can. BC Place has easy access to a SkyTrain station.

TIP #8: There is lots of parkade parking at or near BC Place Stadium. Sometimes parking fees are at a premium during “special events,” but weekends are usually more affordable than other times.

TIP #9: There is pay parking at Granville Island, but it fills up quickly on busy days and is usually limited to a maximum of 3 hours. Give yourself lots of time though to get back from BC Place Stadium before your time runs out.

TIP #10: The complimentary mini ferry service between the two venues can be a nice treat, especially for the rare person at the event not used to being out on a boat. Have patience though at busy times as the lineups can get long. Also if the docks are quite busy the ferries will be delayed as they may have to wait for a place to dock.


Vancouver International Boat Show


Other Information

For further details about the event see the Vancouver International Boat Show website.

For more ideas on things to do on other days, check out Vancouver’s February Events Calendar.

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