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The Empty Chest Halloween Adventures

The Empty Chest

New to Metro Vancouver, The Empty Chest is a Halloween attraction with a Dungeons and Dragons-like theme in Burnaby. It used to take place in the Fraser Valley.

It happened near Burnaby Lake Regional Park from October 21st to 31st in 2022.

The status of The Empty Chest in 2023 is to be determined.



Doing an adventure with The Empty Chest is a great Halloween activity. It’s a role-playing, fantasy-like game. It’s not a haunted house and it’s not scary, but it is exciting. The Empty Chest is definitely an adventure!

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If you like role-playing activities and games like Dungeons & Dragons, then definitely check out The Empty Chest. Another great game company is Vancouver Mysteries where you can be a secret agent, detective or superhero and save the world in downtown Vancouver. Or, if you like history, then join a Lost Souls of Gastown tour with Forbidden Vancouver. They are lots of fun too (and with those just the guide does the acting).

For details about other things to do in the Lower Mainland at Halloween, click any of the above links or see our article about Lower Mainland Halloween Events. To learn about The Empty Chest, continue reading.


Halloween in the Lower Mainland


Empty Chest Merchant


The Empty Chest Dungeons & Dragons-Like Halloween Games

The Empty Chest is a non-profit society that puts together interactive adventures including a special Halloween-themed experience in the fall. Unlike most other Halloween attractions in Metro Vancouver, the Haunted Adventure is an immersive open-world experience.

Players are brought into a fantasy world with quests that are similar to those in the game Dungeons and Dragons. However, instead of sitting around a table, rolling dice and using one’s imagination to play the game, everyone is on their feet, outdoors, using weapons and interacting with live actors. It’s a fun attraction that transforms fantasy into real life!

Groups work together to solve mysteries and fight off villains to save innocent people. They also have to find ways to earn money to pay for their expenses. There are monsters to defeat and other fun tasks to complete along the way.

The Haunted Adventure is only for adults ages 19 and above (subject to some exceptions). In addition to the experience, there are also opportunities to learn about archery and create your own bow as part of the VIP Experience package.

You don’t have to be an avid fan and player of Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy the adventures with The Empty Chest (but it does help). If you do enjoy the dice game, however, you’ll likely love the real world adventures.


Empty Chest Merchant Stall at Night


Where and When?

The Empty Chest hosts events at different locations in Metro Vancouver. 2022 marked the 4th edition of the Haunted Halloween Adventure. In 2021, the event took place in Abbotsford.

In 2022, the Haunted Halloween Adventure happened at Warner Loat Park which is just north of Burnaby Lake Regional Park. The outdoor venue is located at 4254 Piper Avenue in Burnaby.

The game took place outdoors in a large open area. Scattered around the venue were tents and other covered areas set up like stores, offices and other places where activities take place.

In 2022 the Haunted Halloween Adventure ran daily from October 21st to the 31st, so up until Halloween night. Hours of operation were from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The VIP Experience was only available on weekends, so in 2022 it was on the Saturdays and Sundays of October 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th. Unlike the regular Haunted Adventure, the VIP Experience was an all-day affair. The exclusive activities begat at 10:00 am and ran until 5:00 pm. VIP guests also got to participate in the Haunted Adventure afterwards.


Empty Chest Game Character


Empty Chest Admission Rates

There were two different types of tickets available in 2022. One was for the regular Haunted Halloween Adventure. The other included a VIP Archery Experience as well. All tickets were only available online and were sold for specific timeslots. No tickets were sold at the door.


Haunted Halloween Adventure Tickets

General admission to the Haunted Halloween Adventure was sold in packs of four tickets. The cost to participate in the quest with three friends was $250 for the group. In other words, it cost about $62.50 per person (or more if you play with fewer people).

You could also sign up to play the game as a single person. That cost $75 per person. Signing up in teams of four people, however, was recommended.


Getting Instructions in the Empty Chest Game
Getting Instructions from the Archery Master


VIP Archery Experience Tickets

The VIP Archery Experience cost $250 per person. It was a much longer experience that was only available on weekends.

The VIP Archery Experience started in the morning and included an educational talk, lunch and an archery workshop where everyone crafted their own bow. It was a more expensive experience but all materials and lunch were included. Participants got to use their new bows in the Haunted Adventure later in the evening. What’s more? You got to take your bow home with you!


Halloween Haunted Houses


What to Expect

At the attraction you’ll immerse yourself in a fantasy world with different humanoid creatures. Expect to see lots of cool costumes (worn by both Empty Chest actors and paying guests). Also expect cool displays and sets, lots of darkness, and the opportunity to shoot arrows at live moving targets.

After parking your car and checking in at the gate, you and the other members of your team will likely head straight to the tavern (or at least that’s where we went first). Have a drink or two there, enjoy the atmosphere, and get ready for your quest.

Spread out around the grounds of the venue are little huts and tent-like stalls. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting characters in their shops and walking around in the dark.

In exchange for doing different tasks at the various stations you can earn money. Collect enough gold coins and you can buy membership in the guild and get trained with a bow and arrow. Do that and you and your gang can head to the front lines to battle werewolves and other terrible creatures.

The Empty Chest presents an open world. You can go wherever you want and do most things in pretty much whatever order you want. You’ll find yourself in a magical kingdom where you have to talk to different people, convince them to give you information, and offer you ways to make money. It’s a fantasy world and a lot of fun (unless you really don’t like fantasy games and role playing).


The Empty Chest Guild Membership Office


Tips and Advice

Below are tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your Empty Chest experience.

TIP #1: The attraction operates rain or shine. Although there are undercover areas, be sure to dress accordingly. It can get muddy so we recommend wearing hiking shoes or boots if the ground is wet. Also, be careful walking around in the dark.

TIP #2: You don’t have to be an experienced archer to enjoy this attraction. If you’ve never held a bow and arrow before, don’t worry! You’ll get a quick lesson before having to use them on your adventure.

TIP #3: Although this event is for adults, exceptions may be possible. If you’re thinking of bringing a kid with you, email info@theemptychest.com to ask beforehand.

TIP #4: Dress warm. It can be cold at night.

TIP #5: Go dressed up in costume, but not in a Halloween costume like as a clown, piece of fruit or superhero. Go as a character you might see in a Dungeon’s and Dragon’s game, like an elf, wizard, medieval soldier or someone in a cloak or with horns on your head. You don’t have to dress in costume and act in character, but it makes the game more fun.

TIP #6: Having a drink or two in the tavern at the start of the game can also make the evening extra enjoyable. Just don’t drink and drive afterwards.

TIP #7: It helps to have at least one person in your team who is familiar with Dungeons & Dragons or the game Pathfinder.

TIP #8: If everyone in your group is familiar with and likes games like Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll have an especially good time. People who like acting and role playing will likely really enjoy the Empty Chest adventures too.


Playing a Game with The Empty Chest


Other Information

To learn more about the attraction, and other adventures they plan to run at other times of the year, visit the theemptychest.com website.

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