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FlyOver America at Vancouver’s FlyOver Canada

FlyOver America at FlyOver Canada

The film FlyOver America shows sometimes at FlyOver Canada at Canada Place in Vancouver. Participants can soar across the United States, or Canada, or both!

The last time the film about the United States was in Vancouver was in the fall of 2018. We expect it to be back in a future year. Exact details about when, however, are to be confirmed.

Although FlyOver America isn’t showing in Vancouver, films to watch in the fall of 2023 include Legendary Iceland: Landscapes and Lore and the Halloween-themed HowlOver Canada.


To book your experience see the FlyOver Canada website.


Hawaii From Above at FlyOver Canada
At Hawaii From Above in 2021


FlyOver America at Vancouver’s Canada Place

FlyOver Canada is a popular tourist attraction that runs all year and takes guests on a multi-dimensional flying film experience across the country, from the Maritimes to Vancouver and up to the Arctic. FlyOver America, meanwhile, is a special feature film that’s in town for only a limited time each year.

If you haven’t seen either film before, you should go when they are showing!


FlyOver America Airplane
Flying over the United States


Where is FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada is the attraction that’s located on the west promenade side of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Its physical address is 999 Canada Place and it’s just a few blocks from Waterfront Station (which is the terminus to both the SkyTrain and SeaBus).


When is FlyOver America?

FlyOver Canada shows a film about Canada every day throughout the year. FlyOver America is just one of several special feature films that are also shown at the attraction from time to time. It’s sometimes in town for a month and a half or so in the spring or fall.

Future dates are to be confirmed.


What is FlyOver America?

Whereas FlyOver Canada is a film experience where you buckle into your seats and fly over Canadian scenes like Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains, FlyOver America is a multi-dimensional experience where you fly over the United States.


FlyOver America Grand Canyon Scene
Grand Canyon in FlyOver America


Scenes in the FlyOver America film include the Florida Keys, Mississippi River, Grand Canyon, Alaska, American Rockies, California’s Napa Valley and other famous places. American cities you’ll fly over include Chicago, New York and San Francisco. You’ll also see (and feel) Niagara Falls (on the New York side) and surfing scenes around the Hawaiian Islands.

If you’re familiar with some or most of the above places, the show is especially fun to see as you’ll recognize lots, but from a birds-eye perspective. And if you’re not already familiar with the scenes, or have never been to the United States at all, then it’s a wonderful way to see and learn about America!


FlyOver America Video Preview

Below is a promotional video about Flyover America to give you an idea of what to expect. Sit back and enjoy (and then go see the real thing as it’s the flying and multi-dimensional element that makes it even more incredible).



FlyOver Canada (and America) Admission

FlyOver Canada and FlyOver America are separate film experiences. You can see one, the other, or both.

If you see the double feature the entire flying journey, excluding the pre-show, lasts for about 17 minutes. See both shows together and you’ll save up to 20% off the full price compared to paying for them individually at the gate.


Notes About Admission:

  • BC residents with valid ID get up to 20% off regular gate admission rates online at FlyOverCanada.com and onsite at FlyOver Canada. Just don’t forget to take proof of residency when you go.
  • Tickets to both the FlyOver America and FlyOver Canada shows are sold at pre-set times. When purchasing your tickets online you need to select your time. Also, be sure to arrive well in advance of your show to allow for traffic and parking (and then go for a walk along the promenade or explore the area if you’re early).
  • For pricing purposes, seniors are ages 65+ and students are ages 13 to 21. In both cases, especially for post-secondary students and young-looking seniors, valid ID will likely be required. Also, child rates are valid for kids up to 12 years of age (but they have to be at least 102 cm or 40 inches in height to ride).
  • Members of the military get a discount.
  • Prices and other details are subject to change.


Other Information

Note that in order to ride the FlyOver Canada attraction participants must be at least 3 feet and four inches tall (i.e., 102 cm) and children less than age 13 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian of at least 14 years of age. Also, be sure to arrive at the attraction at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

For more information about the venue, click FlyOver Canada.

For details about other shows at the multi-dimensional flying theatre experience at Canada Place, check out the list below. The first one shows pretty much year-round. The others though are only seasonal.