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Maan Farms Bunnies and Booze Adult Easter Activities

Easter at Maan Farms

Maan Farms is a farm and tourist attraction in Abbotsford. In 2023 it hosts its third annual adults-only Easter event called Bunnies and Booze.

The dinner, games and egg hunt for adults takes place on the evening of April 1st this year. The following week, on the Easter Long Weekend of April 7th to 10th, family-friendly Easter Activities happen at Maan Farms too.


For tickets to the event, click Bunnies & Booze. For information about other activities at the farm, visit the maanfarms.com website.


Easter at Maan Farms


Bunnies and Booze at Maan Farms

Bunnies and Booze is the first of three Easter events taking place at Maan Farms in 2023. Unlike many other Easter celebrations in Metro Vancouver, Bunnies and Booze is for adults only. The other two events at the farm are Baby Animal Easter and the Easter Pancake Breakfast, both of which are family-friendly and happen on the long weekend of April 7th to 10th.

Celebrating its third year in 2023 one week before Easter, Bunnies and Booze begins with delicious food and drinks from Mama Maan’s Kitchen. The evening continues with fun and entertaining games for all to enjoy. Music at the event is from the 1990s.

After dinner and the games, when dusk arrives, the adult Easter egg hunt begins. This is when everyone searches for coloured eggs outdoors with their Easter baskets and flashlights in hand. To make the hunt especially interesting, there’s one golden egg hidden on the property. Whoever finds the special egg first wins an awesome grand prize.

In 2023 Bunnies and Booze takes place on Saturday, April 1st.


For tickets to the adults-only Easter event at Maan Farms, click Bunnies & Booze.


Easter Bunny in Maan Farms Store


Location and Schedule

Bunnies and Booze happens at Maan Farms. The family-owned farm’s address is 790 McKenzie Road in Abbotsford.

The event begins at 5:00 pm on April 1st in 2023. Below is the schedule of events.

  • 5:00 pm – Check-in and then enjoy the food and drinks
  • 6:00 pm – Playing games
  • 7:45 pm – The egg hunt begins


Bunnies & Booze at Maan Farms


Admission to Bunnies & Booze

Tickets to Bunnies & Booze in 2023 cost $79 each (plus online fees and taxes). That’s the same price as last year.

Admission includes starters and one of three main dishes, plus one alcoholic beverage. Tickets also include access to all of the fun games, participation in the egg hunt and prizes.

Since the egg hunt takes place at night, Maan Farms recommends participants bring flashlights and baskets to the event.

All Bunnies and Booze tickets have to be purchased online in advance in 2023. Tickets are not available on-site on the day.


For tickets to the adults-only events, click Bunnies & Booze 2023.


Maan Farms Wines
Maan Farms Wines


Event Dinner Menu

As previously mentioned, tickets to the Bunnies and Booze event include food. Everyone who attends gets one samosa and a few fresh pakoras as starters. The appetizers are very tasty!

Admission also includes your choice of poutine or a naan taco along with either butter chicken, chickpea curry, or shahi paneer (the last of which is sort of like tandoori chicken but without the chicken). Guests also receive one glass of beer or Maan Farms wine.

Last year the main course options were a choice of tandoori chicken with fries, a charcuterie box or a shahi paneer bowl. We had three people in our party and we had one of each option. They were all delicious!

Although a couple of appetizers, one main dish and one drink are included with admission, there are additional items for sale too. While booking your ticket online, you can pre-purchase extra drinks, main dishes and desserts. You can also buy these as well as food products to take home with you on the day at the event. We went home with a bottle of strawberry rhubarb wine last year. It and the blackberry and blueberry are great dessert wines!


For the farm’s official website, visit maanfarms.com.


Bunnies and Booze Video

For an idea of what to expect at the event, check out the video below. As you’ll see, there is food, games, an Easter egg hunt, prizes and lots of fun!

To learn more about the activities at the event, see further below.



Easter Event Games

Activities at the Bunnies and Booze event are similar to what children might play at a comparable event, or what kids might play at summer camp. It’s surprising how much fun these games are when played by just adults (especially after having a few drinks)!

When we went last year, the games included racing with a raw egg on a spoon and egg tossing competitions between partners. The session of games lasted for about half an hour or so and the champion of each round won a prize. We dropped and broke our eggs remarkably fast!


Click Bunnies & Booze for tickets to the event in 2023.


About the Easter Egg Hunt

The highlight of the event (apart from the tasty dinner) is the Easter egg hunt! Last year was the first time we did an egg hunt ourselves since we were kids. We went with our 19-year-old son and we all had such a great time. It was like we were kids again!

Participants are supposed to take their own flashlights and baskets to collect their eggs in. Most people use the flashlights on their phones (so make sure to go with one that’s fully charged). Baskets are also available for purchase, or you can simply use your pockets if they are big enough.

At the start of the hunt people gather behind a gate at the entrance to the Barnyard Adventureland play area. It’s a large grassy field that has play structures, old tractors to play on and other farm item displays. Many of the eggs are in plain sight. Special ones, however, are much more difficult to find.

When the organizer shouts “Go!” the crowd of adults races into the field in search of the eggs. There were six different colours to find last year including lots of green, yellow, pink and blue eggs all over the place. There were also just nine purple eggs and one golden egg. 2023 will be similar.


Getting Ready for the Egg Hunt
Getting Ready for the Adult Egg Hunt


How the Egg Hunt Works

Last year if you found four eggs of different colours you earned a prize (which was a goodie bag filled with treats). Pretty much everyone won a goodie bag when we went. If you found five eggs, however, so four of the regular colours plus a purple one, you won an even bigger prize. And whoever found the golden egg won the grand prize which was a case of Maan Farms wine! We expect the hunt in 2023 to be similar. The grand prize, however, might be the same or it might be different.

The egg hunt began at dusk last year, so at around 7:45 pm. When we went the hunt continued for about 20 minutes. At the start it was still fairly bright out and the eggs were easy to see. By the end though it had gotten quite dark and flashlights were definitely needed.

After the golden egg is found and everyone has collected at least four different coloured eggs, the hunt finishes and everyone returns to the main building to collect their prizes. Last year some people headed home soon after this final activity. Others refilled their wine and beer glasses, did some shopping in the Country Kitchen, and continued to have a fun time with their friends.


For tickets to the adults-only events at Maan Farms, click Bunnies & Booze 2023.


Easter Bunny Dog
Easter Bunny Dog


Other Information

The Bunnies and Booze event is a lot of fun! The food is delicious, as is the wine. The games are a blast and the egg hunt is a riot!

We estimate that the age range of participants when we went was between around 19 and 70-ish with the majority in their mid-20s to early 30s. Regardless of their ages, everyone appeared to have a terrific time!

For more information about the Bunnies and Booze event, visit the Maan Farms website.

To learn more about the attraction in general, check out our article about Maan Farms.

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