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Maan Farms Easter Events in Abbotsford

Easter at Maan Farm

Maan Farms has family-friendly activities in Abbotsford. The farm is about an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver. In spring it hosts special Easter events.

In 2023 the farm hosts three different events on the Easter Long Weekend and the week before. There is an event for children with their families and one with alcohol at night for adults. There is also a kid-friendly pancake breakfast.

See below for information about all of these fun events or visit the maanfarms.com website for full details.


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Easter at Maan Farms


Easter at Maan Farms

Last year there were two different events at Maan Farms. The Baby Animal Easter (BAE) event was for children and young families. The Bunnies & Booze event, on the other hand, was for adults only. Both events happen again in 2023, plus a third one that involves pancakes!

Below you’ll find details about the Baby Animal Easter event, the Pancake Breakfast and Bunnies & Booze.


Maan Farms Petting Zoo Animals


Baby Animal Easter (BAE)

Baby Animal Easter is an interactive event at Maan Farms that features a variety of kid-friendly activities. Guests can hang out with a variety of different baby farm animals including bunnies, calves, ducklings, lambs, pigs and chicks. Tickets include an activity booklet with a scavenger hunt. Children can also collect Easter eggs at different stations on-site and meet the Easter Bunny.

As usual with events at Maan Farms, tickets to Baby Animal Easter Days include admission to the Barnyard Adventureland as well, which is a great play area for kids. At the Barnyard Adventureland there is a zipline, pedal go karts, a jumping pillow, slides, play structures and farm animals to see.

Food isn’t included in the cost of general admission to the Baby Animal Easter event, but there are treats for sale at the farm. Egg-cellent ice cream, rice krispy treats, mini donuts, pies, samosas and butter chicken are typical items at the Maan Farms Country Kitchen this time of year. Complimentary treats do, however, come with VIP passes.


For tickets to the family-friendly event click Baby Animal Easter.


Baby Animal Easter at Maan Farms


BAE Admission, Dates & Hours on Easter Weekend

Baby Animal Easter is a four-day event in 2023 (which is a day more than it was last year). The fun takes place on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of April 7th to 10th. Admission times can be booked on the hour and half hour between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm on the first three days and between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on the Monday.

The cost to participate varies depending on your age and when you pay. If purchased online, tickets for general admission cost $21 for children (of walking age or older). Parents cost $17 (with taxes and online fees extra). VIP passes cost $40 for everyone and include some food for the animals, a pack of mini donuts, a chocolate, an adult beverage (or lemonade), and a pass to return to the Barnyard Adventureland another day. If paying on the date at the gate, prices are $4 or $5 more.


For the venue’s official website, visit maanfarms.com.


Maan Farms Play Area


The Easter Pancake Breakfast

New for 2023, Maan Farms hosts a pancake breakfast with the Easter Bunny. It happens between 9:00 am and 10:30 am the four days of the Easter Long Weekend of April 7th to 10th. At the breakfast guests can meet the Easter Bunny. They also get to enjoy pancakes, strawberries, whipped cream and sausages. Admission to this activity also includes your choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Admission for the breakfast costs $16 (plus taxes and fees) if paid for in advance online, or $18 on the day at the gate. Children ages 2 and under are free (but they also don’t get their own plate of pancakes or cup of hot chocolate). People wanting to also join the Baby Animal Easter event after breakfast have to book and pay for that separately. Breakfast can be booked for 9:00, 9:30 and 10:00 am starting times on each of the four days.


To reserve your pancakes with the Easter Bunny, click Breakfast at Maan Farms.


Easter Rabbit at Maan Farms


Bunnies & Booze (April 1st, 2023)

Bunnies & Booze is an Easter-themed event at Maan Farms for folks ages 19 and above. The event runs for just one day, on the Saturday before the long weekend, so on April 1st in 2023. At the event guests receive a delicious dinner with their choice of wine or beer. There are also several fun games after the meal.

After dinner and the games, when dusk arrives, everyone goes outside for the adults-only Easter egg hunt. There are various prizes to be won including a grand prize (which last year was a case of wine)! Everyone is asked to bring their own baskets and flashlights for the hunt.


For tickets to the adults-only event at Maan Farms, click Bunnies & Booze.


Bunnies & Booze at Maan Farms


Bunnies & Booze Admission & Hours

In 2023, Bunnies & Booze takes place on the Saturday of April 1st. The event runs from 5:00 pm until “late”. Last year most participants left soon after the Easter egg hunt which finished at around 8:30 pm. A few people stayed longer though, up until about 10:00 pm.

Tickets in 2023 cost $79 each, which is the same as last year. (Taxes and online service fees are extra.) Admission includes dinner with appetizers, one main dish and one glass of wine or beer. Also included is the egg hunt and prizes.

Appetizers in 2023 include a veggie samosa and pakoras (both of which are delicious). The main course is either a naan taco or poutine with your choice of butter chicken, chickpea curry, or shahi paneer (the last of which is a creamy curry and where paneer is a type of cheese).

Whereas tickets for Baby Animal Easter can be bought in advance online or on the day at the gate, tickets for Bunnies & Booze have to purchased in advance.

To learn more about the adults-only Easter event, see our article about Bunnies & Booze at Maan Farms.


For tickets and full details about the Easter events, visit the maanfarms.com website.


Maan Farms Easter Egg Hunt Starting Line
Adults Preparing for Egg Hunt


Maan Farms Easter Egg Hunt Video

To give you an idea of what the Easter egg hunt at Maan Farms looks like, check out the following video. It’s of the Easter egg hunt event for adults (i.e., at the Bunnies & Booze Night). The video shows just the egg hunt part of the event.

For a video that shows more about the full range of activities at the adults-only event, see our article about Bunnies & Booze at Maan Farms.

The Easter egg hunt for children looks similar, but with much smaller and cuter participants! Both events are a ton of fun!



About Maan Farms

Maan Farms is a popular, kid-friendly farm attraction in Abbotsford. It’s located at 790 McKenzie Road, close to the Abbotsford International Airport.

The farm is owned and operated by the Maan family. It’s a great place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season. The venue also hosts other seasonal events throughout the year including a Pumpkin Patch and spooky Haunted Corn Mazes in autumn.


For the farm’s official website, visit maanfarms.com.


Feeding Maan Farms Mountain Sheep


Other Information

For more details about the special Easter events, see the official Maan Farms website. To learn more about the attraction in general, see our main article about Maan Farms.

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