Ziplining at Grouse Mountain

One of the most exciting things to do in Metro Vancouver is ziplining at Grouse Mountain. Nothing compares to the zipline views and 80 km an hour speeds.

It’s a thrill that will last a lifetime!

Ziplining at Grouse

With trips running daily from 11 am, the five-circuit tour takes just over 90 minutes and includes two segments going between the peaks of Grouse Mountain and Dam Mountain, at heights of up to 200 feet (or 70 metres). The views are spectacular.

Ziplining Toward Wind Turbine and Mt Baker
Ziplining toward the Eye of the Wind

While racing down the zipline one gets glimpses of the ocean, sees mountains, valleys and forests everywhere, and has views of Grouse Mountain’s Eye of the Wind turbine. On a clear day one can even see Washington State’s Mt. Baker in the distance.

On the route participants go over a small lake and then across a giant valley between mountain peaks.

The first three ziplines make up the 3-circuit tour and are the shortest, with the second having the fastest stop at the bottom. The 5-circuit tour adds the two longest runs, going from the peak of Grouse to the peak of Dam Mountain and then back again.

To book your tour call 604.980.9311.

Who is Ziplining for?

Ziplining at Grouse Mountain is an incredible experience for anyone that’s not afraid of heights, pregnant or suffering from neck or back injuries. It’s also only for people weighing between 70 and 250 lbs (or 32 and 114 kg). If you’re lighter than that you might not make it all the way down, and if you weigh more you might not stop safely at the finish line!

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and views that are out of this world, then Grouse Mountain’s ziplines are for you!

Final Grouse Zipline Course
Final zipline from Dam Mountain to the peak at Grouse

Cost for Ziplining

Ziplining at Grouse costs about $89 for the 5-line circuit, not including the cost for the tram ride up. The shorter 3-line circuit costs $45. It’s not cheap, but it is incredible.

The 5-line circuit is available from May until October, plus other times weather permitting. The 3-line circuit also runs during the snowy season, from late fall until the spring.

Tips for Ziplining at Grouse

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your ziplining experience.

Eye of the Wind Turbine
The Eye of the Wind viewPOD

TIP #1: The best time to go ziplining is between late May and early October. That’s when there is also outdoor summer entertainment at Grouse Mountain, like their lumberjack show. Go ziplining and then stay for the show.

There are lots of other things to do this time of year when you’re on the mountain too, like hiking, seeing the grizzly bears in their 5-acre enclosure, going up the Eye of the Wind for the best views of the Lower Mainland, and more. You can spend all day up at Grouse in the Summer.

TIP #2: If you can, go on a day when there are clear skies. The views are amazing, so infinitely better when there’s unlimited visibility.

TIP #3: Do the 5-circuit tour if you can – the 4th and 5th lines are the longest and most thrilling.

TIP #4: There are lots of great opportunities for photos. You can’t carry bags with you, and cameras need to be strapped on. You can rent a video camera that fits on your helmet though, which is a great way to preserve the memories. You can also have a friend on the ground take photos of you, as the first couple of lines are easy to walk to.

TIP #5: If ziplining in late fall, winter or early spring, dress warmly and wear gloves! If you don’t and it’s cold you’ll risk freezing and making the experience less enjoyable. Also, especially if taking part in the adventure after a period of rainy weather, wear boots as the terrain can get mucky.

Hanging from Grouse Zipline

More Information

For the most up-to-date prices, weather conditions and details, check out the Grouse Mountain website.

Click Grouse Mountain in Winter for more information on the ski hill’s wintertime activities, or click Grouse Mountain in Summer for details on mountain activities taking place from May until October.