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Maple Ridge’s Annual Christmas Festival and Parade

Maple Ridge Christmas Festival

The Maple Ridge Christmas Festival is a one-day event with live entertainment and a parade in early December.

The festival and the accompanying Santa Claus Parade celebrate the start of the holiday season and first day of the Glow Maple Ridge event (which features Christmas light displays throughout December).

The Festival and Santa Claus Parade were cancelled as live events in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. They did, however, run as virtual events instead. Glow Maple Ridge though didn’t get cancelled. The event involving Christmas lights on 224th Street and at Memorial Peace Park ran from November 27th in 2020 until January 8th in 2021.

In 2021 the Christmas festival and parade likely didn’t happen. Glow Maple Ridge, however, ran from November 26th, 2021, until January 7th, 2022.

To learn about the light displays from 2021, see our article about Glow Maple Ridge. To learn more about the festival and Santa Claus Parade, at least in years when they do take place, continue reading.


Christmas in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge usually celebrates the start of the Christmas season with live entertainment and festive activities at Memorial Peace Park on the first Saturday in December. The place is decorated with lights and other holiday decorations.

In 2020 the event was scheduled to take place on December 5th in a different format from usual due to COVID-19. The parade was going to be called the “Reverse Santa Claus Parade”, which likely meant that guests would drive past stationary floats. In the end though, the live in-person event got cancelled and replaced by a virtual event.

In 2019 the festival occurred from 4 until 6 pm at the Memorial Peace Park. The parade took place right after, starting at 6 o’clock. The hours and location of the 2022 event may be similar, although exact details are to be confirmed.

In years when the festival doesn’t get cancelled, at the event there are children’s crafts, photo opportunities with Santa and a small number of other family-friendly activities. Hot chocolate is served and candy canes, cookies and popcorn are also usually given out.

The festival itself is a small event, lasts for just a couple of hours and offers a little fun before the parade which progresses for around eight blocks through the heart of the downtown area.


Maple Ridge Christmas Parade Audience


Where is the Festival?

The Maple Ridge Christmas festival typically takes place at Memorial Peace Park which is located between 224th Street and the ACT Arts Theatre (at 11944 Haney Place). The park is just a block south of Dewdney Trunk Road and about 5 blocks north of the Lougheed Highway.


Maple Ridge Christmas Parade

The Santa Claus parade in Maple Ridge is a fairly small and short parade, but a good one. It usually begins on Plaza Street, heads west along Dewdney Trunk Road, and then heads south down 224th. From there it goes around the Memorial Peace Park along Haney Place before continuing south along 224th Street and then west along Selkirk before finishing at 223rd.

In the parade there are usually a handful of floats, a small marching band, people on horseback, a fire truck and Santa. It’s a nice parade – short, but with good-quality entries and fun to watch at night.


Santa at Maple Ridge Christmas Parade
Santa on Dewdney Trunk Road


Other Information

For more information about the winter holiday community event, visit the Maple Ridge Christmas Festival Facebook page.

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