Richmond Country Farms

Richmond Country Farms hosts one of the largest pumpkin patch events in Metro Vancouver. It usually runs from early October until Halloween each year.

The event is fun for the whole family with live entertainment, hay rides and pumpkins in addition to the farm’s usual produce market.


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Richmond‘s pumpkin patch event will be different from usual in 2020. As of early September, whether there will be things like live entertainment and hay rides is to be confirmed. Also, as of early August, masks are mandatory at the farm and its produce market.

Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Country Farms

The pumpkin patch at the Richmond farm is one of the most extensive and large-scale autumn-themed events in the Lower Mainland. Despite its size, the venue is still family-owned and operated.

The pumpkin patch usually runs the entire month of October up until Halloween. It’s a great place for families with kids, young adults and folk of all ages to go and enjoy some Halloween spirit (and pick up a pumpkin or two while they’re at it).

Richmond Country Farms Pumpkin Patch

Richmond Pumpkin Patch Details

The pumpkin patch has a special entrance located next to the farm’s produce market. The area is usually decorated with kid-friendly cartoon characters of farm food like corn and tomatoes. There’s also a small bridge over the duck pond.

Just outside the entrance to the pumpkin patch is a collection of farm animals including goats, chickens, ducks and turkeys. It’s not a petting zoo, but it is fun to look at. In other words, you can look but can’t touch or feed the animals.

After the entrance there is a large central area with hay piles, a stage with live music every day (in typical years), food trucks (on weekends), more farm-themed decorations and washrooms. The hay rides to the pumpkin patch also begin from this area.

Due to COVID-19, the farm has had to make some changes to its operations in 2020. Richmond Country Farms is now offering two options for the pumpkin patch: the wagon experience and the walk-out experience. The place has also scaled down its normal attractions to include only limited food vendors located near the pumpkin fields.

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If you happen to be in the Fraser Valley, another great pumpkin patch to check out is the one at Maan Farms. They also have a corn maze and amazing play structures for children.

The Pumpkin Fields

Visitors to Richmond Country Farms get to the pumpkin patches via a hay ride or a short walking path. On the ride out to the fields there is usually live entertainment on the truck and several Halloween-themed instalments beside the track. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of the farm’s alpacas and cows!

The pumpkins at Richmond Country Farms are spread out over many fields. There are some easy ones close to the tractor station for kids to grab, but the bigger ones are farther out. There are also farm-themed decorations throughout the fields. Kids can climb on some (but use caution). The structures also make great photo opportunities for folk of all ages. Far out in the corner of the pumpkin fields there is also a small corn maze.

New for 2020, Richmond Country Farms is offering two types of experiences at the farm. Folk can choose between the wagon experience, which offers a wagon ride with entertainment to the pumpkin fields, or the walk-out experience, where folk can just walk straight onto the fields.

Wagon Experience

Folk who choose the wagon experience ticket get to take the normal wagon ride with entertainment out to the pumpkin field. This option is easier for those with young children or mobility issues as the wagon takes you both to and from the fields. Masks are required while on the wagon ride, but are not required when out in the pumpkin fields.

The entrance for the wagon experience can be found right at the front of the farm. Visitors with this type of ticket should park in Parking Lot A.

Walk-Out Experience

The walk-out experience at Richmond Country Farms is slightly cheaper because there is no wagon ride included with the ticket. Visitors who choose this experience get to walk out to the pumpkin fields to pick their pumpkin. The farm recommends that folk bring their own wagon or carrying device to haul their chosen gourd back to the car.

The entrance for the walk-out experience is located a bit closer to the pumpkin fields. Folk with this ticket should drive past the first parking lot and park their cars in Parking Lot B.


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Hours and Admission

The pumpkin patch at Richmond Country Farms is generally open every day in October leading up to Halloween. In 2020 the pumpkin patch opens on October 3rd and the final day is on October 31st.

Hours vary at the pumpkin patch, but the place is generally open longer on weekends. This is, however, not the case in 2020. Opening hours for the 2020 season are from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm every day, including weekends and holidays.

Weekday admission to the pumpkin promenade experience costs $12 in 2020 while weekend and holiday admission costs $15. The wagon experience costs $20.20. The price last year included some coupons, an apple, a pumpkin and a bag to carry it in. Due to the coronavirus, these extra offerings will likely not be taking place in 2020. Ticket prices now will likely just include admission and a pumpkin.

About the Farm

Richmond Country Farms is a real working farm. Because of this, visitors are advised to be cautious since the fields can get wet and muddy in October.

The farm is family owned and operated and has been a part of Richmond for over 40 years. Richmond Country Farms held its first farmer’s market in 1978 and has been running the pumpkin patch since the 1980s.

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Other Information

For more information about Richmond Country Farms and its pumpkin patch, visit the Richmond Country Farms website.

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