Richmond Sunflower Festival

The Richmond Sunflower Festival features fields of flowers to explore at Richmond Country Farms which is about a half-hour drive from downtown Vancouver.

The festival took place in 2021. Its first day of the season was July 29th and it ended on September 13th. In 2022 the festival opens on August 13th.


Vancouver Sunflower Festivals

The Lower Mainland is home to a few sunflower festivals. The original one is the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival which takes place in the Fraser Valley. In a typical year it features close to three dozen different kinds of sunflowers spread out over 17 acres of farmland. Another event that’s new but also very good, especially for young families, is the Abbotsford Sunflower Festival at Maan Farms.

The other newer sunflower festival is the one in Richmond. It had its first season in 2019 with about two dozen varieties of the flower on 8 acres of land.


Circo Osorio Circus in 2022


Where and When is the Richmond Festival?

The Richmond Sunflower Festival takes place at Richmond Country Farms at 12900 Steveston Highway. It’s located about a 15-minute drive from Steveston Village and 20 minutes from the BC Ferries’ terminal in Tsawwassen.

Richmond Country Farms is a farm that has a large produce store in the spring, summer and fall. It also has a winery, as well as a pumpkin patch in October.

To learn more about the venue see our article about Richmond Country Farms.

The Richmond Sunflower Festival happens in the summer. In 2019 it started up on August 3rd and ran until September 11th. The 2020 season opened on August 8th with revised protocols because of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, the festival began on July 29th and continued until September 13th.

In 2022 the Richmond Sunflower Festival opens on Saturday, August 13th. It will likely run until September 5th this year.


How Much Does the Sunflower Festival Cost?

In 2019, the festival’s first year, admission cost $8 on weekdays and $15 on Saturdays and Sundays. 2020 rates after August 14th were around $16 on weekdays and $18 on weekends. Discounts were available if tickets were purchased online. In 2021, tickets purchased online cost $12 on weekdays and $15 on weekends.

In 2022 all tickets cost $10 each. Children below the age of 3 get in for free. Tickets are available both online and in-person at the door.

Note: The prices above exclude taxes and applicable service fees.


Sunflower Fields at Richmond Country Farms


What to Expect at the Festival?

Expect to see lots of sunflowers at the Richmond Sunflower Festival, but also other flowers including dahlias. The 2022 edition spans over 20 acres so there is plenty to see.

At the venue you’ll see the Richmond Country Farms produce store. It’s a great place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, so don’t forget to check it out after your visit to the fields of flowers.

When you arrive at the venue there are usually signs directing you to the sunflower festival. In past years, after you bought your tickets you’d wait for a tractor and wagon to take you to the fields. However, that is no longer the case as of 2021. Instead, there are more walking paths to help guests social distance properly.

There are many different kinds of sunflowers at the festival. There are short ones, tall ones and really tall ones! It’s remarkable how many different varieties there are, and how big some of them grow!

At the sunflower festival, in addition to the sunflowers and other flowers, the venue also has drink stands and food trucks.

The Richmond Sunflower Festival is a great event that’s suitable for folk of all ages. People who like flowers, gardens and gardening will love it. Families with young children also have a great time.


Maan Farms' Abbotsford Sunflower Festival


Abbotsford Sunflower Festival

Another great place to see sunflowers is usually at Maan Farms in Abbotsford, although the festival isn’t happening in its normal format this year. When it does take place, kids love it there! They typically have a petting zoo, giant jumping pillow, zipline and an impressive range of other structures for kids to play on and have fun! And while in the region, it’s a good idea to fill up on cheap Fraser Valley gas and pick up some of Maan Farm’s delicious berries and prize-winning wines!


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