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Deep Cove Theatre at the Deep Cove Cultural Centre

Deep Cove Theatre in North Vancouver

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre is a small community theatre venue in North Vancouver. It’s used by the Deep Cove Stage Society and First Impressions Theatre.

The theatre is located in the Deep Cove Cultural Centre which is also home to the Deep Cove Heritage Society and Seymour Art Gallery.



Theatre in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove

The Deep Cove Cultural Centre has served as a hub of community theatre in North Vancouver for around 30 years. Two small theatre companies share the centre: the Deep Cove Stage Society (DCSS) and First Impressions Theatre. The centre’s main venue, the Shaw Theatre, seats just 130 people.

Productions at the theatre are often created by and/or star local artists. The shows provide a more casual experience than major blockbuster productions put on at places like the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and other larger venues. The quality of the plays by both Deep Cove Stage and First Impressions Theatre though is usually quite high.

Both of the theatre companies aim to foster a real sense of community in their work. In the case of the Deep Cove Stage, that includes opening up productions to volunteer help. Those who are interested can sign up to help design posters, build sets and even contribute to helping run parts of the shows themselves on performance nights!

While the theatre companies are the headliners, the centre is also home to the Seymour Art Gallery as well as the Deep Cove Heritage Society.


Deep Cove Theatre


Location and Theatre Ticket Prices

The Deep Cove Cultural Centre is located at 4360 Gallant Avenue in Deep Cove which is a village on Vancouver’s North Shore. The theatre is located right in the heart of Deep Cove which means that picturesque views of the water are mere minutes away on foot.

The admission cost for shows by the Deep Cove Stage Society and First Impressions Theatre are comparable. Tickets usually cost around $20 to $30 depending on what show it is and how old you are.


North Vancouver's Deep Cove Theatre
Deep Cove Theatre on Gallant Avenue


2022 Shows in Deep Cove

Pre-pandemic, both Deep Cove Stage and First Impressions put on multiple productions every year. Due to COVID there have been fewer plays on offer the last few years, but there are a couple showing in the spring and summer of 2022.


Shirley Valentine (by First Impressions Theatre)

This is a one-woman show produced by First Impressions Theatre running from May 5th to 21st in 2022 (plus one bonus night on May 4th for the Rotary Fundraiser which anyone can attend). The story is about a British housewife who is dissatisfied with her life and jumps at the chance to travel to Greece when a friend of hers asks her if she’d like to go on a two-week trip.

The show is a comedy and its runs in London’s West End and New York’s Broadway theatres in the 1980s won it a number of awards. The North Vancouver production stars Louise Porter, a Vancouver native who is both a stage veteran and a voice-over artist. Click here to learn more about the show.


Moon Over Buffalo (by Deep Cove Stage)

This is a Deep Cove Stage Society production running from June 9th to 25th in 2022. It’s an energetic, comedic show with a lot of physical elements.

The plot centres around two former Broadway stars who must manage their highly dysfunctional relationships with each other, their family and others in order to impress a talent agent who is considering hiring them for a big performance. Click here for more information about the show.


Non-Theatre Tenants

As mentioned above, the theatre companies are not the only groups that call the Deep Cove Cultural Centre home. Also based at the centre are the Seymour Art Gallery and Deep Cove Heritage Society.


The Seymour Art Gallery

The Seymour Art Gallery is a small gallery which is free of charge for everyone to visit. It has different temporary exhibitions to explore. The gallery is usually open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.

On top of its main exhibitions, the gallery has regular workshops that are designed especially for families. Most of the workshops are in-person, but some of them can be accessed online.

For more information on the workshops and the rest of the venue see the Seymour Art Gallery website.


The Deep Cove Heritage Society

The Deep Cove Heritage Society is another non-profit organization based at the centre. It seeks to preserve the history of the community. The society’s office is open to the public by appointment Wednesday to Sunday between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

The heritage society has collected photographs, audio tapes and other records since the 1980s. There are thousands of artifacts in its collection and the society has published two books detailing the area’s history. There are also online articles and video you can explore on the Deep Cove Heritage Society website.


Other Information

For more information about the theatre in Deep Cove you can visit the Deep Cove Stage‘s website or First Impressions Theatre‘s website.

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