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Theatre Under the Stars’ Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Set (photo by Tim Matheson)

We went to see the musical Beauty & the Beast outdoors at Theatre Under the Stars at Stanley Park‘s Malkin Bowl yesterday and it was excellent.

Beauty & the Beast Musical Review

Theatre Under the Stars has a reputation for putting on great musical plays and the production of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast is no exception. The music, dancing, set, singing and acting are all excellent.

Especially if you have kids, and even if you don’t, we highly recommend you see the play. There’s nothing like good quality outdoor theatre, especially when it’s a musical!

Gaston and Crowd in TUTS Musical

Review of the Play

Overall we loved Beauty & the Beast, as we generally do with all of Theatre Under the Stars’ productions. There was a lot that was great about it.

First, the set was impressive. One minute it was in the village, the next  it was inside the beautiful castle, and later it was outside the dark gloomy castle gates. The setting kept changing and the quick scene changes, lighting, special effects, and set designs were all impressive.

Beauty and the Beast

The acting, dancing and singing was all excellent too. Special mention goes to Lumière (the Casanova candelabra who was probably our favourite and played by Victor Hunter), Cogsworth (the clock character played by Steven Greenfield) and even Mrs. Potts (the talking teapot played by Sheryl Anne Wheaton), all of whom acted splendidly and amused the audience with their impressive Disney-film-like voices. Belle too was very well-played by actress Jaime Piercy. Gaston’s muscles were both fitting and impressive, and his sidekick LeFou was a fabulous actor. Again, the acting, singing and dancing by the entire cast was delightful.

Flying Beast in TUTS Musical

The Beauty & the Beast performance featured a real live orchestra, which is commendable in this day and age, and an impressive cast of almost three dozen actors including a number of talented children, not least of whom was Chip Potts the teacup.

This two-and-a-half-hour production hits its mark beautifully and delights its audience. Well done Theatre Under the Stars!

If you like musicals, Disney stories, live theatre or being thoroughly entertained, then check out Beauty & the Beast at Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park this summer. You won’t be disappointed!

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Click Theatre Under the Stars for more information about Stanley Park’s outdoor theatre, or the TUTS Box Office to buy tickets for the show. Beauty & the Beast plays every second night, alternating evenings with the production of West Side Story.

If you like live theatre, and especially if you like Shakespeare, also check out Bard on the Beach. Plays there in the summer of 2016 include Romeo and Juliet, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Othello and Pericles.

For more information on other performances going on in Vancouver, check out the Shows & Entertainment Calendar.

Free Outdoor Concerts(Note: The above photos were taken by Tim Matheson and provided by Theatre Under the Stars. The character Belle was played by Jaime Piercy and the Beast by Peter Monaghan.)


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