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Vancouver’s Thriller Zombie Dance Event

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Thrill the World is an event where people dressed like zombies dance to the music of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at Vancouver’s Olympic Village in October.


Thrill the World Vancouver did NOT take place in 2018. Hopefully it’ll be happening again this year, although it’s looking doubtful. As of the end of September we can find no information about the event in 2019.

Thrill the World Vancouver

Thrill the World usually takes place in Vancouver on the last Saturday afternoon in October each year. Part of an international phenomenon where random people dress up as zombies, rehearse together and then perform to music once or twice, hundreds of people turn out to enjoy the fun.

In 2017 Vancouver’s Thrill the World event took place on Saturday, October 28th, starting at 3 pm. There will be no event in 2018. The 2019 time and date should be similar to that of previous years.

About the Thrill the World Event

On the afternoon of the Thrill the World event day people meet in the plaza at Vancouver’s Olympic Village. From noon until 2:30 people check-in, get made up and even have a rehearsal or two.

Participants must register in advance, have their name tags and be ready to go within the designated area no later than 2:50 pm. Participants are not allowed to join late.

At 3 pm sharp the dancing begins, not only at the Vancouver venue but in other cities around the world too. Get there early to get a good viewing spot. It’s a short show, so if you arrive even just a few minutes late you might miss the dance.

Other Information

For more information, check out the Thrill the World Vancouver website.

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Below are photos from the event in 2015:

Michael Jackson at Zombie Event

Crowds at Thriller Vancouver Event

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