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Vancouver’s Downtown Farmers Market

Downtown Farmers Market

The Downtown Farmers Market is a small- to medium-sized market that takes place on Wednesday afternoons in the plaza outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Years ago the market happened in Yaletown on Thursday afternoons. It then moved to the plaza outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for a couple of years. The market didn’t happen in 2020, but it did return in 2021 and 2022.

In 2023 the market runs from May 31st until November 29th. It is open from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm.


Downtown Farmers Market at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Formerly known as the Yaletown Farmers Market, the Downtown Farmers Market used to run in the late afternoon from June until the beginning of October in the plaza outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

In 2023, the Downtown Farmers Market happens on Wednesdays in the North Plaza outside the Vancouver Art Gallery between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The season begins on May 31st and ends on November 29th (which is about eight weeks later than it did in 2022).


Music at Downtown Farmers Market


What to Expect

At the Downtown Farmers Market you can expect the usual assortment of fruits and vegetable stalls, but also vendors selling art, toys, clothing, unique gifts and other interesting handcrafted items. There is also usually live music.

The Downtown Farmers Market isn’t one of the Lower Mainland’s biggest summer markets by vendor numbers, at least not since it moved from its former Yaletown location. It’s also far from the busiest.

The market offers a good selection of products for sale, and its location, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, is convenient (although parking in the area is expensive). The market only has a couple of dozen vendors though, which is slightly fewer than average compared to most other places.

At its peak in the summer there have been up to about 36 vendors at the market in recent years, and by the end of the season, in early October, there can still be about 20 or so stalls.


Art Downtown Vancouver


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About the Downtown Market

The Yaletown Farmers Market used to be one of the Lower Mainland’s busiest summer farmers markets, taking place in the 1200 block of Mainland Street in Yaletown. At that location it attracted thousands of shoppers on sunny days. In June of 2016, however, the popular market changed its name and location.

The new market was called the Downtown Farmers Market. Although it happened in the plaza outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, it was only about five blocks north of its original location. It also included many of the same vendors.

The market didn’t happen in 2020, in part due to COVID-19 and in part due to its search for a new venue.


Downtown Market Parking

Being an urban market, the Downtown Farmers Market is conveniently located close to shops and restaurants. Parking isn’t as convenient – or as inexpensive – as it is at other markets, however. Public transit is great though, and there are both street parking spots and parkade lots in the area.


Downtown Farmers Market


Other Information

For more information about the market at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza, see the Downtown Farmers Market website.

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