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North Vancouver Rotary Fundraising Dinner Event

A Taste for Charity

The Rotary Club of Lions Gate is a service club in North Vancouver. From time to time they do fundraising events to raise money for their charitable work.

On November 14th, 2020, the Rotary Club is hosting a charity dinner that you cook at home. The “A Taste for Charity” event features a pair of local chefs and benefits the Boys & Girls Club of North Vancouver by helping send children to summer camp.

This is an exceptional event for people to share with friends and family from within their “bubbles.” It provides an opportunity to learn new cooking techniques, enjoy a delicious meal and support a worthwhile cause.

To reserve your dinner click A Taste for Charity 2020. Tickets cost $75 (including a $10 tax receipt).

Rotary’s “A Taste for Charity” Dinner in 2020

“A Taste for Charity” takes place on Saturday, November 14th, between 6 and 8 pm. To participate you have to register by no later than Monday, November 9th.

The event involves a delicious 3-course dinner prepared by you under the direction of a pair of accomplished chefs. All ingredients and instructions are provided.

The menu options include your choice of pan roasted BC Ling Cod or a (vegan-friendly) roasted zucchini entrée. Also included is a delicious vegetable minestrone soup as a starter, and a scrumptious chocolate layer cake for dessert.

Important Note: Delivery of dinner ingredients is limited to residences on Vancouver’s North Shore. Consequently, if you want to participate, you either have to live in North Vancouver or West Vancouver or have a friend who lives there and wants to help you cook, host and eat the dinner!

A Taste for Charity Fundraising Dinner

How the Charity Dinner Works

“A Taste for Charity” is a fun way to enjoy a delicious dinner, learn cooking tips from professional chefs, and help send kids to summer camp.

Dinner Price

Tickets for the event cost $75 per dinner. For that you get the ingredients for your meal delivered to your door, plus instructions from local chefs on how to cook your entrée. You also get a $10 tax receipt.

Reserving Your Dinner

You can book your “A Taste for Charity” dinner online at Event Brite. The deadline to do this is Monday, November 9th. If you try buying a ticket after that date, you’ll be out of luck!

What Happens on the Day?

The date of the dinner is Saturday, November 14th. On that day a volunteer will deliver the ingredients for your dinner to your home between 9 am and 12 pm (but only if you have a North Shore address). At 6 pm that evening you can tune in to the online cooking class where chefs Jonah Joffe and Jon Merrill teach you how to cook your dinner.

The video of the chefs providing the cooking instructions will likely run for about an hour, but possibly up to an hour and a half. (The exact length of time is to be determined.) Both chefs present in the same video and they provide instructions on how to cook both the fish and the zucchini options.

Pan Roasted BC Ling Cod
Pan Roasted BC Ling Cod

What’s on the Menu?

The “A Taste for Charity” event features two different entrée options, plus a soup and dessert. Each of the two dinner choices costs $75 and all menu items are gluten free.

Both dinner options start with a harvest vegetable minestrone soup made from fresh tomatoes, winter squash and quinoa. The chefs will have already made this for you, so all you’ll need to do is heat it up.

The main entrée is pan roasted BC Ling Cod. It comes with locally-grown French beans and a lemon and kale risotto (with risotto being a rice dish from Northern Italy). The fish comes with sauce vierge (which is a French-Mediterranean sauce usually made from olive oil, lemon juice, tomatoes and herbs).

For those not wanting fish, there is also a tasty vegetarian alternative. The roasted zucchini entrée also comes with local French beans and the lemon and kale risotto, as well as a feta yogurt and herb salad. This entrée can easily be made vegan by excluding the yogurt.

For dessert there is a fresh-baked and vegan-friendly chocolate layer cake that comes with raspberry and balsamic coulis, coconut whipped cream and roasted hazelnuts. It’s delicious, and it arrives at your door ready-made (so all you need to do is wait until after your main course to enjoy it)!

Not included with the dinner are the friends and family who you enjoy the dinner with, and the bottle of wine you wash it all down with. You also need to provide your own tea, coffee and stimulating conversations, plus your own kitchen tools and a computer to watch the cooking instructions on.

Note: Although the soup and dessert come already prepared, you’ll get their recipes with your dinner package so you’ll be able to make them yourself again another day.

To reserve your dinner click A Taste for Charity 2020.

About the Chefs

The “A Taste for Charity” event is hosted, prepared and supervised by chefs Jonah Joffe and Jon Merrill from Salt & Earth Catering Co. which is a Vancouver-based catering company.

Chef Jonah Joffe has worked as Chef de Cuisine at some of Calgary’s busiest restaurants including Alloy which has frequently been recognized as one of that city’s top ten restaurants. He has also worked in San Francisco under Chef Gregory Short at the famous Masa’s restaurant.

Chef Jon Merrill is from Nova Scotia originally and has worked at Rodney’s Oyster House and the Drake Hotel in Toronto. The two men can now be found at Salt & Earth Catering Co., and they also co-own the Strathcona Oyster Club.

Salt of Earth Chefs
Chefs from Salt & Earth Catering Co.

About the Charities You’re Supporting

Funds raised from the dinner benefit Camp Potlatch which is a summer camp owned and operated by the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC. The camp is located on the Sunshine Coast on the northern shores of Howe Sound.

Approximately 20% of campers at Camp Potlatch have special needs that include various behaviour challenges, medical conditions and mild physical disabilities. Funds raised from the “A Taste for Charity” event will help send children to this camp.

The Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of programs and activities for kids. They also provide programs and support for families raising everything from babies to teenagers.

Lions Gate Rotary LogoThe Rotary Club of Lions Gate is a North Shore-based service organization made up of both active and retired business people and professionals. They are the organization behind North Vancouver’s Canada Day celebrations in the summer. They also coordinate Operation Red Nose on the North Shore (which, in years when there isn’t a pandemic, is a program that helps people get home safely after celebrating with friends during the Christmas season).

Other Information

To learn more about the above fundraising event and to book your dinner, click A Taste for Charity 2020.

To learn more about the organization putting on the event, check out the Rotary Club of Lions Gate‘s website.

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