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Vancouver Get Inspired Talks

Vancouver Get Inspired Talks is a new TEDx-style event featuring inspirational speakers at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver.

The inaugural event was on October 20, 2018. The next event will likely take place in May 2019, although exact details are to be confirmed).

What are Get Inspired Talks?

Get Inspired Talks is a series of events that presents a selection of thought-provoking speakers to a live audience. Its theme is “Inspiring Brave Actions,” and that’s what it does – it presents powerful and inspirational talks designed to make people think, share ideas, take action and make a difference in the world.

The Get Inspired Talks program is not affiliated with TED Talks, TEDx or the TED organization or conference in any way. If you enjoy TEDx events or watching TED Talks videos, however, you’ll like Get Inspired Talks and see the similarities (probably because the people behind it are the same folk that used to be behind Vancouver’s TEDxStanleyPark event as explained further below).

2018 Get Inspired Talks

The first ever Get Inspired Talks was the Vancouver Get Inspired Talks event which took place on Saturday, October 20th, 2018, at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The inaugural event ran from 1:30 until 6:30 pm in the West Ballroom A which is located on level one in the southwest corner of the convention centre just off Jack Poole Plaza at 1055 Canada Place (near where Waterfront Road and Thurlow Street meet).

Get Inspired Talks at the Vancouver Convention Centre

Tickets and Prices

Admission to Vancouver Get Inspired Talks in 2018 cost $77 (plus GST). For that price you got non-assigned seating to an exceptional afternoon of inspirational and thought-provoking speakers, plus $120 worth of bonus gifts.

Attendees of the event received the following bonus gifts:

Note: Restrictions did apply, including dates and days of the week that the bonus gifts could be used and needed to be claimed by. Also, bonus gift details were subject to change.

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Get Inspired Talks 2018 Speakers

2018 Speakers

Presenters at the first ever Vancouver Get Inspired Talks included the following 10 local speakers:

  • Peter Ladner – a former City of Vancouver municipal politician, author, university instructor, entrepreneur and columnist with Business in Vancouver, Peter is the current-day Chairman of the Board of both the David Suzuki Foundation and Better Transit and Transportation Coalition. In his talk, Peter discusses how Vancouverites can move around the city easier, healthier, cheaper and more conveniently than we presently do and the title of his presentation is “The Urban Mobility Revolution.”
  • Joe Roberts – known as the “Skid Row CEO”, Joe is a former homeless Vancouver addict who today is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker. The title of his presentation on September 20th is “Get Inspired and Make a Promise.”
  • Cal Misener – a best-selling author and speaker who helps people align their passions with their careers and professional work. Cal’s speech title is “Love Your Work, Love Your Life.”
  • Candace Plattor – a former opioid addict and present-day addictions therapist, this speaker teaches her clients about the importance of self-respect, self-care and self-responsibility and plans to share her message and learnings with her Vancouver Get Inspired Talks’ audience. The title of Candace’s talk is “Choose Not to Use.”
  • Mark Fenster – a composer, musician, meditation leader and choir teacher with the Vancouver School Board. The title of Mark’s talk is “The Other Side of Hatred.”
  • Sarah Gerrie – a 10-year-old speaker who uses her award-winning communication abilities to teach leadership and public speaking skills to other elementary school-aged children. The title of Sarah’s talk is “Stinkin’ Thinkin’.”
  • Tracey Purvis – a psychiatric nurse, wife and mother who, after surviving multiple brain surgeries, knows how to appreciate life and live with both gratitude and optimism. Tracey’s talk is about positive thinking and “The Optimists Club.”
  • Sabrina Smai – this speaker is a serial hackathon competitor (which means she attends events and competes with other software developers and IT professionals to solve complex technology-related problems). Sabrina attributes her many victories to a problem-solving approach whose power you too can harness when making both personal and professional decisions. “Make Problem Solving Your Superpower” is the title and subject of Sabrina’s talk.
  • Aaron D’Souza – arguably one of this year’s most unconventional speakers (and likely to provoke all kinds of discussion), Aaron discusses the advantages of making sexual non-monogamy a mainstream relationship model for society. Aaron’s speech title is “One Sex Partner for Life – Really!?”
  • Jacqueline Way – the founder of 356give (a charity that changes the world one give, one day at a time) and a speaker who people that attended TEDxStanleyPark in 2017 will likely remember. The title of Jacqueline’s presentation is “On-Stage Interview.”

For more information about Vancouver Get Inspired Talks’ presenters in 2018, click GI Talks Speakers Summary or GI Talks Speaker Videos.

Jacqueline Way 365Give at TEDx
Jacqueline Way at TEDxStanleyPark in 2017

What to Expect

At the Vancouver Get Inspired Talks you can expect to hear ten inspiring presentations that address various challenges facing humanity. There is also a couple of energizer sessions which are short interactive performances designed to reinvigorate and re-set attendees’ mindsets. A 40-minute break in the middle allows time for networking and discussion.

If you’ve ever attended a TEDx conference, especially TEDxStanleyPark, you’ll find Vancouver Get Inspired Talks to be very similar (but perhaps with an extra bit of artistic license).

Attendees of the event on September 20th, 2018, were treated to an afternoon of inspirational talks and stimulating conversations. They were inspired, motivated and challenged to both think and take action.

TEDxStanleyPark MC on Stage
Roger Killen at TEDxStanleyPark

About Get Inspired Talks

Get Inspired Talks is not affiliated with TED Talks, TEDx or the international TED Conference that takes place in Vancouver each spring in any way. That being said, it is, however, clearly inspired by the TED program and its structure and purpose. Also, the person behind Get Inspired Talks, Roger Killen, is the same man behind TEDxStanleyPark which, up until its final year in 2018, was one of the largest, most successful and most professionally-run TEDx events in the world.

The mission and purpose of Get Inspired Talks is “to supply humanity with a stream of high-impact short talks that inform, entertain and inspire audiences to think differently and act bravely in ways that positively impact lives and communities.” The organization achieves this goal by producing events where local experts deliver inspiring and motivational talks which are not only watched live but also live-streamed and formatted into videos, podcasts and e-books to reach wider audiences.

Vancouver’s Best Places was a media sponsor of TEDxStanleyPark for the last three years of its existence (and has been a media sponsor of TEDxVancouver, a similar event, since that time). Vancouver’s Best Places is proud now to also be a media sponsor and supporter of Vancouver Get Inspired Talks.

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Get Inspired Talks Video

The following video features Roger Killen, the founder and producer of Get Inspired Talks. In the video Roger explains what Vancouver Get Inspired Talks is and why you should attend.

Other Information

For further details about the event, or to purchase tickets, check out the Vancouver Get Inspired Talks website.

For more information about the events that inspired the creation of Get Inspired Talks, check out TEDxStanleyPark or the Vancouver TED Conference.

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