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Vancouver TheatreSports Valentine’s Shows on Granville Island

Vancouver TheatreSports on Valentine's Day

Vancouver TheatreSports is an improv comedy club with Valentine’s Day-themed shows in February. In 2020 there was The Love of Your Life and Love Matches.

Every year there are special performances at the theatre around February 14th. The shows are always a little different, but funny and lots of fun!


Valentine’s Day Comedy at Vancouver TheatreSports

Vancouver TheatreSports provides live entertainment year-round at the Improv Centre at 1502 Duranleau Street near the entrance to Granville Island.

In 2020, from February 5th to 15th, the venue featured two extra-romantic-infused performances. The Love of Your Life: An Improvised True Romance took place at 7:30 pm on February 5th to 8th and February 12th, 13th and 15th. Love Matches: A Valentine’s Day All-Out Love Battle, meanwhile, had only two showings. They took place on Valentine’s Day, so Friday, February 14th, at both 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

We saw The Love of Your Life and it was excellent, and we understand that the Love Matches battles were just as good if not funnier (and even more romantic).


To book a show see the Vancouver TheatreSports website.


The Love of Your Life – An Improvised True Romance

During this show, a real couple from the audience was invited on stage and interviewed about their relationship. The cast then interpreted the key moments in their lives and recreates scenes from both the couple’s past and future using improvisation and what they knew about the pair.

The performance lasted for an hour and a half (including intermission) and it was a lot of fun. A host looked out into the audience and chose a couple to interview. If they were willing, the host invited the pair on stage and proceeded to ask them a series of questions. Where were they from, where did they meet, what initially attracted them to each other, where was their first kiss, and so on. A team of five or so improv actors then acted out various scenes in the couple’s lives.

When we attended the show the selected couple was visiting from North Carolina. They obviously had accents, and thus suddenly did all the actors. Skits included references to US gun culture (as mentioned by the gentlemen), that they thought each other was good looking (which they were), and the fact that they both liked to exercise and lead healthy lives. Both the couple and the audience loved the actors’ interpretations of the pair’s romantic past!

Based on what we saw and the audience’s reactions, do we recommend The Love of Your Life? Yes, definitely (unless for some strange reason you don’t like comedy theatre). It was clever, funny, silly, seasonably fitting, light-hearted and enjoyable for a wide audience (including couples, groups of friends and families with older children).

Prices for this performance ranged from $10.75 to $26.25. The rates depended on the day you went, where you wanted to sit, how old you were, and whether or not you were a student with valid ID. Click Vancouver TheatreSports Rates for full details about prices or click The Love of Your Life to learn more about the show.


To buy tickets and learn more see the Vancouver TheatreSports website.


Love Matches – A Valentine’s Day All-Out Love Battle

Taking place on February 14th, 2020, this production featured improv couples competing to prove that their love is undefeatable. At times there were also characters walking around the theatre who wrote love poems for members of the audience or judged the compatibility of couples in the audience based on their astrological signs. During this show, there were also special deals at the bar.

Each Love Matches performance was approximately 90 minutes in length. There were two show times for Valentine’s Day: 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

It was recommended that you bought tickets beforehand online as they were slightly less expensive than buying them at the box office. Also, there was a good chance that the shows were going to sell out. Ticket prices ranged from $36.75 to $39.25 for this show, so slightly more than usual (but definitely worth it).


Vancouver TheatreSports Valentine's Shows


Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of your Valentine’s-themed experience at Vancouver TheatreSports.

TIP #1: If you want to be the stars of the Love of Your Life show, sit near the front (at one of the tables ideally) and try to look like a cute couple. Also, wave your hands and try to stand out somehow (in a good way) when the MC starts looking for someone in the crowd. Get chosen and you’ll be the centre of the show, plus you might even get a free drink at intermission or some other prize as compensation for the actors thoroughly embarrassing you.

TIP #2: If you are selected to be the interviewed couple, don’t say anything too embarrassing or revealing about your partner! Remember, you’re in front of a studio audience! Unless you’re from out of town, like somewhere far away, like North Carolina, there might be someone in the audience who knows you. Regardless, don’t say anything you’ll regret or you might end up with a grumpy partner and spending the rest of the Valentine’s Day season lonely and all by yourself. 🙂

TIP #3: Parking at Granville Island is free everywhere after 6:00 pm.

TIP #4: If it’s not Valentine’s Day season but you still want to see a show with a romantic or even “naughty” theme, check out one of Vancouver TheatreSports’ Frisky Friday performances (which take place most Fridays at 11:15 pm) or The Late Show (which features uncensored and edgy comedy for folk ages 19+ on Saturdays at 11:15 pm). Tickets for these cost only about $10.

TIP #5: Every show at Vancouver TheatreSports is different. Even if you attend a performance with the identical theme more than once, it’ll still be different. The actors aren’t always the same, the suggestions from the audience vary and the scenarios change. That’s what’s so great about improv theatre! You never know what you’re going to get!


Vancouver Theatresports Improv Centre
The Improv Centre on Granville Island


Other Information

For more information or to buy tickets to these shows see the Vancouver TheatreSports website.

To learn more about this comedy club see our article about Vancouver TheatreSports.

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