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Vancouver Winter Snow Video

Here’s a video of Metro Vancouver when there’s snow on the ground and sun in the sky! From the North Shore to White Rock, the region looks amazing!

This video is of Vancouver and the surrounding area in the winter of 2016.



Video of Vancouver in Snow and Sun

It snowed a lot in December 2016, and it was sunny afterwards for a while too which turned the city into a magical winter wonderland!

We spent a lot of time and covered a lot of miles driving all over the Lower Mainland with our cameras taking as many photos as we could of our favourite places in the snow.

The above video doesn’t include everywhere we visited, but it includes a lot. A small number of the photos included were from 2015, admittedly, as we couldn’t get everywhere. The majority though were from 2016 which will be a year that winter is remembered for many years!

This video is the most successful one that Vancouver’s Best Places has produced to date. Why? Because on Facebook it has received well over 350,000 views! Yup, we’re pretty happy about that!

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